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Bring Back the Music - the demise of Oz bands

With urban densification new noise regulations have silenced music in pubs and replaced them with pokies. Tony Ryan thinks this was intended and calls on Oz youth to reclaim their territory and bring back the music!

See also: The truth about live export of 20 Jun 11 also by Tony Ryan

Unreliable ratings agencies hold Roozendaal hostage

Why is NSW Treasurer Eric Roozendaal threatening a slash-and-burn budget entailing the risk of a recession in order satisfy Credit Ratings agencies implicated in the subprime mortgage crisis in the US?

See also "Treasurer talks tax rises, job cuts" in SMH of 13 Oct 08, "Tax hike risk if NSW remains in the red" in the Australian of 12 Oct 08.

The Murray-Darling and the Wall Street syndrome

Just as US taxpayers were recently blackmailed into paying, with over US$700billion, for the recklessness of the Wall Street gamblers, Dr Ian Douglas of Fair Water Use (Australia) warns that Australian taxpayers can expect to be made to pay to save our fragile Murray Darling eco-system from the conseqences of the reckless and environmentally unsustainable extraction of its water by Australia's agricultural corporations.

See also: Parliamentary process fails the Murray-Darling of 13 Oct 08, The virtual urban-rural water divide of 16 Oct 08, Transcript of interview with Maude Barlow, Canadian water rights activist on Background Briefing of 12 Oct 08.

Analyzing the 2008 US Presidential election

The energy advisors for both Barack Obama and John McCain have displayed some rudimentary grasp of peak oil, however neither shows any understanding at all of the consequences of additional millions of people on resource depletion and already dangerous ecological degradation.

See also: An immigration policy bought and paid for? of 24 Feb 08 by Tim Murray, Obama's Chicago Boys of 12  Jun 08 by Naomi Klein.

The virtual urban-rural water divide

How rural communities and the environment will miss out in Victorian Premier Brumby's privatised water market.

Also published in Weekly Times Now. See also: Transcript of interview with Maude Barlow, Canadian water rights activist on Background Briefing of 12 Oct 08.

Parliamentary process fails the Murray-Darling

"If the federal Government fails to hold a full Royal Commission and to declare a State of Emergency to save Australia's dying Murray Darling system, the Federal Government will be remembered as the regime which oversaw the greatest preventable environmental catastrophe thus-far encountered by this country," warns Dr Ian Douglas of Fair Water Use (Australia).

A tale of two buildings ... Lucas fails Queenslanders

The Queensland Government has threatened to fine the owners of the heritage listed "Keating House" $75,000 for allowing it to fall into disrepair, yet when large parts of historic Yungaba House, the responsibility of the Queensland Government itself, have been condemned as unsafe due to its own negligience, the problem was 'solved' by selling it off to a Singapore-based developer to be turned into a gated community, against heated community objections.

What you can do: attend Virtual Inaugural meeting of Immigrants' Memorial Association to be held 19 Oct 08.
What has been done: Protest at Community Cabinet at 12:45PM on Sunday 14 Sep at Belmont State School, Old Cleveland Road, Carindale to protest Minister Paul Lucas's decision to disallow the appeal.

Canadian electors given Clayton's choice in regard to immigration

In Australia both major political parties support record high immigration. This ensures that it is rarely questioned in Parliament or in the news. In Canada, the situation is even worse1. Dan Murray reports that Canadians face a 'choice' at the Federal elections scheduled for 31 October of four out of five major parties which see nothing wrong with Canada's record high and growing immigration rate and none which are campaigning to reduce it.

Originally published on Immigration Watch Canada ( on 14 Sep 08.
See also: "Truth and immigration" by James Bissett former Head of Canadian Immigration Service in the Ottowa Citizen of 18 Sep 08.

Why 'market forces' cannot save Murray-Darling

Ian Douglas of Fair Water Use ( shows how the 'reform', commencing in 1994, which promised to rectify the Murray-Darling's chaotic piecemeal water management structure by making water allocations a marketable commodity separate from the land titles, has, instead, only help bring the Murray-Darling system to the brink of collapse . In accord with our national constitution's provisions for such national crises, he calls for the declaration of a state of emergency.

