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Bob Carr speaks out against big populationists

This is a dramatic turn of events

First it was Kelvin Thomson MP and now Bob Carr former Premier of NSW speaking out strongly about the increase of population being forced on us by Federal and State. Will this strike a chord and open Pandora's box for the government?. Will the silent majority finally speak out?

Population numbers is the factor behind our planning and development woes and also helping to wreck our environment.

"In March the Australian Bureau of Statistics projected that one scenario, with ramped-up immigration, could mean a population as high as 42.5 million by 2056. Its mid-range scenario comes in at 35.5 million.

I need only summarise the indictments of such high-end population growth. It assumes rainfall reliability not reflected in any known data. It ignores evidence that high immigration has only a marginal impact on age distribution over the long term. It glides over the proof marshalled by Ross Gittins that high immigration worsens, not relieves, skill shortages. It also spikes the cost of land and cruels housing affordability."

Bob Carr has spoken out strongly this morning in a truly major article in the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, but it did not get printed in the Age, though it is on their website, only printed in the Sydney Morning Herald.

In his article, Carr makes clear just how irresponsible the behavior of bureaucrats and governments has been. For instance he says,

"Yet none of the Canberra bureaucrats who ticked off high immigration were required to link rising population numbers to water. Not to the fragility of the Murray and Adelaide's reliance on it for 90 per cent of its drinking water; to the unpredictability of south-east Queensland's rainfall; or to the unknowns about Perth's Yarragadee aquifer. ... Letting annual arrivals blow out to 500,000 a year required not even a one-page summary of environmental implications.",/blockquote>

As he puts it, there is now a deepening "rift valley between 90 per cent of Australians and their political and business leadership over population policy, or rather the absence of any policy except "more".

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Below is the link to the article.

Perish the thought that we can handle a bigger population

by Bob Carr,
November 19, 2009

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We hear a lot that "planning" as the solution to providing for our population growth. However, this means spending money on infrastructure, but this is where our governments don't want to spend. The financial stimulus for goods and services from population growth doesn't extent far enough to cover the costs of infrastructure, so growth goes ahead anyway!
The solution? Add more people! This means we have an addiction to population growth, and the madness continues. With water prices calculated to soar to pay for Victoria's desalination plant, the public are not just paying for the water they use, but actually paying for population growth that is contrary to their own interests.

"Reporter: Ian Townsend
Planning for happy cities, when you're also jamming in millions more people, is politically tricky. Urban planners say they can make better communities with more people, but the NIMBYs don't believe it. Like it or not, high density apartment living is around the corner.

Sunday 22nd November 2009 9.10am
Tuesday 24th November 2009 7.05pm
Wednesday 25th November 2009 4.05am"

Looks like a program with ZERO questioning of population growth, just another presentation of the false dichotomy of expanding suburbia versus densification of existing settled areas. We should expect more from the ABC than a regurgitation of the same spin from the main-stream media.