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Scientists worldwide to speak out on population problem

Boulder, Colorado - Scientists from around the world have pledged to speak out publicly in February, 2009 on the problem of the size and growth of the human population. Speaking out as well will be environmental and science writers, social activists, and representatives of environmental groups. The event, called the Global Population Speak Out (GPSO), aims to weaken a decades-long taboo against open discussion of population issues.

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"Fusion Illusions" - the ITER Project and tritium supply

So, you were impressed by the ITER Fusion project because it attracted 10 billion Euros?
Read any serious criticism lately ... or ever?
Michael Dittmar, particle physicist with the Swiss CERN institute, goes into fascinating detail in The Final Energy Crisis. Read this quote from his "Fusion Illusions":

Muntadar al-Zaidi did what we journalists should have done long ago

Send a Shoe to Bush Campaign: Support Al-Zaidi's bold protest: send an old shoe to the White House!When Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi heaved his two shoes at the head of President George W. Bush during a press conference in Baghdad, he did something that the White House press corps should have done years ago.

Original article by David Lindorff posted to on 15 Dec 08.
See also "Peace Activists Take Shoes to White House in Solidarity with Shoe-Throwing Iraqi Journalist" posted 15 Dec 08 to, "UPDATE: Shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist in hospital" posted 16 Dec 08 to, "Send Bush Your Shoes!" posted to Citizens for Legitmate Government on 16 Dec 08, "Bush shoe-thrower in hospital after beating: brother" on AFP of 16 Dec 08.

President Bush's "midnight" raid on Oregon's forests thwarted

Ecological Internet reports that Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has blocked ecological criminal President George W Bush's last minute plans to sharply increase logging on 2.2 million acres of forests in Western Oregon.

See original article: "Oregon's Governor Stymies Bush's 'Midnight' Forest Raid" on
See also: Oregon governor objects to Bureau of Land Management logging plan in Capital Press of 11 Dec 08.
What you can do: Give generously to and other Ecological Internet projects to help them achieve more such wins for the environment.

Why are we concerned about the Big Brother Internet laws?

The Federal Government plans to include any web-site which it deems "unwanted" in a secret list of blacklisted web-sites that we will be prevented from viewing if its Mandatory Internet Filtering becomes law. These may have nothing to do with already illegal child pornography or, indeed, even legal adult pornography that the legislation is purportedly intended to protect children from. If the list is secret, it may well allow illegal use of the Internet to flourish whilst legitimate political dissent is censored . How would anyone ever know?

What you can do: Attend protests against Mandatory Internet Filtering in your capital city on Saturday 13 December ...

"Cash strapped" NSW squandered over AU$120 million on World Youth Day

Those who have accepted the necessity of the current fire sale of NSW government assets and the recent "slash and burn" budget, which is taking that state into recession, may be amazed to learn of the staggering blow-out in the costs of the World Youth Day celebrations held in Sydney in July 2008. In addition the Minister for State Development is prepared to bill NSW taxpayers up to $AU86million over three years to pay for planned V8 supercar races to be held at Olympic Park.

See also: NSW Electricity Privatisation, "Youth day ran $100m over budget" in SMH of 27 Nov 08 and more subdued reporting in "World Youth Day bill $100m over budget" in the Australian of 26 Nov 08 , NSW Auditor-General's World Youth Day Report (pdf, 45K)
"Why the V8 Supercars will be taxpayer-injected" in SMH of 29 Sep 08, "O'Farrell vows to restore free travel" on the ABC on 13 Nov 08, "Say no to v8 supercar racing at Olympic Park" on Lee Rhiannon's website, Parliamantary debate of V8 Supercar Races at Sydney Olympic Park of 24 Nov 08

David Ray Griffin's 'The New Pearl Harbor Revisited' rated 'Pick of the Week' by Publishers Weekly

David Ray Griffin has been writing groundbreaking, compelling research guides rebutting the official 9/11 narrative since 2004, when he first published "The New Pearl Harbor." This review in Publishers Weekly is an exciting and welcome acknowledgment, finally, of his important work.

Original posted to


Successful community campaigner calls on Queenland Government to outlaw recycling of sewage for drinking water

Snow Manners, a leader of the successful 2006 Toowoomba community campaign to defeat a plan to force them to drink recycled sewage, warned Queenslanders not to be fooled by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's apparent backflip on her Government's plans to impose recycled sewage aon all of south East Queensland.

See also: Bligh backflip on water recycling; Traveston dam delayed of 25 Nov 08.

Australian Government obstructs fight to save the whale

Captain Paul Watson describes apparent deliberate hampering by the Australian Government of the efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to have its ship the Steve Irwin docked and overhauled in Australia. Last whaling season the Steve Irwin succeeded in preventing the Japanese whalers from achieving half of their intended quota whilst the diplomatic efforts of the Australian Government, which places its trading relations with Japan above the enforcement of international law against the killing of endangered whales, achieved nothing.

