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Kelvin Thomson invites Victorians to "Victoria First" - new enviro-social NGO Inaugural Meeting

A new not-for-profit NGO is being established to safeguard and enhance Victoria’s way of life. Victoria First will fight to halt rapid population growth, overdevelopment, reduce traffic congestion, stop the increasing cost of council rates, rising utility bills, and seek to protect Victoria’s unique animals and plants. First inaugural meeting: Sunday 1st December 10am-12noon at Flemington Community Centre, 25 Mt Alexander Road, Flemington.

Victoria First - Statement of Purposes

- To protect Victoria’s unique, beautiful and endangered birds, plants and animals
- To safeguard Victoria’s way of life, its backyards, its open spaces, its room to move, room to breathe, room to live
- To halt Melbourne’s rapid population growth
- To achieve a reduction in Australia’s migration programs to the levels of the 1980s and 1990s, ie net 70,000 per annum compared with the 190,000 we have now
- To give ordinary residents a genuine say in planning issues in their streets and neighbourhoods
- To stop the decline in housing affordability and job opportunities for our young people
- To improve the affordability and quality of education, skills and training
- To stop increasing traffic congestion
- To stop the increasing cost of essential services such as council rates, electricity, gas, and power, particularly for pensioners
- To take all reasonable steps and support all reasonable community actions which advance the above objectives

This meeting will be Victoria First’s Inaugural Meeting to formally incorporate, adopt rules, appoint office bearers and a committee of management. Victorians welcome.

When: Sunday 1st December 10am-12noon
Where: Flemington Community Centre, 25 Mt Alexander Road