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Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Extraction from the atmosphere

Here is an expert's view on carbon capture and storage:

This is an interesting presentation. Note that there are some important, and controversial, assertions made:

  • Emissions trading or carbon tax will never be forceful enough to drive businesses into carbon capture and storage.
  • Laws must be put in place to force companies to do this
  • Fossil fuels will keep being used because they are far too useful (in the short to medium term) to abandon in favour of less "useful" fuels

Chris Uhlmann 10 July 2011 Interview with Julia Gillard followed by dishonest 11 July 2011 QANDA?

Extract from interview which was far less widely viewed than QANDA the next day?:

"CHRIS UHLMANN: Certainly, but I think most Australians might be a bit surprised to learn that in fact our emissions will rise till 2020, in fact they'll double by 2050, even under an 80 per cent reduction target.

One Minute to the ABC

Watch this first:

The absurd irony of Australia is its extreme rate of population growth in the context of years of controversy over Carbon Tax.

We have seen the collective unscientific intellects of the ABC and politicians incapable of understanding the obvious, despite repeated clarification of the facts in complaints.

The ABC has broken the law

Michael S brings to a persuasive conclusion his argument that Your ABC has been complicit in a brainwashing exercise that will damage the survival chances of its loyal listeners. As one who comes from a family of Friends of the ABC, with seniors who simply love the ABC for its programs and the window it provides on the world, I know how difficult it is for such people to bring themselves to believe that the ABC would mislead them. For them it is like a fundamental betrayal from an old friend. Nevertheless I think that Michael S is right: ABC policy is run by people whom the lay-person would judge to be outlaws. Yet they are not disciplined or taken to court. What does that say about our legal system? - Candobetter editorial.

160 million tonnes of Carbon Tax fantasy from the ABC

See this video extract from QANDA, 11 July 2011 for a classic example:

The reign of Mark Scott (ABC MD) and Alan Sunderland (ABC Head of Editorial Policy) over the ABC Carbon Tax Debate of the last 6+ years has been a wonder to behold.

It is not clear whether the bias was due to incompetence or deliberate intent, but there is no doubt about its existence.

Can there be any doubt about the misconduct of the ACMA and Commonwealth Ombudsman in their rejection of complaints about this bias?

ABC bias in conduct of Carbon Tax Debate: Lest we forget

"This article highlights how the ABC misled the Australian public, and Australian politicians, about the Carbon Tax in the lead up to passing of the legislation in November 2011. Tony Jones shows clear understanding that net emissions growth is the real issue (in China) but doesn't question Julia Gillard when she says a Carbon Tax will "cut carbon pollution" when facts prove a net increase will occur in Australia. QANDA bias is proven. Has the ABC done such a good job omitting the primary cause of emissions growth that nobody even understands it has happened?"

Should the ABC's RN Breakfast be called to account for acting against the public interest?

The ABC's RN Breakfast spent years conducting a Carbon Tax Debate; but did anybody ever understand it?

The ABC describes RN Breakfast as:

"The show the nation’s political class wakes up to. Start each day with comprehensive coverage and analysis of national and international events, and interviews with the leaders and thinkers that matter."

Fran Kelly was named by Sydney Morning Herald's the (Sydney) magazine as one of Sydney’s 100 most influential people of 2011. Kelly is described by the Australian electronic magazine Crikey as “one of the most influential media players in the country.”

Why International Emissions Trading is just another form of Economic Insanity

Let’s consider Australia’s fossil fuel based emissions as water flowing into a large bucket. The emissions currently flow in at 2 litres per minute.

Petition for Public Apology (or Resignation) by ABC MD for Misconduct of Carbon Tax Debate

Please sign the petition here:

Petition for Public Apology by ABC CEO for Misconduct of Carbon Tax Debate


The ABC:

  • Knows Government data from 1991 to 2011 showed almost perfect correlation between 32% fossil fuel based emissions growth and 32% population growth
  • Had access to annual updates of emissions data since 1990

Waiting while the Commonwealth Ombudsman struggles with the Truth

Here's the way our democracy is working; not.

After complaining about ABC pro population growth bias over the last 5 years and citing the ABC-branded "Carbon Tax Debate" as one example of this, the ACMA rejected the complaint. They used this clause in the ABC Code of Practice to defend their decision:
“Impartiality does not require that every perspective receives equal time, nor that every facet of every argument is presented.” (Ref: ABC Code of Practice available on the internet)

This defence is arguably absurd for reasons including:

    The Trolley Problem illustrates ABC Editorial Failure

    The Trolley Problem (Ref: Wikipedia)

    The general form of the problem is this: There is a runaway trolley travelling down a railway track. On the track there are five people tied up and unable to move. You are standing next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different track. There is one person on this side track. You have two choices:
    (1) Do nothing, and the trolley kills the five people on the main track
    (2) Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person.

    Is the ABC like the pigs of Animal Farm?

    Is ABC Political News analogous to the hegemony of the pigs of Animal Farm?

    ABC disseminated biased party political advertising throughout the 2013 Federal Election Campaign?

    A definition of advertising: "The act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards, etc.: to get more customers by advertising."

    By using conventional broadcasting channels to advertise the Vote Compass, the ABC, in turn, provided access to the biased coverage within the Vote Compass: Proof of the ABC’s Vote Compass Bias?

