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The "Eco" Marxist Case For Ignoring Overpopulation--Ian Angus' book launch in Montreal

The following is a report filed by Madeline Weld, President of the Population Institute of Canada, on the Montreal book-launch by Ian Angus, co-author (with Australia's Simon Butler) of "Too Many People? Population, Immigration and the Environmental Crisis". This launch took place at 7:30 p.m. on January 2012 in the Greenhouse of Concordia University on the 12th floor. Madeline attended the previous launch at Ottawa University in December, and her account of the proceedings can be found in the SPA newsletter for February 2012. (Tim Murray). See also "A real Ecosocialist review of that cornucopian book, Too Many People".

7 Billion and counting - Podcast from Quirks and Quarks, Canadian Broadcasting

On October 29, CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks featured two guests to discuss the world at 7 billion people, Robert Engelman, President of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington and Madeline Weld, President of the Population Institute of Canada. See inside article for podcast.

Feeding the raging monster: how Canada promotes population growth at home and abroad

The raging monster upon the land is population growth. In its presence, sustainability is but a fragile theoretical concept." - Edward O. Wilson, in The Diversity of Life. "In this essay, Madeline Weld uses Canada as a case study of how and why global overpopulation is inextricably bound up with mass immigration. In her words, “Canadian policies create positive feedback loops for population growth...and environmental destruction....both at home and around the world....Immigration to the West can be a fertility stimulant for people who retain pro-natalist norms and perceive an improvement in their economic prospects. Thus immigration doesn’t just increase the number of people in the high-consuming destination country, it also increases the total number of people in the world over what it would have been had the immigrants stayed put.” Tim Murray.

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