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Stop the Sell Off and Cell Off Public Meeting

A public meeting will be held on Saturday to discuss Premier Nathan Rees' expanding privatisation agenda for NSW. The government's privatisation plans for NSW prisons, ferries, electricity and the sale of other public assets are on the agenda for the meeting.

When: 2pm, Sat 18 Apr. Where: Tom Mann Theatre, 136 Chalmers St, Surry Hills.

See also: All in the family of 9 Apr 09 on, Robertson ends jail privatisation ban of 9 Apr 09 in the SMH, articles about the threatened privatisation of NSW's electricity.

Why maintaining high immigration so Canada can be ready for the recovery makes no sense

In Canada, as well as in Australia, the Government has kept open the immigration floodgate in the midst of the recession. One supposed justification is that this is all necessary so that their economy can be ready to take off when the recession ends. In reality, this is a self-serving lie to allow the profits that the Canadian growth lobby gains at the expense of their fellow Canadians, the environment, and the Third World, to continue.

Original article by Dan Murray published on Immigration Watch Canada on 11 Apr 09.

World Rally races threaten endangered Koalas in bio-diverse Kyogle shire

Kathryn Kermode, who lives on the route of the World Rally Championship races, planned for Kyogle and Tweed Shires, for September and every second year until at least 2019, shows how the races further compound the threats faced by the endangered Koala from rampant overdevelopment elsewhere in northern NSW and across the border in Queensland.

See also: "Development project threatens second largest Koala Colony in Tweed Shire" of 21 Feb 09, "Kyogle residents fight World Rally motor race" of 7 Mar 09.

Revive Lincoln's monetary policy - an open letter to President Obama

Ellen Brown, author of The Web of Debt in a letter to US President Barack Obama, argues that the financial crisis, created by crooked bankers, can be solved without impoverishing America's Main Street, simply by the US Government taking back from private bankers the right to create money as President Abraham Lincoln did during the US Civil War. (Originally published on Global Research on 9 Apr 09.)

Contents: Lincoln's Monetary Breakthrough, Building on a Successful Tradition, The Perennial Inflation Question, A Wake-up Call, Notes. See also: G20 Authorizes Global Printing of Money Out of Thin Air of 8 Apr 09, The Financial War Against Iceland of 5 Apr 09 on Global Research on 9 Apr 09.

Kingscliff residents fight to save seaside park from being used as World Rally pits area

Residents of Kingscliff on the far north coast of NSW are fighting to prevent Jack Baylis Park, on their foreshore, being turned into a "pits area" to service cars participating in races planned by Rally Australia for Tweed and Kyogle Shires in September this year.

Includes: Local Resident decribes how World Rally will disrupt lives of quite coastal community
What you can do: attend the planned protest meeting at Jack Baylis Park on Marine Parade at 11am on Sat 18 April. Phone 0438 357 452 for more information.

Obama's promised drive for amnesty threatens millions of jobless Americans

Just five months ago, as Barack Obama became the president-elect and the economic slump began turning into an avalanche, the chances that the incoming president would make "immigration reform" a priority in his first year registered somewhere between zero and none. But a lot of hard-to-imagine things have come to pass since November, ...

See also: "Why U.S. immigration reformers can still remain hopeful" of 24 Nov 09 by Leon Kolankiewicz, "Is it game over for immigration reformers in America?" of 10 Nov 08 by Tim Murray, "An immigration policy bought and paid for?" of 24 Feb 08 by Tim Murray, "Is it reactionary to oppose Immigration?" of 17 Dec 07 by Tim Murray, "American Unions and their about-face on Immigration" of 30 Sep 07 by Tim Murray, "How illegal immigration into the US harms poor US Hispanic citizens" of 9 Oct 07.

Red Plague Grey Plague - Kangaroo [numbers] myths and legends -by Dr Auty

There is another drive for a big kill of kangaroos in Majura ACT (in rare-grassland fragments coveted by developers near the new airport). Conventional wisdom is that kangaroo numbers have increased in Australia since European settlement due to cessation of predation by Aborigines and dingoes, as well as increased availability of water. It seems probable, however, that at the time of settlement kangaroo numbers exceeded the present population at least threefold. Dr Giles Auty estimates their pre-1788 number at around 200 million.

Australia's Human Rights Inquiry - should we codify our rights?

Did you know that Australia is conducting a Human Right's inquiry? There are some very good submissions already and we reproduce one here, by Sally Richardson, "Housing as a fundamental human right - submission to the Human Rights Inquiry, Australia." The inquiry makes recommendations to government and Australia's government is very good at ignoring citizens' opinions, but if we make a very big fuss it may be possible to claw back some democracy and citizens rights in this country. The rumour is that Murdoch doesn't like the idea, so it must be a good one.

