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Back Handed by New Nursing Board

Why Would You Choose Nursing As A Job, When You Could Be Professionally Employed!

Get Well Soon James & Happy Birthday

James is recovering from a road accident & while he is still in hospital, appears to be making good progress to recovery, with a favourable prognosis.

The population debate: do you want 'a big Australia'??

35 million Australians by 2050. Will we all live in a cohesive, dynamic, more productive society? Or will more people just mean more social dischord and disharmony? (taken from: & 7.30 Report/Debate/Online)

No More Admissions Required: Australia Is Full!

Are Australians being patriotic or simply bigoted, for wanting to contain immigration numbers?What is the definition of racist? What is the definition of patriotic? Do Australians have a right to be patriotic.. and concerned & protective of their dwindling assets, namely land and water?

Stop Internet Censorship!

... Here's THAT word again!!!
...MANDATORY Internet filtering initiative...

See also: ABC news 'Greenlight for internet filter plans' of 15 Dec 09, Rudd - just a control freak with his little book or are we witnessing the emergence of the 'Rudd State'? of 15 Dec 09.

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