    That biased coverage (1) advertised (for example) the name of the Wikileaks Party but concealed the name of the Stable (now Sustainable) Population Party under the description "other"; despite the latter having more candidates and arguably having a broader impact on the 30 election issues. The Election Issues List also (2) advertised 30 election issues but omitted the Population Growth Management election issue; identified as a Top 15 election issue by the Essential Report, 23 July 2013.

    Ombudsman powerless against ABC/ACMA Bias?

    Pending response from Ombudsman....................

    It's not about Immigration Stupid, Its about Population Growth !

    In 1950 the world had 2.5 billion people. Now we have over 7 billion.

    The current dollar-based measure of poverty is less than $2.50 per day. There are over 3 billion people in this category.

    Of these, over one billion starving and undernourished peoples now live in degraded environments. This is almost half of the total human population in 1950. In 1950 the world was a different place.

    In 2014 we have more people living on less than $2.50 per day than even existed in 1950. And they live in far more degraded environments than that of the most impoverished people in 1950.

    2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival All Stars - Wil Anderson thinks he's funny?

    Wil started from the premise that disgruntled "bad-guy" Australians resent refugees because they are taking Australian jobs.

    He went on to talk about how unemployed people should take 2 year TAFE courses to improve their skills so they could beat those refugees to the jobs after they had been released from 2 year internment in detention centres.

    Much more to Australian productivity problems than labour costs

    This article opens Australia's productivity closet and finds an extreme population growth skeleton there, masquerading as high labour costs. Some of us would think of it more as an elephant in the room than a skeleton, given the size of the problem, but the metaphor of hiding the issue serves its purpose.


    ABC MD Mark Scott (the Pot) calling the News Corporation kettle black?

    Here's an April Fools Day headline from the Guardian:

    "Mark Scott: News Corp papers never more aggressive than now.
    ABC managing director warns of dangers for Australian public debate in 'winner takes all' media battle.

    The strident editorial stance of some of the mastheads in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire had serious implications for "public debate and the contest of ideas" as they headed towards an almost total print monopoly in a "winner takes all" media battle, the public broadcasting chief said on Tuesday evening."

    ABS Statistics tell a story Government must address

    This article takes a quick look at some of Australia's sources of revenue and the costs of supporting our growing population. The numbers are frightening.

    An Investor's perspective of how Australia would fail as a Publicly Listed Company

    This article assesses Australia's economic performance by comparing it to a publicly listed company with the population considered as shareholders. Evaluated in this way Australia's management makes for a very poor return to shareholders.

    Melbourne's Rapid Population Growth has "Developing World" Status

    Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle has called for an end to “dumb growth”, saying the Victorian capital needs to “stop spreading at the edges like some sort of stain”. The former Victorian opposition leader told a seminar on future visions for Melbourne that he was alarmed by new communities springing up in the outer suburbs, marooned from jobs and public transport.

    Cr Doyle said the only “smart” way to achieve a “big Melbourne” was to inject new homes into established suburbs and the city's extensive urban renewal areas, such as E-Gate and Fisherman's Bend. He said the City of Melbourne believed an extra 3 million people could comfortably be housed within the current boundaries of the city.

    An Engineer’s perspective of Australia’s Economic Nation-Building Logic

    Economists advising Politicians on nation building are like the blind leading the blind. Historical facts prove that Australia's economy is managed by targeting consistent rates of extreme GDP growth. Let's define the facts before we review this problem. Economists and politicians apparently don't do this.

    Australia is an Extreme Pro-Growth Dictatorship

    There is no democratic process of governance of the social and environmental impacts of economic growth in Australia. This article argues that Australia is effectively a dictatorship that is driving its population into poverty.

    The Moral and Statistical Basis for a Public Inquiry into Population Growth

    Population Growth Management in Australia, by reduced rates of migration, will be proven to be the moral choice from every perspective if comparative analysis of economic outcomes can confirm the domestic economic benefits of the strategy. This may seem ironic; but it is irrefutable.

    Another indictment of ABC Editorial Policy - Approximately 2.2% of asylum seekers die on boats

    The ABC's inability to focus on the real issue here is like watching one in every 50 planes crash on take-off or landing at Sydney airport, ignoring the details of that story, and then doing a detailed investigation into whether airport officials used unreasonable force on passengers after deciding to prevent them from flying.

    Alan Sunderland's blog - The story is the boats, not the ABC

    Excerpts from Alan Sunderland’s 3 February blog ( have been edited to illustrate the basic principles he espouses for investigating the boat story, and how they should be used to address EXTREME POPULATION GROWTH; if he chose to investigate it. The words added are those in UPPER CASE to substitute "Population" for "Boats". At the foot of the page I compare the issues raised by the ABC about the Boats and some of the facts raised by me, and others, about Extreme Population Growth. This is intended to help Alan understand what he should investigate next.

    Is this Evidence of Duplicitous Editorial Policy at the ABC?

    My argument is that the "The Story is the Boats, not the ABC" blog of 3 February posted by the ABC's Head of Editorial Policy (copy at bottom of page), in conjunction with that same ABC Executive's communications with me, appear to show that Editorial Policy at the ABC is duplicitous. Hence I am calling for a Public Inquiry into the conduct of the ABC's Editorial Policy.


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