August 2: Victoria First comes to Frankston to help citizens organise against overpopulation & overdevelopment

If you are concerned about 457 visas, local unemployment and population growth, planning issues, over-development, and the loss of wildlife and residents rights in Frankston and the Peninsula, please come along to this meeting of Victoria First. Special Guest Speaker will be Public Transport advocate Mr. Ian Hundley. Ian Hundley will speak on "The transport crisis in the Frankston area: issues of economy, ecology and social connectedness." This public meeting will be from 2-4pm at the Frankston Life Saving Club, on Frankston Foreshore. (More details of location inside article.) There will be opportunities to make statements from the floor if you let the organisers know in advance. Contact 03 9350 5777.

How to contact wild-life rescuers

On a number of occasions, the administrator of this site has been contacted on the phone number given at the bottom of this page by people seeking help for injured wildlife. Whilst he is more than happy to provide what help he is able to to help save the life of a possum, koala, kangaroo, echidna or other native creature, he is probably not the best person to contact first as he, himself, has little direct experience in providing first-aid for wildlife. Please send us your contact numbers for all over Australia.

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    Master's Thesis :
The Growth Lobby and its Absence :
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Property Development and Housing
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US citizens tell Obama to release alleged Ukraine evidence or be quiet

Previously published in Consortium News as Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence (29/7/14).

With the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine turning a local civil war into a U.S. confrontation with Russia, U.S. intelligence veterans urge President Obama to release what evidence he has about the tragedy or to stop poisoning the waters. They note that claims the US has made of having useful satellite imagery have not materialised and say they are not at all sure that the US appreciates the gravity of its escalation of tensions in the region, through apparently empty accusations against Russia.

Have the ABC, ACMA and Commonwealth Ombudsman conspired to pervert the course of justice?

Let's start with the following information:
Chris Uhlmann one day; Tony Jones the next

Does this provide evidence of a criminal act of fraud by the ABC? This, of course, has not been proven in a court of law. The ABC complaints process allows the ABC, the ACMA and the Commonwealth Ombudsman draw their own conclusions and remain unaccountable for their actions in shutting down complaints against the ABC - regardless of whether or not the evidence submitted may support a finding of criminal wrongdoing.

Did A Ukrainian (Kiev) Fighter Plane Use Malaysian Airlines MH17 For Cover?

Here is a description of a Kiev army fighter plane hiding behind a civil airline in order to bomb East Ukraine and cause a response. This video was uploaded June 18, 2014, a month before Malaysian Airlines MH17 crashed in Ukraine. Originally published at Following this video is the detailed report of 21 July from Moscow of a fighter plane close to MH17, and claiming that the United States had satellites that must have provided images that would corroborate the Russian ones, but that the United States is refusing to release these.

Video: Help stop Adani from destroying the Great Barrier Reef

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has caved to the mining industry and approved Indian mining giant Adani's monstrous Carmichael Mine, threatnening the Great Barrier Reef. The coal mine will be the biggest in Australia. It will pollute our climate with massive CO2 emissions for decades. It will mean massive and continual dredging and dumping in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and will fill the Reef with thousands of coal ships every year. Original article and petition from GetUp. Note that, if you sign, GetUp puts you on two mailing lists, however the situation is serious and their campaign may be effective.

About the Malaysian Airlines MH17 tragedy

Australian mainstream newsmedia 'reporting' of the MH17 tragedy.

29 July 2014: Barely 3 weeks after the destruction of Malaysian Flight MH17 at 13:15 (UTC), 14:15 (WEST) or 15:15 (EUST) according to Wikipedia, the mainstream newsmedia and a number of Australian political leaders including Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, have seemingly forgotten how they condemned the East-Ukrainian rebels whom they claimed with certainty had killed the 298 passengers and crew of MH17 with a Buk surface-to-air missile.

The Metamorphosis of Bashar al-Assad

This article has been republished from the article of 28 July by Thierry Meyssan on Voltaire Net. See, also, other articles on candobetter about Bashar al-Assad and Syria, including What 'dictator' ever willingly faced such media scrutiny? of 11 June 2013. More information about Syria is to be found at the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) and Syria News. Includes Appendix: Anti-imperialists who feel obligated to depict the Syrian Government as corrupt.

