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The Magic That Made Seven Million People Disappear

Big Green waved a wand and presto, the "P" disappeared from IPAT.

Abra-kadabra, make millions of consumers disappear from the environmental conversation!

"I disagree with Mr. Suzuki on a lot of things. But I also think we owe him a lot. Forty miles from Toronto, an American hedge fund is trying to develop a mega-quarry that would destroy thousands of acres of prime farmland and damage the watershed for miles around. He’s fighting to stop them. So are thousands of other concerned people, including, in a small way, me. Sure, we have our differences. But one way or another, we’re all environmentalists now." Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail

This is a classic example of eco-blindness. So David Suzuki is worried about the destruction of thousands of acres of prime farmland 40 miles from Toronto. Then why hasn't he been outspoken against mass immigration? Why hasn't he, and his comrades-in-arms, spoke out against a policy which was largely responsible for the loss of 600,000 acres of prime Ontario farmland between 1996 and 2006 alone? (cf. Ontario Farmlands Trust).  It seems that one must never mention the ugly "I" word.  If the damage is being done by a "mega-quarry', well that is another matter. Make a fuss about it.

The Canadian environmental movement should be charged with criminal negligence.

But then again, you have to hand it to them. Since the Kyoto accord, the policy of mass immigration has increased the number of consumers in Canada by 26% (5 million immigrants plus their children). Yet, the ENTIRE environmental conversation today is about the two pipelines, the oil sands and climate change---which, we are told, is caused by human activity, though apparently the number of humans has nothing to do with human activity. Moreover, population growth has nothing to do with economic growth, and in turn, economic growth--- with the magic of yet unfound 'renewable technology', can be "de-coupled" from environmental consequences. Bottom line---for the environmental movement, that extra 7 million people are invisible. "People", after all, are not the issue. No, it's their "behaviour" you see. Of course, any mention of their procreative behaviour is out-of-bounds. That's another critical variable that escapes notice.

Think about it. Think again about what the Green Pharisees are telling us. Seven million people are of no ecological consequence. Invisible. Made to disappear by ideological sophistry. And these are the people who constantly whine about "denial".

Seven million people. Not even a magician like James Randi or David Copperfield could make something that big disappear from public notice.

Good work Green Inc.

Tim Murray
June 24/2012



In Australia, the best farmland is progressively rendered unusable for agriculture and wildlife habitat is destroyed as housing for additional population swallows it up. It is much more comfortable to object to an activity like felling old growth forests or fracking or mining in wildlife habitat than to rail against the building of houses which are after all , to accommodate ever more people.


And it is much more comfortable in Canada to object to pipelines and the Alberta oil sands than to rail against the building of houses on prime farmland. To do so might bring about the question of runaway population growth, and when that becomes the topic, inevitably the role that immigration plays in that growth would come up. And we can't have THAT, can we? So what is the Green response? Sprawl, not immigration-driven population growth is the culprit. And what is the cure for sprawl? "Planning". Planning is the great elixir for all the ills that growth causes.

As Green icon William Rees, once the head of the faculty of planning at UBC, said, there is no reason that 'greenfield' acreage can be protected while population growth proceeds. No reason, that is, except political reality. The reality is that the kind of planning decisions that would protect farmland are made by local governments, and local governments are controlled by developers. In his study "Funding City Politics", Professor Robert McDermid found that even the smallest donations affect the voting behaviour of local politicians, and that incumbents are heavily supported by developers. On the local level, more than any other level of politics, MONEY TALKS. Ask Norm Smith, who ran for Mayor in Chilliwack, BC on an anti-growth platform against a real estate agent. He was outspent ten to one.

One way to get Greens thinking about mining, frakking, drilling and old growth forests is to steer their focus with donations. Walton International, for example, makes money by buying up farmland on the perimeter of cities like Calgary and waiting for a developer-friendly government to rezone it for housing development. Despite the fact that the killling zone for most of the 500 endangered species in Canada is found at the vanguard of sprawling cities, Nature Conservancy says nothing because Walton International donates money for their high-profile purchases of land elsewhere. Shell Canada is also one of their patrons.