This editorial was originally published as "The Politics of Pretending to Save the Whales" on 19 Nov 08 on See also: "Captain Paul Watson Responds to Greenpeace Quotes in International Herald Tribune" of 21 Nov 08, "In Battle Against Whaling, Groups Split on Strategy" in NYT of 22 Nov 08, "Daryl Hannah Joins Sea Shepherd Crew To Fight Japanese Whaling Fleet" in ecorazzi of 22 Nov 08.

Community activist blasts reckless plan to fill flood mitigation dam to capacity

Merilyn Haines, spokesperson person for Queenslanders For Safe Water questioned Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's apparent stated intention to fill to capacity the Wivenhoe Dam, which was built, not as water storage dam, but as a flood minitagation dam following the catastrophic Brisbane floods of 1974.

Merilyn Haines will be standing as an independent candidate against Anna Bligh in her seat of South Brisbane at the next state elections.

Chilliwack's water supply threatened by overdevelopment

Norm Smith, who stood as an anti-growth grass-roots candidate for Mayor of Chilliwack, in elections held on 15 November, warns that Chilliwack faces a water crisis as growth and overdevelopment, encouraged by the City of Chilliwick, dangerously depletes the Sardis-Vedder Aquifer, one of the rare pristine water sources in Canada that requires no chlorination.

Federal Government threatens Internet censorship

Internet users are face with the technological equivalent of Australia Post being required to open every one of their letters if the Federal Government's proposed mandatory Internet Filtering legisltation becomes law. It will slow down internet access speeds and is opposed by the industry and internet users alike.

See also: "Filtering out the fury: how government tried to gag web censor critics" in the SMH of 24 Oct 08, "Filtering Pilot and ACMA Blacklist - Not just 'illegal' material" on Electronic Frontiers Australia on 15 Nov 08, "Net censorship plan backlash" in the Age of 11 Nov 08, YouTube broadcast of Senator Scott Ludlum questioning Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy about the planned censorship, "Winning the war against Internet censorship" by David Jackmanson on Online Opinion of 17 Nov 08, Online Opinion Forum "What's happening about the internet censor?" of 13 Nov 08, "Australia Joins China In Censoring The Internet" on TechCrunch of 30 Dec 07,

Federation for American Immigration Reform : Illegal immigration costs Georgia US$1.6 billion annually

A new report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) demonstrates why Georgia has taken a lead in adopting state-based policies to control the costs of illegal immigration. - 24 Oct 08

See also: "Costs of Illegal Immigration to Georgians", full pdf report (460K).

Why U.S. immigration reformers can still remain hopeful

Whilst the accelerating influx of legal of legal and illegal immigrants in recent years has corrupted America's democratic institutions and has undermined its environmental movement, there are, nevertheless, reasons to be hopeful that the cause of population stability in the United States may prevail, writes Leon Kolankiewicz in response to Tim Murray's "Is it game over for immigration reformers in America?". Leon is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Chickens of economic collapse on course - CSIRO

Based on then ground-breaking modelling, the forecasts of global ecological and economic collapse by mid-century contained in the controversial 1972 book; The Limits to Growth, are still ‘on-track’."

Armistice Day, 90 years on our rights are in jeopardy.

It now seems these sacrifices were in vain, because in Queensland our present government is a dictatorship. One person, Anna Bligh, forcibly medicates us through our water supply with fluoride chemicals and we shall have water that has been sourced from sewerage whether we like it or not.

Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation media release

What you can do: attend public meeting
Date: Saturday, 15th Nov, 2pm–5pm,at Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End, Brisbane

Public Meeting: "The Dark Side of Water Treatments by Queensland Government"

As the truth about the hazards that recycled water, undemocratically imposed by the Beattie Government in 2007 on the Queensland public, poses to our health, emerge, the community group Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation ( plan to hold a public meeting in which experts and activists describe these hazards and discuss what to do stop them.

Date: Saturday, 15th November, Time: 2pm–5pm 
Venue: Ahimsa House26 HoranStreet, West End, Brisbane

Real change depends on stopping the Bailout profiteers

Naomi Klein, author of the monumental work "The Shock Doctrine" explains the significance of Barack Obama's historic election victory and how, in spite of many worrying signs that he may be largely a captive of corporate America, there is still hope for significant change for the better if grass-roots activists remain focused.

Also published in Common Dreams, the "Huffington Post", etc. on 6 Nov 08

South Australian tax payers set to bail-out Managed Investment Schemes

South Australia's emergency Critical Water Allocation scheme may end up subsidising, with taxpayers' funds, large environmentally destructive monocultural agribusinesses to the detriment of smaller, less 'profitable' farms, which would be more sustainable in the longer term.

See also:

How not to resolve the Murray-Darling crisis

As the nation struggles to find extra water to revive our dying Murray-Darling system, South Australian River Murray and Water Security Minister, Karlene Maywald approves a marina at Mannum requiring an allocation of 520 megalitres.