Save Brisbane's historic Howard Smith Wharves

Unless we act now, Brisbane stands to lose a piece of prime, heritage-listed inner city parkland. Lord Mayor Campbell Newman now plans to take the parkland adjacent to the Howard Smith Wharves away from the public forever to make room for a giant hotel underneath and beside the Story Bridge.
Includes: Appendix: Countering Campbell Newman's spin
What you can do: Visit, ...

High Speed Broadband – Rudd Labor and the business of Nation-Building

The Rudd government April 7th 2009 announcement of a plan to finance and construct a massive 'fibre-to-the-node' broadband network -- supplying service to 90% of Australian homes is a remarkable sea change in public policy. This article discusses the financing and timing of this proposal - and the PM's remark that it would ultimately be privatised. (Article by Tristan Ewins, originally published on on 7 Apr 09.)

"The case for re-nationalising Telstra" of 13 Jan 09 also by Tristan Ewins (also on Online Opinion), forum discussions "The broadband revolution" and "Monday Message Board" on, "Other projects will pay for hare-brained scheme" by Kenneth Davidson in the Age of 9 Apr 09,

Global Research needs your support

Unlike many other supposed alternative news sources, Global Research is not compromised by corporate donations and, therefore, not afraid to speak the truth on many critical issues.

The Murdoch newsmedia

These pages are to expose the insidious influence one of the most, if not the most harmful and damaging media organisation in human history, namely the global media empire of Rupert Murdoch.

If these words seem like hyperbole, then consider the pivotal role played by Fox News as documented in Michel Moore's Farhrenheit 911 in assisting Florida Governor Jeb Bush rort the Florida ballot to give the vote in that state, and hence the US Presidency, to George Bush instead of the rightful victor of the 2000 elections, Al Gore. If Fox News had not misreported Gearge Bush as having won th eFlorida ballot it would not have been possible for Governor Jeb Bush to have thrown the large numbers of valid votes that would have caused Al Gore to win that state.

Philippines debates government promotion of contraception

More than 100 members of the Philippines House of Representatives have co-authored a bill that would allow government funds to be used to promote artificial contraceptives, now prohibited in that nation. Although the legalisation of artificial contraception is supported by two thirds of that desperately poor and crowded nation, the Catholic church remains fiercely opposed. 8 Feb 09

See also: Add your comments to the PMC blog.

News Media

These pages include articles which critically assess the corporate, government and independent newsmedia.

South East Queensland Plan Review rushed, reckless and will ruin environment

Ann Bligh's needlessly early and needlessly sudden election has disrupted the already rushed consultation for the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031. The Gold Coast & Hinterland Environmental Council (, together with the Redland City Council have asked that the consultation period be extended by eight weeks so that the issues of peak oil, climate change and South East Queensland's carrying capacity can be properly addressed.

How second Brisbane runway threatens massacre of migratory birds

During the recent Queensland state elections, environment medicine specialist Dr Andrew Jeremijenko, who stood as a Greens Candidate for Clayfield, explained how the second planned runway for Brisbane Airport, as well as being a scandalous waste of the world's diminishing stocks of natural resources and threatening to destroy the quality of life of many residents of his electorate, poses a deadly threat to migratory birds in the world heritage protected RAMSAR wetlands in the flight path of the new runway.

What you can do: Urgently send to info [AT] a submission advising of your objection to the new runway by Monday 30 March.

Includes appendix "Wildlife body attacks airport bird shooting"

Does it matter whether the Liberal National Party or Labor win Queensland elections?

There are very many good reasons for voters to vote out the Bligh Labour Government. This is reflected in an opinion poll published in today's Courier Mail which shows that 57% don't believe that Labor deserves to win. However 57% of voters also don't believe that Lawrence Springborg's Liberal National Party deserves to win either. My own view is that electing a Springborg Liberal National Government would be leading Queensland out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Independent candidate responds to water policy Questionnaire

The Save the Mary River Brisbane Group has contacted all candidates contesting the Queensland elections to ask for their views on the proposed Traveston Dam and related issues such as water recycling. I sent my responses almost immediately. I cc'd my responses to a number of other candidates and invited them to send me their responses for publication on this web site.

Update: 17 Mar 09: Response from Mount Coot-tha candidates published.
Briefly: Candidates in favour of damming the Mary River and driving the lungfish to extinction: Andrew Fraser
Candidates against damming the Mary River: James Sinnamon, Larissa Waters, John Pollard.