Here is another thing to chew on. If oil from Alberta can't be shipped by pipeline, what is the alternative? Rail. Who has a big stake in Canadian National Railway? Warren Buffet. Who donates to anti-pipeline green groups?

Another dot to connect. West Virginia is the biggest coal producing state in the union. It supplies coal to 24 states, and coal supplies a huge chunk of energy to the United States. The long time Governor and now senior Senator for West Virginia is Jay Rockefeller, contributes to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) has sent millions of dollars to Canadian green groups to fight the oil sands project. Does the RBF underwrite any efforts to shut down West Virginia's coal industry? Do they send money to any Canadian green groups who would make a noise about the 21 million metric tons of coal that is shipped out of Roberts Bank (south of Vancouver) to China?

Try this. The David Suzuki Foundation has been given 10 million dollars from US corporate foundations to fight BC salmon farms. Meanwhile, nothing is said about salmon ranching in Alaska.

Many other questions like these can be raised about the motives of corporate "philanthropy". One recalls that the East India Tea Company supported Wilberforce's efforts to abolish slavery. Coincidentally, there main commercial rivals were the tea plantations in the West Indies worked by slave labour. Was that support motivated by moral angst about the treatment of slave labourers? It was not as if they treated their own workforce like kings.

If one looks at the corporate funding of Canada's environmental groups, particularly those in Western Canada, one has the uncomfortable feeling that that these groups are being played for pawns. Or as Stalin would call them, "useful idiots". It is not only comfortable for them to ignore ecological destruction in their own cities, it is financially rewarding.

Earlier this year, the Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada said, "No one tells the Sierra Club what to do." Yeah right. And no one tells city councillors how to vote either.

You don't need a smoking gun. The optics speak for themselves. The David Suzuki Foundation and the Sierra Club of BC have accepted money from big banks like RBC and the TD Bank, institutions that are all about promoting growth. How coincidental it is that neither of these green crusaders will challenge growth. Instead, they speak of "smart growth". That is just the kind of trained dog that Big Money likes. One that can be put off the scent.

Subject was: Accommodation of souls.

I have been concerned for some time about people denouncing human population growth and talking about ways to stop it. It is clear to me that there has to be an ever increasing number of people in the world to accommodate all the souls that have become disembodied when someone "passes on". In that context does it not make complete sense that there should now be 7 billion people in the world when 200 odd years ago there were only 1 billion? You will say that re-incarnation is not a tenet of the Catholic Church but I have studied many religions and in that sense have a truly catholic appreciation of the movement of souls.

Dear Concerned Catholic,

Thank heavens for some commonsense religion in the population debate. I share your views and have long been concerned about the impact on lost souls if the populationists succeed in their mission to have bandicoots and brushtail possums take back the earth, along with anarchists and other athiestic septics.

Can I recommend to you an upcoming Vatican/Property Developer Counsel publication which I recently received in an advanced draft form? It is called, "Smartsized human growth: how to accomodate All Souls."

In it, renowned Vatican scientist, Professor Dominico Desparado, talks about the future when we will all harnass genetic engineering and rescue the world housing bubble economy and cure the planet of world hunger. With a team of real-estate agents working day and night in his laboratory, the Professor has succeeded in resetting the human height algorithm to spontaneously reduce every generation by 50 per cent.

This means that within a generation all humans born will be on average half the size they are now. Within two generations they will be the size of medium sized dogs and able to live in kennel-sized homes in gardens subdivided tenfold. Within four generations it is anticipated that the entire human race will have shrunk to the size of mice and that there will be a property market boom in dolls' houses, dolls' tea-sets, dolls' furniture and model railways. Within 10 generations it is anticipated that humans will be well on the way to inhabiting an atom per capita and that from there a great historic diaspora will begin where our race will explore the infinity of quantum-space, emerging at some point as an utterly negative quantity.

After that we will ultimately emerge through black holes all over the galaxy as giants to take over planets and expand throughout the universe, endlessly, to the great glory of God.

