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Feigned indignation over Syrian chemical deaths a cover for invasion plans

See also: Defeated NATO Dangerously Desperate in Syria -- Did the West Gas Thousands to Rescue Failed Syrian War? of 25 Aug 2013 by Tony Cartalucci, Head of International Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Hans Blix) questions chemical attack allegations in Syria of 22 Aug 2013, Information Minister: We have incontrovertible proof that terrorists used chemical weapons of 24 Aug 2013 on SANA, General Command of the Army: terrorists' possession of chemical materials is clear-cut evidence of their use of chemical weapons of 24 Aug 2013 on SANA.

Misreporting: Syria, rebels deny using chemical weapons as NGO says 355 people died of 'neurotoxic symptoms' of 25 Aug 2013 on the ABC (includes embedded speech by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd feigning moral indignation), Thousands fell victim to Syria's chemical poisoning, say doctors in the UK Telegraph of 23 Aug 2013, Don't rush to conclusions on Syria: Kevin Rudd of 25 Aug 2013 in the Australian (the content, including much of the same embedded speech mentioned above, is contrary to the somewhat more objective headline).

Anyone informed about the Syrian conflict would know that the Syrian Government has nothing to gain by killing, in cold blood, hundreds of unarmed Syrians. The fact that the Syrian Government, without the help of a foreign occupying army, has withstood the insurgency for over two years now, is surely proof that it enjoys the support of the Syrian people. No Government, as hated by its own people as the Western newsmedia claims the Syrian Government is, could hope to crush a popular uprising by those people for more than a fraction of the time that has elapsed. Indeed in June, it was revealed that a study by NATO (which is helping to orchestrate the terrorist war against Syria) found that 70% of Syrians supported the Syrian Government.

The Orwellian mainstream newsmedia, which, in recent weeks has ignored the spate of deadly terrorist bombings against Syrian civilians, has made the baseless accusation that the Syrian Government has killed hundreds of its own citizens and is feigning moral outrage. Mainstream media misreporting, as well as that listed above, includes:

'A crime against humanity': Ban Ki-moon (SBS, 23 Aug 2013);Proof of chemical weapons use in Syria would be a 'crime against humanity', UN says (ABC News, 23 Aug 2013); Syria pressured to allow weapons inspectors in after suspected chemical attack (The Australian, 23 Aug 2013); France says force needed if Syrian chemical attack claims prove true (ABC News, 23 Aug 2013); Call for investigation into Syria 'chemical attack' (Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Aug 2013);

Truthful reporting, about the alleged "Crime against humanity" by the Syrian Government, as well as that listed above, includes:

Syria gas attack story has whiff of Saudi war propaganda by William Engdahl (RT, 23 Aug 2013); Syria 'Chemical Attack' was 'Planned Provocation' by Rebels (RT, Global Research, 23 Aug 2013); China calls for 'objective' UN investigation in Syria (PressTV, 23 Aug 2013); UN: Investigation needed into Syria chemical attack report (RT, 22 Aug 2013); Vatican calls to not issuing judgment of chemical weapons use in Syria without evidence (SANA, 22 Aug 2013);

Those who stand to gain from the deaths of so many Syrians, and not just for their propaganda value, are the same criminals who waged genocidal wars against Iraq which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

See also: Syria: Only Rebels Benefit from Recent Chemical Attack - grtv of 22 Aug 2013 (Includes embedded Global Research TV broadcast).


Subject was: US ready for action on Syria

President Obama warned about invading Syria, and the reinforcement of four warships allows the Pentagon to act more rapidly if Obama orders a military strike. Iran's foreign ministry rejected claims the Syrian regime had deployed chemical weapons. Obama's top civilian and military advisers are meeting in the White House on Saturday to discuss options. Rebel groups have claimed the attack was carried out by Assad's forces and that more than 1,000 people had died. The Syrian regime has denied the allegations.

An attack on Syria would have horrific human casualties - and exacerbate the already growing migration problem of asylum seekers, and displaced.

Although President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, stopped short of saying who he thought had used the weapons, Iran's Foreign Ministry said evidence pointed to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Editorial comment: Contrary to what Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said today, it would seem that the burden of proof should lie with the US government and the terrorist opponents of the Syrian government.

In May, Special UN investigator, Carla del Ponte, found that it was more likely that the anti-government insurgents and not the government, had used chemical weapons on 19 March. This is reported in the YouTube broadcast, included in Syrian government likely did not use chemical weapons: who should you believe … The UN investigator or the U.S.? on Global Research, and which is embedded below.

May 2013, UN inspector says, chemical attacks most likely came from insurgents


See also: Turkish Police find Chemical Weapons in the Possession of Al Nusra Terrorists heading for Syria of 30 May 2013 on Global Research.