Bashar al-Assad did not want to enter politics. He destined himself to be an ophthalmologist. However, upon the death of his brother Bassel, he returned from the United Kingdom where he was continuing his studies and agreed to serve his country and his father. On the death of the latter, he consented to be his successor to maintain the unity of the country. His early years of government were an attempt to change the composition of social classes in order to make a democratic system possible, a goal that nobody expected of him. Patiently, he dismantled the authoritarian system of the past and began to involve people in public life.

Know your rights as residents! Property acquisition and the East West Link

Message from YCAT and the RAT re the outrageous proposed acquisition of property by the State Government in the path of the East West Link and a meeting organised for affected residents and traders. Education session with lawyers on issues of compulsory acquisition.

"We uncovered a sneaky plot to silence you".....From the Head of Propaganda at GetUp

GetUp and organisations like it are an essential component of freedom of speech in Australia.

They often address important issues by bringing them into the public domain when conventional media does not.

The Adani coal export venture on the Barrier Reef is a good example and a recent GetUp headline was "We uncovered a sneaky plot to silence you." This refers to GetUp acting on behalf of its "members". GetUp refers its database of email contacts as members.

Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Extraction from the atmosphere

Here is an expert's view on carbon capture and storage:

This is an interesting presentation. Note that there are some important, and controversial, assertions made:

  • Emissions trading or carbon tax will never be forceful enough to drive businesses into carbon capture and storage.
  • Laws must be put in place to force companies to do this
  • Fossil fuels will keep being used because they are far too useful (in the short to medium term) to abandon in favour of less "useful" fuels

Video: Conscripted soldiers of West Ukraine refuse to fight against Donbass rebels

From Global Research article, Conscripted Soldiers of West Ukraine Refuse to Fight against Donbass Rebels (25/7/14). Includes embedded YouTube video.

Mass Protests By Families of Men Drafted into the Ukrainian Army

Transcript of the Video

Location of Protests: Prykarpattia Region, West Ukraine

News Anchor: In the Ciscarpathian region (Prykarpattia, West Ukraine) mass protests took place. The main participants are the families of men summoned for military draft. People trust neither local authorities nor military leadership in Kiev. They have many questions to the authorities and they demand immediate answers. More in our video report, coming up next.

About Mandatory Internet Filtering

Mandatory Internet Filtering has been proposed as a way to supposedly prevent the exploitation of women by preventing or, at least controlling, access to pornography. It is presumed that (1) all pornography is degrading to women; and (2) that mandatory filtering will end or, at least, drastically reduce the availability of pornography. Given the increase in the trafficking of heroin and other illegal drugs after the decades long "War on Drugs", it seems no less likely that a ban on Internet pornography will be end of pornography.

NSW 14 Aug: Unique exhibition celebrating animals and art - Voiceless

Compassionate Voices is a unique exhibition celebrating animals, art and creativity. Curated by Liane Rossler, the exhibition is a collaboration between Voiceless, the animal protection institute, Australian furniture and homeware designers Koskela, and a collection of 31 innovative Australian artists and designers
united by their vision of a world where animals are treated with respect and compassion. The exhibition is also part of Sydney Design, a design festival produced and managed by the Powerhouse Museum.

Climate change denial - believe it or not!

The government's repeal of the "carbon tax" won't make climate change go away! it’s a political decision, not one based on science, or a rational reaction to any new empirical evidence contrary to its existence.

Denial of climate science is one that’s based on the assumption that you can believe it or not! We don’t doubt the findings of other scientific results, or discoveries.

Miscellaneous comments from 24 July 2014

Comments made on the previous Miscellaneous comments page from 12 June 2014 can be found here.

If you have anything you would like to raise, which is likely to be of interest to our site's visitors, which is not addressed in other articles, please add your comments here.

MH17 Airline tragedy and Abbott's antics: Who needs evidence when you've got 'conviction'?

In a political situation that could just end up as World War Three, Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has been barging about like a frightening drunk with his atrociously prejudiced and premature statements assuming Vladimir Putin and Russia’s guilt in the MH17 airline tragedy. Even more alarming that his pathetic bids to make world stage on the matter have been reported with such hokum gravitas by the Australian mass media.

Appendix video: MH17 Crash: Ukrainian media stories about looting of toy and wedding ring proven FAKE!