Originally published as Ending Australia's water torture on the ABC News web site on 16 Sep 08

See also: Environmental group calls for declaration of State of Emergency to save dying Murray-Darling system, Water stolen from dying Murray-Darling by technicality.

Water stolen from dying Murray-Darling by technicality

Federal Environment Minister Garrett is to allow water savings predestined to revive the dying Murray-Darling system to be used by the Brumby government for the yet-to-be-completed North South Pipeline. At some yet-to-be-determined future date that water is to be handed back to the Murray-Darling system at the discretion of the Brumby Government.

See also: Coalition pledges to shun pipeline in the Age of 19 Sep 08,

Urgent environmental action must be maintained in bad economic times

Current economic difficulties are largely caused by failing global ecosystems and resource scarcity, and are not an excuse to reduce environmental commitments, warns Ecological Internet.

Originally published on 15 Sep 08 on

Australian Greens leader questions population growth

On 16 September Greens Senator Bob Brown asked of Senator Chris Evans, who as Immigration Minister on 16 May, increased further Australia's already record high immigration numbers at the behest of business leaders: Did his Government have a population policy? Senator Evans admitted that his Government did not.

Population key to global food crisis

Vermont writer David Grundy argues that it is well past time that religious extremists in the United States were disregarded so that desperately needed family planning aid could be sent to the Third World in order to stop the current food crisis from getting worse.

Original article published on 5 Jun 08 in

See also Why is the UN so complacent in the face of over-population peril? of 2 Jul 08 by Brian McGavin, Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis of 4 Jul 08 by Aditya Chakrabortty.

Larger ship accident risks not accounted for in Channel Deepening business case

The entrance to Port Phillip Bay, is recognized as one of the most difficult and dangerous port entrances world-wide. The often unpredictable cross currents in the entrance, at times exceed rates of 8 knots and flow diagonally across the Great Ship channel in two opposing directions, simultaneously. Frank Hart, former Harbour Master of the port of Western Port and Hastings shows that no account of the entailed risks were included in the business case used by the Victorian Government to justify its unpopular, costly and environmentally destructive channel deepening project.

See also: and

Canadian Green candidate raises question of immigration

Brian Gordon, endorsed candidate for the Green Party of Canada has argued that Canada must conduct a 'sustainability audit' to determine how many people Canada can realistically support if it produces all of is own necessities, ceases the destruction of old-growth forests and excludes the usustainable mining of tar sands and coal.

Original article Immigration: How Much is Enough for Canada? published on 6 March 2008. The standard of much of the discussion that ensued was very high.
See also: Is there intelligent life on Planet Green? of 9 Sep 08, Is it reactionary to oppose immigration? of 19 Dec 07 on; Will "the great immigration debate" take place? of 21 May 08 on; Have the Greens lost the plot on immigration? of 11 Jul 08 on Online Opinion.

Old-growth carbon findings cause forest protection schism

Earth's Newsdesk argues that major environmental groups like Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network should fight to prevent any further logging of ancient old-growth forests rather than focussing merely on establishing a few protected areas, given recent reports which show that these forests have a far greater potential to prevent global warming than had been previously realised.

Discuss this article :

Reflections on 9-11

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the deadly attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, anti-war activist and candidate for U.S. congress, Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in the Iraq War, calls for a new investigation to uncover the truth behind the Bush administration's criminally inept responses to the attack.

This article has also been published on,, Debunking the debunkers,

Successful Melbourne community protests against tunnels

Melbourne community anti-tunnels activists held a successful protest outside Premier John Brumby's Transport Summit at Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

Could Melbourne end up like Jakarta?

Premier John Brumby's Melbourne 2030 plan repeats the same mistakes that the United Nations warned Jakarta's Town Planners against over thirty years ago.