This was all, of course, predicted in the bible in the parts that discussed the meek inheriting the earth and the rise of property developers as a chosen master-race.

Dear Similarly Concerned Catholic,

I am most grateful to you for the reference to the the publication "Smartsized growth.." It accords well with my own view as you will realise. Since a soul does not have any physical dimensions, it seems to me that the art of bonsai through genetic engineering applied in this manner to humans solves the potential problem of the accommodation of souls. And it is quite sustainable as you so elegantly point out. My only problem with the down sizing of humans is the future scale of humans to bandicoots for instance or to sugar gliders. I can foresee that at a certain stage in "smartsized growth" that humans could ride bandicoots as they would have ridden horses and after a further downsizing, fly on the backs of sugar gliders but at some critical size ratio, humans could run into problems with other species. For instance when the human is 1/8 the size of a praying mantis might an encounter not pose a threat ? - to the minuscule human I mean - (complete with soul.)

Thank you for your inquiry, which was passed on to me by Another Concerned Catholic.

It is anticipated that few competing species will survive humans through to the middle of the 21st century as we cover the earth with concrete. The only reason that humans will survive will be through their ability to step down beyond the atomic level.

If any battles need be engaged against the Praying Mantis, (although its name would suggest a peaceful and religious disposition) humans will probably deploy tiny 634 gram Chinese manufactured miniature helicopters of which the Vatican recently bought up millions at only $29.99 each.

As the attached illustration suggests, these little machines are well up to the challenge. Because they are radio operated, human operators will be able to remain out of sight and in safety at some distance away.

A filmed demonstration is available here, but without the giant praying mantis, which must be purchased separately.

Vatican promotional staff

I have been concerned for some time about over-population. The world's population has increased from four billion to seven billion in FORTY years. If we continue at that cracking pace, food and water will be as rare as rocking horse teeth. From its present groaning under the weight of numbers, we can surely see that this planet was not meant to be burdened by an ever increasing number of resource consuming humans! For goodness sake Concerned Catholic, what is your cut-off figure? 20 billion? 40 billion? At what figure would you recommend the brakes be applied? Or would you say humans should never stop multiplying? You would just keep producing people until they start killing each other over a grain of rice?

With all this carbon tax racket going on, don't you see that with population stabilisation followed by sensible population reduction, humans would not be consuming our resources at a rate that suggests our environment can no longer meet all our needs? Wasn't this planet designed to carry only sufficient numbers of humans that can live in a reasonable amount of comfort - without constantly worrying as to how they are going to pay their next energy bill?

Whether or not you accept the global warming science (and despite the forceful pro-global warming lobby many still exercise their democratic right to question it) it is common sense that if there are less humans there will be less pollution. Less cars, less energy/fuel consumption, less demand on food and water resources.

Just stop sending overseas aid in $$$$$$$$'s to corrupt regimes and multiplying bottomless pits of want. Send shiploads of condoms complete with instructions and make population reduction a condition for reduced foreign aid.

Australia should cut the kids' bonuses (political translation - plasma t.v.'s and poker machine entertainment) and cut taxpayer funded support for the irresponsibles who overload our environment with more than two children.
Thank you.

The FOREIGN REFUGEE / ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT assault on THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE continues unabated as Liberal/Labor politicians play a sham pantomime on this invasion. Essentially, it simply complements their plague-level immigration programme, now so despised by fairdinkum Australians

AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY as the champion of Identity, Independence and Freedom for our Australian People, calls for the following plan to be implemented to end this virtual RECOLONISATION of our land.

i] Withdrawal of our Defence Forces from New World Order imperialist wars and their return to Australia to fulfil their primary role of securing the Australia Nation.

ii] Repudiation of the UN Convention on Refugees as un-Constitutional and not in the interests of, and without the agreement of, the Australian People. A National Plebiscite to confirm this policy.

iii] Forward deployment of the ADF in the international waters and routes used to undermine our sovereignty.

