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Don't get any ideas about a sustainable population...

Quark writes about how the mainstream press is becoming increasingly hysterical in its promotion of growth lobby propaganda, particularly since the Australian Federal election in August 2010.

Stable population dynamic demystified by population sociologist, Sheila Newman

Population sociologist Sheila Newman's talk, "Stable Population dynamic demystified", presented fascinating original material using social and biological research showing how most animals, including humans, can maintain steady state populations in different environments and conditions. Whilst showing how small populations can be maintained, it failed to bear out Hobbs' dismal prognostications.

“Stable Population Dynamic Demystified” - talk by Sheila Newman, population sociologist

July 22nd: Humans and most other species usually have stable and small populations that are responsive to the limits within their environment, but neolithic human populations may have increased after global warming, trade wars and fossil fuel. How do we get back in control? 7.30pm Thursday 22nd July, 2010, North Melbourne Library.

Another Community Event in Brave New Australia

Has the nature of politics changed over the last few decades into a struggle of the people against the government? How much of our leisure time is now related to environmental struggles, signified by volunteer-manned stalls displaying educational material? Why do local and state government logos now figure in our community events? How much of our leisure-time and our attention has been taken over by ubiquitous commercialised, organised activities for children and adults? No answers in this article , just observations and questions... on a community event, somewhere, which could almost have been anywhere in Australia.

Mythical need for skilled labour cannot justify social and economic harm of high immigration - a reply to Michael Danby

Michael Danby, chairman of Federal Parliament's joint committee on migration, in recent newspaper articles, expresses support for Australia having a population of 35 million by 2050.

See also: "It's better for us to sustain skilled migration" by Michael Danby in The Australian of 8 Feb 10, "Refugee lobby's 10 commandments" by Paul Sheehan in The Age of 16 Oct 09, "More people does not equal trashing our environment" by Michael Danby in The Age of 14 Jan 10, "Rudd's policies make us a soft target" by Paul Sheehan in The Age of 14 Oct 09, "Greens want immigration cut" by Cathy Alexander in The Age of 1 Feb 10.

The Ten Stages of SPIN on population numbers

On ABC TV Jan 28th 7.30 report the Australian PM appears to have backtracked on the idea of a "Big Australia" for which he said previously that he would make "no apology"

Are stages of governmental and media spin and treatment of forced population growth akin to the stages of grief-predictable and identifiable?

Mark O'Connor on Australia talks - Coping with population Growth - Tues 10 November 2009

Australia Talks promotion for the program starts by saying that "by 2049 Australia's population will [sic] rise by 60 per cent to 35 million people." But, as Quark writes, Melbourne's population alone, on these trends, will be 34 million people by 2109. So what will Australia's total population be then? It is pure propaganda for the ABC to promote politically induced trends as if they were democratically irresistable. Why isn't it looking beyond the government's rhetoric to the fact that if we allow these trends to continue, the population of this country will massively exceed 34 million just as Melbourne will exceed 5 million and 7 million etc.? Listen on line live: More information:
See also public forum tomorrow (11 Nov) on Melbourne's skyrocketing population: Kelvin Thomson speaks out in Melbourne November 11

Urban and regional population growth - public forums now in Victoria

These potentially crucial forums have been very poorly publicised by the Victorian Government.
For enquiries -
Nicola McCracken, Communications and Administration Officer
Department of Planning and Community Development
Telephone 9208 3699 Fax 9208 3335 (during business hours)

Review of ABC 7.30 Report on Australia's steeply rising population (October 13th 09)

In the ABC 7.30 Report of October 13th, which dealt with the absolutely critical matter of Australia's rapid population growth, Channel 2 viewers were served up with the usual homogenised glop of current journalism. Opinions were sought rather than facts and impacts researched and reported. Vested interests were glossed over in the promotion of questionable 'authorities'. Noticeably absent was the one Australian politician who has shown leadership and coherence on this subject - Kelvin Thomson. We can only suspect that the program was yet another countering of his views without allowing him a right of reply.

"Australia's population steeply rising"

This is a review of ABC televisions 7.30 report segment 13 October 2009 on Australia's population dynamics.

Depression forces MP Andrew Robb from the frontbench

Andrew Robb, Federal Opposition member for Goldstein is the latest amongst a series of Australian politicians to announce a battle with mental depression. Quark believes that this may have something to do with a cognitive dissonance between political policies and reality and looks at the example of carbon emissions policy. See also Letter to Australian Climate Minister Penny Wong re her claims about delinking growth from emissions

How the media prepared us to give up our land

The propaganda against the 1/4 acre block started a few decades ago. - appearing as opinion pieces in newspapers. I believe this propaganda was aimed at very ordinary people in suburbs with traditional blocks. It was to prepare them to relinquish this lifestyle and for their children not to expect it in the normal course of events. It wasn't aimed at the rich; it was aimed at ordinary people.

Democracy frustrated again

Submissions on proposed extension of Melbourne's urban growth Boundary will not be made available to the public......

Democracy rally in Victoria on steps of Parliament : anger re water and transport

Over 200 people gathered for a rousing, energetic pro -democracy rally on the steps of Parliament House in Spring St. Melbourne the first day of sitting for the Victorian parliament,Tuesday Feb 3rd. The rally was led by Victorian Water Forum (Plug The Pipeline, Water Shed Victoria and The Clean Ocean Foundation.)

A Place to die

High in the fork of the balding cypress tree, in a record heat wave on January 30th at 3.00pm Melbourne daylight saving time, the female possum was invisible to the people below sheltering from the sun in its sparse shade.

See also: "Victorian Government shows no mercy for fauna and flora in Melbourne's heatwave" of 30 Jan 09.

Climate change, population growth & Oz Governments

After years of telling us that environmental impact has nothing to do with population numbers, the government admits it is the major factor. Futhermore they would rather subject us to climate change than simply downsize immigration.

Victorian state Liberal leader counsels opportunism instead of confronting population growth

Melbourne is groaning with population overload but the leader of the alternative state government will not hear from party members asking for a sensible population approach.

See also: Blame it on Labor, not migration: Baillieu by Paul Austin in the Melbourne Age of 25 Aug 08, City of 8 million 'unliveable' by Cameron Houston and Royce Millar in the Age of 5 Sep 08

Do population numbers matter?

Since Europeans arrived in Australia they have massively transformed this land resulting in environmental degradation and species loss.

It has become a well understood concept that we need to step more lightly - that our environmental footprint needs to be lighter than it is now.

See also Population Fact Sheets


Planning Changes will ruin Melbourne - letter to The Age

This letter was printed in The Age Newspaper on Friday 1 Sep 2006

The latest planning proposal to waive the necessity of council approval for "minor" projects such as pergolas, single storey extensions and swimming pools (bid to defuse anger on planning, The Age, 30/80 sounds like a response to a situation that is out of control.

Reducing the control of planning authorities for these projects paves the way for building chaos in suburbia with people's freedom to build coming at the expense of the amenity of their neighbours. Alternatively where neighbours agree, it could well be at the expense of the general amenity of the suburb as low standards may be shared by those two neighbours.

There is now no refuge for Melbourne residents. There is nowhere to move where anything will stay the same. Every suburb is being filled with units. Only the very wealthy who can afford a large property can be guaranteed reasonable amenity as we had in past decades.


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