This was originally published on Marvellous Melbourne on 8 Jul 08.

See also: Will Rudd Government's high immigration program turn Australia into Argentina? of 19 Jul 08, Melbourne 2008: Life in a destruction zone of 29 Jun 08

Earth's Newsdesk launched -- a fierce new voice for the Earth

(Earth) -- A new type of environmental news service launches this week, as "Earth's Newsdesk" will report upon ecological science, policy and advocacy from the Earth's perspective. Ecological Internet will begin regularly providing biocentric media releases and feature articles for publication elsewhere. This continues a long list of firsts from EI and its predecessors, including the web's first blog and environmental search engine.

National Water Commission: No plan - no future for Murray-Darling

Fair Water Use (Australia) asks: Why has the National Water Commission which, according to their own core documents, "is responsible for driving progress towards the sustainable management and use of Australia's water resources," no national strategy to address the over-allocation of water that is killing the Murray-Darling system?

McCain reveals he knows how "to get Osama bin Laden" - seven years too late

After the documented loss of 4,152 US servicemen and 90,000 Iraqi civillians killed in the Iraq War and a cost to the US budget, so far, of US$574 billion, Republican Presidential nominee John McCain reveals that he knows how "to get Osama bin Laden". So, why didn't Republican Senator John McCain pass on that knowledge to the Republican Bush administration earlier?

See also: McCain says knows how to capture bin Laden (Reuters India, 4 Sep 08)

One Year After the Publication of The Shock Doctrine, A Response to the Attacks

Naomi Klein responds to recent attacks upon her work by the 'free market' think-tanks whose insidious subversion of democracy in the service of their corporate benefactors was lucidly exposed in her book The Shock Doctrine published one year ago.

Original article at

See also: Online Opinion discussions in which The Shock Doctrine is discussed: NSW power without pride and Winning the war in Iraq.

Two of the articles to which Naomi Klein's article is in response to are The Klein Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Polemics (663K PDF file here) published by The Cato Institute on 14 May and Dead Left by Jonathan Chait published in The New Republic of 30 July 08

Minister Garrett can stop massive Shoalwater coal port this week

Demand that former protest singer and former President of the Australian Conservation Society Peter Garrett use his ministerial powers to prevent the tripling of Australia's coal exports by 2030 and prevent the destruction of Shoalwater Bay.

Murray-Darling water - It’s time to use the P-word

Whilst John Corboy, co-convenor of the misnamed Foodbowl Unlimited held out hopes 12 months ago that Australia may stand to gain from the impending collapse of China's and India's irrigated agricultural sectors, our fate may be little different should we fail to stand up to the corporate interests who gain from the over-extraction of water from the Murray-Darling system.

See also Fair Water Use media releases. For information on a related topic, see articles about the threatened privatisation of NSW's electricity assets.

NSW Greens defend O'Farrell

NSW Greens leader John Kaye defends Opposition leader Barry O'Farrell. O'Farrell and the NSW Opposition are now under concerted attack by the corporate sector and their newsmedia for having blocked Treasurer Costa's privatisation legislation in accord with the wishes of over 80% of the NSW public last Thursday.

See also: Iemma dodges his own $42 billion debt bomb (SMH, 1 Sep) by Barry O'Farrell, Mike Baird should make his move now - Online Opinion forum discussion about pro-privatisation state Liberal MP Mike Baird, now the darling of the corporate newsmedia.

Rainforest Action Network sells-out Canadian Boreal forests

Rainforest Action Network ( greenwashes destruction of half of Ontario, Canada's boreal forests; despite lack of any detail regarding vague promised protections, and without scientific findings that doing so is ecologically sufficient.

Originally published on 28 Aug 08 on

Greens endorse strike against electricity retail sell-off

The United Services Union has called its members working in call centres of Energy Australia, Integral Energy and Country Energy off the job in protest against Premier Morris Iemma's 'plan B sell-off' announced late on Thursday.

See also: Iemma unethical, says ALP backbencher, Torbay urged to fire up in power debate


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