iv] Interception of boats by trained ADF and their refuelling and reprovisioning, allowing sufficient supplies for their return to port of origin, or last port of call.

v] Identifying each FOREIGN REFUGEE through body scans and issuing a declaration to each that further attempt to transfer to Australian Soil will ensure permanent prohibition from entering Australia for any purpose.

vi] Rendering of emergency/temporary medical assistance to any illegal if needed.

vii] Levying an impost of 20% per head of currency carried to add towards costs [Customs Personnel continually report the FOREIGN REFUGEE wallets are full with convertible currency]

viii] Escorting the invasion boats to commence their return away Australia.

ix] Should any invasion boat refuse ADF direction it is to be placed under tow for removal to the vicinity of place of origin / last port of call. A levy of 20% per head of currency carried will be applied.

x] Illegals resisting the implementation of ADF strategy will be restrained whilst the procedures are undertaken. A levy of 15% of currency carried will be applied.

xi] LAW OF THE SEA norms to be abrogated as an emergency response whilst this assault on Australian Sovereignty continues.

xii) ] For foreigners who fly into Australia, the entry visa system will be changed to require a pre-paid return airfare before issue AS REQUIRED BY OTHER COUNTRIES, and automatic non-negotiable immediate expulsion to occur on any attempt to claim ‘refugee status’ by over staying in Australia. A levy of 20% of currency carried will be applied, and denial of any further entry to Australia for any purpose will become applicable.

xiii] Cancellation of all sham entry visa / residency status granted to fake refugees under the Lib/lLab administrations, and directed repatriation back to country of origin to be enforced.

xiv] Foreign Aid to be curtailed/suspended pending the resolution of this emergency.

xv] Subversives and fifth columnists in Australia who aid and abet this unarmed invasion of Australia, and the undermining of our European-derived civilisation, will be subject to curtailment of civil and political rights, denial of social services, and nationalisation / sale of property to aid the costs of defending the Australian People.

The AFP’s policy on illegals is required to release funds currently wasted on foreigners, funds sorely needed for programs to alleviate the suffering of Aussies - the homeless, disabled, unemployed, etc, etc, who are the real responsibility of the Australian Government.

Australia First Party. P. O. Box 223, Croydon, 3136 National Contact 02 8587 0014 ausfirst [ AT ]

The above strategies would be a reversal of Gillard's betrayal of the Australian Nation.

More simply I suggest a financial governance protocol for Australia's Annual Foreign Aid Budget.

Like any nation, Australia has a limited budget and a fair and reasonable quota for its foreign immigration to respect social carrying capacity.

Once asylum seeker limit is reached, it is a case of adopting New Zealand's internationally accepted policy, and so subsequent illegals are to be returned to the country of illegal/unauthorised departure - Indonesia mainly. The full economic cost of receival, processing and return flights is to be fairly deducted from Australia's total Foreign Aid Budget, including the exorbitant cost of Australia's' US crusades in Afghanistan.

So, for our nation's fair and sound international governance that respects its citizens' finances and carrying capacity, means that the asylum seeker problem may be resolved fairly, expeditiously and supported by targeted media become an effective deterrent to people smugglers, would-be asylum seekers and negligent Indonesian coast watch.

Not only shall the the excess illegals be lawfully returned to their country of departure (complicit Indonesia mainly), but the associated costs are deducted from Australia's annual Foreign Aid Budget, including patsying to the US strategic war in Afghanistan.

The LibLabs can stage crocodile tears in our Nation's Parliament, but their joint uselessness in border control demands a National Citizen Initiated Referendum to overrule Party Politics incompetence.

Labor's bottomless overdraft is unconstitutional Treasury theft that demands a double dissolution of parliament.
No government has an electoral mandate to bankrupt the Natiomal Treasury.
Gillard has always been a Labor puppet. Her spend thrift addiction has set new lows beyond electoral pock barrelling, beyond chronic cheque writing Ruddism.
Exceeding Treasury Overdraft is a seditious crime and so ought to be life imprisonment for the Prime Minister.

John Marlowe