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Holland and Australia

Holland and "New Holland"

Holland is a funny place
What it lacks is lots of space
It’s very clever what they do,
Pushing land from under those who say “moo”
Into the sea without a “how do you do” !
Their country looks bigger I can say for sure,
And it sure beats the hell out of going to war.

Australia on the other hand
Has lots and lots and lots of land.
Though it seems to go to infinity.
All around is dark blue sea,
So it is an island I would say,
And comes to an end for sure one day,

As we cross the blazing desert,
At last we come to something pleasant,
But alas! It’s very thin,
We see the sea ‘ere we are in,
This greyish green and but hopeful crescent,
Only trims the massive desert.

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