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French Farmer Youth fight petroleum hikes: riot police

In Lille, France, about 40 youths calling themselves "Jeunes agriculteurs" (Young Farmers), pulled a tractor through the town on a rope to educate the public on the impact that petroleum hikes are having on food production and farmers. More robust simultaneous actions in other French towns came into conflict with police...also in Bulgaria. And all-night gas queues in Taiwan. See also Peak oil hits French fishing industry

Orwellian Waterworks: big-agribusiness and Victorian Gov

The Foodbowl group describes among its aims "To support the transition of small farming enterprises to world-competitive, sustainable agribusiness enterprises with a variety of models that maintain and enhance community cohesion." But were they invited? Were they asked? Apparently not.

Update, 2 June: Country Womens Association (CWA) Reject the North South Pipeline

What you can do: visit and join their mailing list.

Pet goat unites democratic protest in Frankston, Australia

Victor on tvConfused by bureaucracy, conflicted by development, and disorganised by new residential enclaves, local Frankston citizens find their voice in sticking up for a man and his goat in the face of bullying by-laws.

What you can do: visit and sign the petition.

No right to housing in the USA - Americans start to revolt

Evictions will put about two million people in the US on the streets this year, but finally Americans are fighting back. They are "meticulously vandalising" their houses before exiting, leaving the greedy banks with unsaleable properties.

Homeless may now sue state in France & Europe: Test Case

In the first test case an interim tribunal has found that a woman has the right to demand better housing from the State within a certain amount of time, failing the provision of which, she will be entitled to sue the State.

Belconnen Roos - Current herding method

Reports are coming thick and fast from the field in Canberra where a group of wildlife people are monitoring a grotesque debacle in an ill-advised kangaroo-culling exercise.

Victorian Biodiversity Green Paper signals Black Day for Biodiversity

Victorian Government’s Land and Biodiversity at a Time of Climate Change Green Paper accelerates damage in a land where human growth and development drive horrendous rate of extinctions, ignoring democratic protest ...

Debate on funding retirement in France

Raising the retirement age in France is impractical when people are being forcibly retired younger and younger.

Immigration lawyers exposed in mass immigration rort by brave union

US labour is beginning to fight back against years of repression and loss of workers' rights: Computer programmers ...

Good news! WTO negotiations may collapse as nations push for self-sufficiency.

I don’t know about you, but ‘global scare’ strikes me as a bit of a frivolous way to describe widespread starvation and food riots, whilst ensuring national self-sufficiency sounds to me like the right way to go.

Peak Oil hits French fishing industry - State subsidizes trawler-fuel

Industrialised fishing is not only no longer sustainable due to falling fish-stocks but now falling energy supply has priced it out of the free market.

Time to say hoor-roo to the Kangaroo Industries Association

If a farmer built a housing estate in his front paddock and chased all his stock out onto the road, would he count the pile of corpses and conclude that there had been more cows in his front paddock as a result? This is what the Kangaroo Industries Association of Victoria seems to be doing.

Roads to wildlife extinction: Vic Government, SEITA, Eastlink, in Victoria's South East

The Victorian Government, SEITA and Eastlink, are persevering in plans to bisect the Mornington Peninsula Biosphere and other crucial habitat for wildlife. If maintained, this route will ruin a proposed wildife corridor (.pdf) leading to and from the Peninsula Biosphere, of profound significance to the rest of Australia.

Wildlife Campaigner: "SEITA preferred Frankston bypass route will severely impact wildife"

Maryland Wilson, President of the Australian Wildlife Protection Council, stated yesterday that the Southern and Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA) has failed to adequately address the concerns she raised on behalf of the Australian Wildlife Protection Council or the Coalition of Wildlife Corridors.

