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Trading Sham: Snakes and ladders in the market place.

Emission Trading Scheme is the latest trading scam devised to extract money from the great unwashed. These are the poor shareholders, mortgaged mums and dads, small businesses and pensioners. All forced to survive on limited incomes.

Time to end Australia's dependence upon Chinese, Japanese and US corporations

Australia should take advantage of the financial crisis to re-establish a proper industrial base as well as to relocalise our economy.

Cockburn residents defy Council bullying and threats of fines

In an effort to silence residents with difficult questions, Western Australia's Cockburn Council routinely limits question time and threatens residents who defy these limits with AU$1,000 fines. The Mayor, Stephen Lee, is now on extended leave after the Crime Commission had found him guilty of misconduct for having accepted an undeclared election campaign donation of AU$43,000 from the Singapore-controlled developer Australand, which wanted to build the controversial Port Coogee Marina.

See also: Postscript: Cockburn Councillors threaten to use ratepayer funds to sue residents, Appendix: Cockburn Community advertisement of 18 Nov 08

Anti-greed candidate to contest Western Australian state seat of Cockburn

Mary Jenkins, retired teacher and long-time environmentalist, announces her candidacy in the next Western Australian state elections.

For further information: 08 94182117, antigreed [AT] eftel com au

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