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AWPC Kangaroo trail map restores respect for gentle and beautiful creature

AWPC launches first-ever "Kangaroo Tourism map" to help overseas tourists and those many Australians who would love to observe different kinds of kangaroos in the wild rather than kill them for cash

Is Garrett a dud? CSIRO pulp mill report on Gunns and other disappointments

Enviro Minister Peter Garrett confirms his department refuses Senator Milne's request for release of CSIRO report relating to Gunns’ Pulp Mill project, but that's not all that people are complaining about

What's in it for Russia? Georgia, Ossetia, & Caspian oil and gas

One impact of Georgia's nose-thumbing Russia has been for the US and Europe to take a step backwards, away from it. This leaves Georgia, not only vulnerable to a Russian take-over, but it also frees Georgia to succumb to Russia.

Good news: Business Council of Australia says members may leave Australia

The Business Council of Australia represents the corporate lobby groups that have overtaken the process of democracy in Australia and which have raised the cost of land, water, food and housing. If they go off-shore Australians will be better off.

Population growth threaten's UK's future

Britain is severely overpopulated. “In an era of growing food and energy shortages, population growth of this magnitude is simply storing up trouble for the future. "

Ills of rampant growth presented as virtues by guilty politicians

Mark O'Connor: "Deteriorating circumstances caused by rampant growth are presented as virtues. Expect 40% less water by 2020, citizen, so that newcomers and expanding industries can have more."

Quantock in just released "Planning Backlash" - the movie

Rod Quantock is currently appearing in First Man Standing at Trades Hall in Carlton, 03 9659 5699, but here he is in a stand up role for democracy (which does seem very funny in Victoria) at the Mary Drost-led rally in July.

Coorong tragedy was avoidable: Greens Senator Siewert

W.A. Greens Senator Siewert: "The Coorong and these other critically threatened wetlands could have been Montreaux listed, and the Commonwealth's powers under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act evoked to ensure environmental water was delivered,"

Oz Turtles pay horrible price of mindless market-focus: S.A. Murray-Darling

Oz Turtles' crushed under weight of bristle-worm parasite are quickly cured by fresh water bath, but hundreds die in absence of life-giving flow, for water-guzzling agribusiness - uglier than bristle-worm

Rod Quantock in "First man standing"

Captain Snooze by night, activist and actor by day. Defender of democracy, patron of possums; Rod Quantock is having a great new show in Carlton for one month.

Why is Naomi Klein uncritical of mass immigration to the First World?

The disempowerment of the modest middle classes and the poor in the industrialised world is, through mass immigration, extending the third world into the Richworld, and shoring up the exploiting classes and their corporate servants - the banks, property developers, international tourism, the military, the mass-media - the whole globalisation machine.

Oz MP Kelvin Thomson for all creatures great and small - more MPs like this are needed

"I consider it a grotesque piece of arrogance on our part as a human race that we think we have the right to destroy other species—plants, birds and animals—on our way to affluence."

Overloading Australia - new book about Australia's overpopulation problem

"To keep stable and just replace itself, a relatively young population like Australia’s would currently need something even lower than Western Europe’s rate of around 1.3 children per completed family. More like 0.93. And that’s without immigration!"

In Parliament: The Big Victorian BBQ: 1 million too many guests

D. Green, MLA Yan Yean

"(...) it is now expected that the population growth predicted in 2001 is actually going to be here in 2020 rather than in 2030. (...) - it is like 1 million people coming around to your place next Sunday and expecting a sausage at a barbecue."

Undermining local democracy: Macedon Ranges: Pork Barelling and other forms of Influence

Macedon Ranges Residents' Group (MRRA) is coping with professional undermining from a similarly named rival association and opponents who are very well funded. Maybe your group is having similar problems?

See original article on

"Costs order against Blue Wedges a bad sign for democracy" - Greens MP Sue Pennicuik

Sue Pennicuik: "The community is not the enemy and the government would do better listening to what people have to say rather than silencing critics."

God! More babies - Pell

I would like to know what, if any, evidence Cardinal Pell actually has for his fears that ruthless commercial forces are out to slow down the birthrate, when all my research tells me the exact opposite.

SEITA tollway using old data on oil prices

As oil prices rocket above AU$140 per barrel, the Victorian Government proceeds to ram through its expensive road and tunnel building projects premised upon oil costing at most AU$24.20 per barrel against a groundswell of community opposition. Why?

What Can YOU Do To Stop Road Tunnels Destroying Royal Park and Democracy?

Royal Park, the jewel of inner Melbourne, is being hacked away for sportsgrounds and housing. 20 ha of this public land were given to Australand recently. Road Tunnels through Royal Park will devastate it and traumatise citizens.

Grave concerns: new state residential zones and loss of council planning powers in Melbourne

Christine Pruneau, of MRRA: “This is as much about civil rights as it is about planning. It cuts to the question of whether the principles of consultation, transparency and accountability will survive in Victoria’s democracy."

See also: Melbourne protests mass pop growth,

Melbourne protests mass population growth and its profiteers

For his political courage in speaking out against undemocratic, but mainstream media and government endorsed, growth, actor, Geoffrey Rush deserves particular historic recognition from Australians. He launched a new website: Marvellous Melbourne at editor 12 January 2017: Unfortunately, eight years later it is no longer maintained, so we have removed the link. remains one of its memorials. However the problem those optimistic protesters set out to solve has grown every year into a behemoth that threatens many of our institutions and certainly our way of life, all over Australia.

Two massive demos in Melbourne on Sat 5th & Sun 6th - Climate & Government

On the 5th - Blue Wedges and others protest huge projected increase for port traffic;
On the 6th - Planning Backlash and 120+ city/country resident groups protest Brumby nightmare-Melbourne …

See also:,,

Melbourne 2008: Life in a destruction zone

Word is that Melbourne is getting its 1 million more ten years early and that the Vic Government is in a panic because it has no idea how many permanent new guests have taken up its foolhardy invitations to come and stay. Who the hell is responsible?

Victorian Government, developers take aim at Devilbend wildlife habitat

Victorian State MP, Neale Burgess, warns public of Gavin Jennings anti-wildlife habitat Bill for voting today in Victorian Parliament

What you can do: Contact Johan Scheffer (johan.scheffer[at] and demand that the bill to be put to Parliament on Thu 26 June be amended to make Devilbend a nature conservation reserve.

Romanticism and fossil-fuel societies

Sheila Newman writes that it is not so much the myth of the noble savage as the myth of the noble capitalist citizen.

Insight program's take on Labor Shortage

Insight program shows limited perspective on problems surrounding labour supply in Australia.

See also : Transcript of Insight program of 17 Jun 08 Labour Pains

Help save West Australian black cockatoo from extinction

University of West Australia may bulldoze 36 hectares rare bushland in Perth city centre, threatening rare black cockatoo restoration program. Wildlife warriors request urgent reinforcement to stop this ecologically depraved and, in editorial view of oil peak and gas crisis, economically senseless plan.


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