The deep intellectual, financial and political dishonesty of privatisation

'One of the most remarkable features of the ‘conservative turn’ experienced in the UK since 1980 is the paradoxical emergence of extensive re-regulation of economic activity in a period supposedly typified by drastic deregulation.'

see also: Why Privatisation is wrong

Why privatisation is wrong

In 2006 Justice Michael Kirby argued compellingly the case against privatisation which is now being forced upon the NSW electorate by the Iemma government with the aid of, amongst others, former Prime Minister Paul Keating, former NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr, former Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett and the Murdoch newsmedia.

See also: NSW electricity privatisation, democracy, government, The deep intellectual, financial and political dishonesty of privatisation

Melbourne Public Lecture - "How fast are we growing?" - low-down on stats by independent expert

How fast is Australia’s population really growing? How much of this growth is due to immigration? Have trends really changed dramatically? Did we need a baby bonus?

Speaker: 3pm-4pm, Sat 10 May, Melbourne meeting flyer (153K jpg)

Newspeak on the asset stripping of Australia

When you take a public asset without permission and give it to private individuals, that is not 'reform' it is theft. Taking something without the owners' permission is stealing.

Centro Properties Group Ex-chairman didn't see 'debt bombshell' coming

How could someone in charge of borrowing billions from banks, to deploy energy and resources for multi-million dollar developments, be so energy and resources naive that they did not see the energy-linked "debt bombshell" coming?

Exhibition documents erosion of childhood by overdevelopment and overpopulation

This really interesting exhibition testifies to the disappearance of accessible natural places for children, without consciously linking this to overpopulation and development.

ABC at it again!

ABC Breakfast Show host, Ross Solly, gives Property Council of Australia 20 minutes-plus free advertising at tax-payer expense to market industry hobby-horse.

Since when did our taxes go to fund the ABC as a national real-estate agent or an arm of the PCA?

Ross Solly

Environmental Scientist makes Blue Moon edition of Courier Mail

"Population control is our most urgent and important environmental matter. The size of the World's population drives all else", warns Prof Hundloe of Griffith Uni, in "Global swarming...", page 19 of the C.M. April 29, 2008.

Scanlon report underpins threat to Australian democracy

What organisation has only 24 members of which the first ten comprise the current Prime Minister and nine past and present Australian Prime Ministers or Prime Ministerial contenders? And why would they be so dedicated to an organisation with a focus so antithetical to democracy and Australians? Read on.

Working man's vegetable plot under attack again

When they want to take it off you, they call it the 'back yard'. But what it really is is your ticket to survival in the 21st century.

Who owns Port Phillip Bay?

Victorians need proper representation from their government and journalists need absolute freedom to report. Time to turn off the Corporate Machine. Time to stop Brumby's New Army of developers. Time to slow the monster down, Mr Brumby, Mr Paluka, Mr Pallas. Time to listen to your employers and the owners of the Bay, the Victorian people.

Academics debate What Population Australia and Our Region can Sustainably Support

Demographer, Peter McDonald's extreme projections of population implosion and his advocacy for population growth need wide scrutiny. Sheila Newman

Courier-Mail beats up on public for complaining about cost of 'progress'

Murdoch's Queensland Courier Mail has long been in the business of marketing unacceptable development, but the April 9 2008 editorial read more like a medieval sermon on the benefits of floggings. What must Queenslanders have done to the Gods to provoke such punishment as

“freeways, chemical plants and new powerstations at their back door; transport corridors and dams which endanger the environment and destroy local communities”

... which the editorialist identifies as our inescapable and deserved fate?

Food Riots, coming to a place near you

A huge rise in serious mortgage 'delinquencies', and the food riots all round the world (coming soon to a place near you) in the context of oil depletion and the ridiculous market price pressure to grow grain for ethanol, just makes Mr Rudd's summit, Ms Bligh's proposal to concrete over the Brisbane River, and Mr Brumby's Housing uber al (following on in a line of terrible impositions on the public, from Kennett through Bracks) and WA Inc-revisited's excavate and desertify economy, look that much more dangerously insane.


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