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Urban Taskforce pretends surprise at Australia's explosive population growth

Booming Australian Population Needs Booming Housing Supply!

This article responds to a coy media release by Urban Taskforce, which pretends to be surprised that population growth is causing a demand for more housing.
Great news for the housing industry, but hardly unexpected, thanks to the lobbying power of the growth industry!
Urban Taskforce, part of the growth-lobby, have had a wonderful Christmas windfall! Good fortune has landed in their laps, thanks to our socially-engineered population growth. MORE HOUSES will need to be constructed, than previously assumed! Business is booming, and housing is a guaranteed necessity, an essential human need.

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report on population growth shows an even higher population growth than previously announced and this will require that more houses are constructed than previously assumed says the Urban Taskforce.

Every few months we seem to see even higher projections for Australia’s population growth announced by the ABS.” says Urban Taskforce CEO Chris Johnson. “ While there has been some uplift in housing production over the last year it is clear that significantly higher numbers of new houses and apartments are urgently needed.”

“The NSW population has grown by 102,000 in the last year but we are still not providing sufficient housing to meet demand. In Sydney we build 10,000 less homes than needed each year. The NSW growth rate represents a 1.4% increase but this is still well behind growth in Victoria at 1.9%, Queensland at 2.0% and Western Australia at 3.3%.”

“If NSW was to match the 2% growth of other states then we will need even more housing. This will also require a review of the Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to ensure that the higher population projections are factored in to targets for housing and jobs.

“The big message from Australia’s accelerating population growth to the NSW planning system is that more housing is required in inner city and fringe locations. While the NSW government has helped lift housing supply through infrastructure funding and grants there is still a long way to go. With the planning reforms in limbo the government will need to establish an interim pro growth strategy to help house those families finding it difficult to find somewhere to live.

Media Release: Booming Australian population needs booming housing supply - a windfall for the growth lobby

How magnanimous of the Urban Taskforce that they will have to find a place for all these new people to live in! It's a self-fulfilling prophesy that our record rate of population growth will mean the demand for housing will increase! This is a success story on how effective and powerful the growth lobby really is - especially at a time of massive costs of living, unaffordable housing and rising unemployment!

This is hardly unexpected news that at least the housing industry is thriving, while Australians are facing increasing costs of living, homelessness and austerity measures due to government cut-backs. The growthists seem to be a protected species, thanks to healthy, record levels of immigration.

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