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Emergency protest: Stop shooting in Australia's national parks

Emergency Protest: Stop shooting National Parks


12:00pm, Tuesday 27th October 2009
Outside NSW Parliament, Macquarie Street, Sydney
Bring your signs. Bring your friends.
Speakers include Greens and environment groups.

Tell the Rees government that you won't stand by as they sacrifice our national parks to blood sports. Shooters are not conservationists. Killing native wildlife is their form of recreational pleasure. Only the power of public opposition will remove this legislation from the negotiating table.

National parks preserve our native animals and our heritage. They deserve the highest order of protection. The Shooters' Party is only interested in protecting its own interests, not conservation or the greater public good.

Please email the following MPs and express your strong opposition to any deal that would allow shooting in national parks:
Premier Nathan Rees - thepremier[AT]
Environment Minister John Robertson - office[AT]
Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell - LOP[AT]
Shadow Environment Minister Catherine Cusack - catherine.cusack[AT]
Christian Democrat, Fred Nile - F.Nile[AT]
Independent, Gordon Moyes - gordon.moyes[AT]

For more information contact Lee Rhiannon's office - 9230 3551 or lee.rhiannon[AT]

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"Union orders rangers to defy hunting in parks
26/10/2009 6:28:00 AM
UNION bosses have pledged to fight any deal the Rees Government negotiates with the Shooters' Party that would allow the hunting of feral animals in national parks.

The Public Service Association, which represents park rangers, has ordered its members not to assist in establishing recreational hunting in national parks in NSW.

The association's general secretary, John Cahill, says without the support of park rangers, a plan to introduce regulated hunting under the supervision of NSW National Parks would likely fail.

He called on uniformed rangers and other union members to attend a rally organised by the Greens tomorrow outside Parliament House.

The Shooters' Party, which holds the balance of power in the Legislative Council, says the bill will allow licensed gun owners the opportunity to play a more active role in conservation hunting programs in public lands. (...)"

More here:

I am horrified by the program on Australia Story (28/2) and disgusted that dingoes in Fraser Island are being starved and denied food. They are trapped in a land mass and being allowed to die, and become extinct. How can they just be shot by park rangers? Wildlife advocate and photographer Jennifer Parkhust was fined $40,000 and given a suspended jail sentence for guess what ? - feeding starving dingoes. This is a heinous crime in wildlife-hating and corrupt Queensland.

Why is it a crime to feed them? Why allow them to starve?

We know the present government hates wildlife, and Anna Bligh is trying to export kangaroo meat, and koalas are being sent on the extinction trial due to property developments and mass land clearing.

Obviously the Island is to be used totally for tourism $$ and/or developments, and the dingoes are an impediment to "progress". The fine and persecution of Jennifer Parkhurst is evidence of corruption and State sanctioned cruelty.

Why should they be denied food? They are native animals, are endangered, and help bring in tourists and their dollars.

Humans living on island would find survival hard without imported food. Their natural food sources are limited and they need to have it supplemented.

Of course, dingoes will attack tourists if they are starving. Any animal would. They have a right to exist, and if there existence must be supplemented by food, they so it should be. Normally, before dingoes became a "pest" because of livestock they had the whole of Australia to roam and exist.

The hatred and vilification of wildlife in Australia, especially in Queensland, is rife. This case needs to be investigated and assurances given that the dingoes are safe from these Park rangers who should be acting on behalf of the animals, not for the humans trespassing on their territory while they go hungry. Either keep people away from most of the Island, or out altogether, and give priority to the dingoes.

It is ludicrous that someone can be a criminal for feeding starving animals. Any human with empathy for other living creatures would do the same thing. If this happened to cattle, sheep, dogs or cats there would be RSPCA prosecutions. Why the distinction?

According to the RSPCA Fraser Island is recognised as home to one of the purest strains of dingoes in Australia. The dingoes are a protected native species on the Island as the majority of the island is a national park even though they are a declared pest elsewhere in Queensland. Fraser Island is also a significant tourist destination and the dingoes are part of that attraction.

However, in certain parts of the island human/dingo interactions have led to significant problems such as dingoes displaying aggressive behaviours towards humans.

These problems came to a head in April 2001 when a young boy tragically died following a dingo attack. This incidence confirmed the risk dingoes pose to humans and led to the Queensland Government rethinking their approach to dingo management on the island. The immediate response was a cull of the dingoes followed by the development of the Fraser Island Dingo Management Strategy (FIDMS) 2001.

However, I don't agree with killing the dingoes to protect humans who come into the island. Fraser Island is wildlife territory, and it is the onus of people and parents of children to take full responsibility. Dingoes are native to Australia, and we can't go an killing rampages because of human stupidity no matter how tragic.

There should be some safe areas for people and families to go, fenced off from dingoes. They should not be allowed to starve.

I also saw the program and was most upset at the treatment and attitude towards the dingoes. It seemed the dingoes had been friends with the Fraser Island Aborigines who in all likelihood fed them which is a frequent relationship and transaction between dog and human throughout history. Sounds as though that relationship should be restored.Any creature who is hungry is driven to find food. (Someone I know told me she would eat her own grandmother if she were hungry enough.) The dog who nipped the child in the red outfit was also most likely hungry but the incident was discussed as though the behavior was vicious. In fact A hungry dog would do anything in order to eat and would not be telling itself it should postpone nibbling until something which was actually on the menu came along. The fact that the authorities took the draconian action they did after a child was killed shows that they were not "managing" the situation well at all prior to this. Hungry or starving dogs +unwary unsupervised children= recipe for disaster.

According to Queensland RSPCA, there is not evidence of the dogs "starving". In their natural state, they would sometimes be skinny. However, why would puppies by dying of starvation, as shown in the documentary? Nature can be cruel, and it is normal for species to die sometimes. However, humans have altered the landscape and caused extinctions and species numbers to drop considerably. Also, it is a tourist area. Humans living on an island would need to import their food. People eating junk food in front of very hungry dingoes would expect to be confronted.
This callous attitude to wildlife is typical of Queensland, trying to market kangaroo meat to China, and exterminating koalas to extinction for property developers.

Jenny Parkhust has been persecuted as a whistleblower. The Park rangers should be ensuring the (endangered) dingoes have sufficient food. Any pet owner, livestock owner, or zoo manager would be fined for such cruelty. Such is the power of our government's justice. Wildlife are just incidental, of little importance. Tourist dollars, and the possibility that "savage" dingoes would make their numbers decline, is the main focus of the commercial national park.