See also:

Questionairre to candidates in Mount Coot-tha electorate.

Moreton Bay fishing Green Zones

Heather Steinberg, Independent candidate for Redland explains the pitfalls with the Moreton Bay fishing Green Zones.

Heather Steinberg - Independent for Redlands

Heather Steinberg is standing as an Independent for Redlands. She is standing on a platform of tougher penalties for sex offenders, in particular child sex offenders.

See also: "Protesting police officer runs for politics" in the Brisbane Times of 10 Mar 09,

Mexico City braces for water rationing - same growth lobby parasites as Australia caused this drying disease

There is a story that about 50 years ago the President of Mexico said that they should grow the population to "put Mexico on the map".
In Australia we have heard the same thing and now we see the predictable (and predicted) results. Fortunately we have abundant records to trace the politicians and individuals responsible for these harmful policies and to show that they were warned, over and over.

Qld Greens: 'competitive' market a calamity for electricity consumers

Robert Huston, Greens candidate for the suburban Brisbane seat of Mount Ommaney, describes how the inefficiencies caused by the corporatisation of the electricity sector, the privatisation of the retail arm Energex and the supposedly 'competitive' market have cost Queensland electricity consumers dearly.

Jenny Fitzgibbon, Greens candidate for Glass House

Standing for Green Jobs, renewable energy technologies, preventative health, sustainable livelihood and culture. Check out the Queensland Greens Green Jobs, Energy and Sustainable Water Policies here.

Original statement on Queensland greens web site. See also:

Property Council conference placarded by Peak Oil and Sustainable Population advocates in South Australia

The Property Council of Australia's "Sustainable Urban Growth Conference" was the scene of lively protest for the first time as demonstrators against unsustainable population growth and infrastructure expansion handed out leaflets about peak oil and population to incoming conference participants. See also the second part of: Melbourne 2008: Life in a destruction zone

"Meet the candidate" night - Mt Coot-tha electorate

The Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a "Meet the candidate" Night on Monday 16 March at 6.30PM at the Brisbane Workers' Community Centre in Paddington.

Cate Molloy corrects Noosa hospital

The Candidate for Independent Noosa today dismissed the critical comments made about her by Noosa Hospital community Spokesperson Mr Rusty Fraser (The (Sunshine Coast) Daily 7/3/09) and argued that his comments were not only misleading but also mischievous in themselves.

See also:

Kyogle residents fight World Rally motor race

Residents of the Kyogle district of NSW, just south of the Queensland border, are organising to protect their way of life and local wildlife from the threat of an FIA World Rally motor race scheduled to be held in September 2009.

Contents: A Kyogle district resident states the case against the motor race, The Repco FIA World Championship Rally is More Than a Koala can Bear, How the Kyogle District Chamber of Commerce, Rally Australia and the Kyogle Council imposed the motor race on local residents.

See also: "Tweed Shire Council General Manager, Director of World Rally Australia?" of 8 Apr 09, "World Rally is too noisy say residents" in the Sligo Champion of 19 Nov 08, "Damaged bridge 'won't impact on rally'" in the Leitrim Observer of 16 Jan 09, "Failure in bid to divert rally" in the Irish Independent of 11 Dec 08, "World Youth Day wash up" of 5 Feb 09 about how the supposedly cash-strapped NSW government, which is subsidising the rally in Northern NSW, squandered AU$120 million on World Youth Day last year.

Department of Environment fails to act to save endangered Koala because of technicality

As images of koalas injured by the recent bushfires moves the world public to donate desperately needed money and material to animal carers, Peter Garrett's Environment Department has refused to list South East Queensland's koala population as endangered because "the form had not been filled in correctly." No doubt this will spare the Queensland Labor Government, whose reckless encouragement of population growth has largely caused the koala's threatened extinction, from much embarrassment in the midst of an election campaign.

See also: "Queensland Government killing koalas for developer dollars" of 12 Aug 09, "Wildlife also bleed, also feel, also lost their homes" of 13 Feb 09, "Development project threatens second largest Koala Colony in Tweed Shire" of 21 Feb 09,

NSW Planning Minister brings tragic, stupid end to last grasslands

Kristina Keneally, NSW Planning Minister, sells out public land and the environment to Delfin Lend Lease. Now many gentle wild creatures will die the most abject deaths and 1000s of trees will give up their carbon to the atmosphere. How much more nature to be destroyed for narrow corporate interests in a dead-in-the-water economy for the grasping few? See also "Council bastardry..."


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