The Power of Local Unity: Small US Town Enacts Free Food Trade (Sedgewick, Maine, USA)

This is a story about reclaiming food-rights in the United States by declaring local food sovereignty. This brings up the question of whether it would be possible to do this in Australia and what obstacles we might encounter. Comments welcome to educate readers on this issue. Some of the problems addressed in this article include issues of contravening federal food regulations and they rely on rights that Australians probably do not have.

Ukraine Gangster State Calls for 'Nuclear Strikes'

Republished from Truthseeker article of 29 June 2014 on RT.

Find out why Ukraine is making the world a scarier place. There are parliamentary moves to quit the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; Nazis are making 'regular reconnaissance visits to nuclear power stations'; Billionaire governor, whose Privatbank is top recipient of new IMF bailout has been being placed on international wanted list for 'banned methods of warfare and aggravated murder'. In 'Seek Truth from facts', Daniel Bushell interviews intelligence expert, William Engdahl and reports on Ukraine's oligarch mafia's relations with the United States and interviews economist Professor Michael Hudson; former US intelligence officer Scott Rickard; and the prosecutor who put Yulia Timoshenko's partner behind bars, Martha Boersch.

Localised Planning Statement - Macedon Ranges loses, not gets, protection

Report about last Monday's information session on Macedon Ranges Localised Planning Statement, which represents a disaster for Victoria's iconic Macedon Ranges, immortalised in the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock. Inside find the report plus planning attachments. This kind of thing is happening all over Victoria as the government tries to insert population growth into any and all communities, including country towns and regions, whilst continuing to cram more people into the cities in a population engineering regime.

Motive lacking in Russia blame for MH17 airline attack

Undeterred by an apparent lack of evidence, international witch hunters are trying to convict Russia for the downing of MH17. Even more importantly, the witch hunters don't supply a motive for the suspect they have chosen. In this article I review the case for motives and likely suspects.

FRASER ISLAND DINGO PROTECTION: Special fund-raiser effort

On 10th August 2014 a Special Event is being held by Animal Active Australia to raise money towards printing costs for a new campaign for the Dingoes of Fraser Island.

This campaign seeks to raise awareness and gather accurate information about the plight of the Fraser Island Dingoes from the Queensland government.

Yarra Council will join Moreland Council in Supreme Court challenge to East West Link

21 July 2014. Yarra City Council has voted unanimously to join Moreland Council in seeking a judicial review of the Minister for Planning’s approvals for the East West Link and the assessments committee’s recommendation to the Minister.

Kiev Losing, Sanctions Flopped, Airliner Down, War Back On? (Article by Tony Cartalucci)

See also: Who shot down the Malaysian jet over Ukraine? on VoltaireNet, Sanctions and Airliners by Paul Craig Roberts, Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane crash in Ukraine LIVE UPDATES on RT.
Appendix: links to mainstream media disinformation about Flight MH17.

July 18, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - With Kiev's forces being encircled and decimated in eastern Ukraine, western Ukrainians in Kiev protesting the war, and US sanctions receiving global ridicule as feckless - the downing of a Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner with over 280 on board in eastern Ukraine - allegedly shot down over a conflict zone - will undoubtedly be exploited by NATO to vilify Kiev's opponents, particularly fighters in the east and Russia who NATO accuses of "destabilizing eastern Ukraine."

Flight MH17 Down Over Ukraine (Article by Tony Cartalucci)

Flying over warzone Ukraine, the probable & convenient happens. July 18, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - At no juncture during the Ukrainian crisis could the downing of Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH17 have been more convenient for NATO and its proxy regime in Kiev. Kiev's forces were being picked apart in eastern Ukraine with several units encircled and destroyed. In the west of the country, dissent was growing by Ukrainians unwilling to march off to fight in the east. NATO's attempts to bait Russia into moving into Ukrainian territory and shift global opinion against Moscow had repeatedly failed.

Australian PM Strangelove

As a citizen of Australia I was horrified to hear the irresponsible, ignorant, inflammatory, and divisive speech by Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the subject of the recent downing of MH17 in Eastern Ukraine. The consequences could be enormous in helping to drag humanity closer to World War Three. Why on earth is he making such inflammatory remarks?

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