See also:, "Lakes may go dry but Adelaide's gardens still watered" in Farm Online on 31 Oct 08, "Win-win?" in the Murray Valley Standard of 31 Oct 08, "New marina approved on Adelaide's Murray river" in the West Australian of 30 Oct 08.

Farmers occupy Qld Premier's office to save Darling Downs from coal mining

Farmers from the Felton Valley in Queensland's Darling Downs occupied Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's Office in West End in order to prevent the destruction of irreplacable farmland from the ravages of an out-of-control boom in coal mining, coal seam gas extraction and coal liquefaction. The protest was typically ignored by Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper which is far more interested in drumming up enthusiasm about the claimed prosperity that the coal industry will bring to the Darling Downs.

See also:, YouTube broadcast of (Oct 2008(?)) "Coal Mines To Replace Farms in Australia", "Darling Downs community fights farmland for mine move" in Sunday Mail of 1 Nov 08 (Friday's protest not reported), "Coal vs cropping fight widens" in Stock and Land of 15 Oct 08, "Lone stand as coalminers poised to bulldoze Acland" in the Courier Mail of 18 Oct 08, "Darling Downs farmers vow to resist coal miners" in the Courier Mail of 5 Oct 08.

National Water Commission holds out desalination to dodge responsibilities to fix Murray-Darling Basin

Instead of acting to end the endemic abuses by corporate water users now threatening to kill our fragile Murray-Darling Basin, Ken Matthews CEO of the National Water Commission, is diverting the attention of the Commission towards the expensive, technologically complex and fossil fuel dependent 'solution' of desalination.

See also:, "Groundwater use unacceptable, says report" in SMH of 23 Oct 08

Expert warns that recycled water poses unacceptable health risks

Australian National University Emeritus Professor, Patrick Troy, an authority on water infrastructure, on the 29th October was widely reported with advice that it was not possible to prevent potentially harmful organisms from entering southeast Queensland's water supply when recycled sewage is added to it in February.

See also: "Queensland Premier Anna Bligh tells water plan critics she will drink recycled sewage" in the Australian of 31 Oct 08 (including readers' comments),, "Disease expert warns on recycled sewage" in the Australian of 30 Oct 08, "Bligh says academic ill-informed on water claims" in the ABC on 29 Oct 08, "WA slow to recycle sewage as drinking water" in Perth Now of 29 Oct 08, "Recycled sewage 'will have bugs', Queensland Government warned" in the Australian of 29 Oct 08, "Flush then drink in the Sunshine State" in the Australian of 30 Oct 08, "Water talkfest simply a farce" by Bill Hoffman in the Sunshine Coast Daily of 15 Oct 08

Victorian Government now logging last significant stands of old-growth forests

The Wilderness Society has reported that Brown Mountain (old growth forest in East Gippsland) is being logged right now for woodchips to be exported to Japan - the bulldozers moved in last week.

See also: NSW and Victorian Governments accused of having colluded to start controversial logging operations at exactly the same time in "Forest protests limited" in the Bega District News of 28 Oct 08.

Gillard threatens TAFE system privatisation

NSW Greens Legislative Councillor Dr John Kaye, who helped lead the successful campaign against the planned privatisation of that state's electricty assets earlier this year, calls upon NSW Premier Rees to resist the plans by Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard, recently endorsed by COAG, to privatise its TAFE colleges.

See also: "Govts planning TAFE privatisation: NSW Greens" on the ABC on 29 Oct 08, "TAFE Bulletin - Brumby's reforms will privatise our TAFEs" on Web site of Vic branch of Australian Education Union on 12 Aug 08, Australian Education Union Stop TAFE Privatisation Campaign.

Australian renters' hardship demonstrates need for European-style tenancy laws

A letter, which appeared in Brisbane's Courier Mail of Saturday 18 October, notes that European renters can enjoy long term leases which allows them to raise their children knowing that they will be able to go to the same school. This allows their children to grow up to become balanced successful adults and helps create stable communities.

Unanswered 9/11 questions

The collapse of New York's World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001 is arguably one of the most well documented events in human history. Less well documented is the controversy over why the buildings fell as they did.

Originally published on the ABC's Unleashed web site on 16 May 08 attracting 546 comments.
See also:,, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth,, Pilots for 9/11 Truth,


Melbourne communities maintain fight against Brumby's tunnel and freeway plans

Up to 1,000 houses are threatened with requisition and Melbourne's Royal Park is threated with destruction in order to build unsustainable road tunnels in inner Melbourne. On Sunday 26 October community groups will protest to prevent this reckless stupidity.

What you can do: attend the rally at 12 noon for a 12:15 pm start on Sunday 26 October 2008 at Flinders Street Railway Station under the Clocks. 
See also:, VCAT "Community Forum highlights problems fixes none" of 17 Oct 08.


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