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Australian Protectionist Party running candidates in NSW Local Gov election

For the first time the Australian Protectionist Party will be standing candidates running under the party name in New South Wales. They need help with distributing flyers in their effort to engage locals in Forbes and Wangal ward, Leichhardt and in the suburbs of Rozelle and Lilyfield on Saturday 1st of September and Sunday 2nd September. Candobetter promotes all political alternatives that appear to promote some or all of our values in the areas of reform in democracy, environment, population, land use planning and energy policy. We do not necessarily endorse all those we feature here, but we believe that it is really important for Australians to have many more independent voices than they do now.

The upcoming NSW local government election is just around the corner. The Australian Protectionist party needs volunteers both members and supporters to assist Nathan Smith and Nicholas Folkes with their election campaigns. See contact details further down, before the "Policies" heading.

Have a look at the Protectionist Party website here.

The Australian Protectionist Party is for a small population in Australia.
The rest of its policies, are summarised at the end of this article, under the heading, "Policies".
The Protectionist Party site contains interesting articles and has quite a lot of lively correspondence. People can also contribute articles.

This is the first election APP has stood candidates running under the party name so it important for them to reach as many prospective voters as possible before and also on Election Day. With help handing out flyers and how-to-vote cards they can engage with local residents of Forbes and Wangal ward, Leichhardt.

The APP will be letterboxing election flyers in the suburbs of Rozelle and Lilyfield on Saturday, 1st of September and also on Sunday, 2nd September. The meeting point for both days is Rozelle Markets at 8am. Rozelle Markets is situated in the grounds of Rozelle Public School, Darling St, Rozelle. The APP says that, if you can spare a few hours or possibly a day, it would be appreciated.

They also need volunteers on Election Day in Forbes and Rozelle / Lilyfield to hand out how-to-vote cards. Research has shown it makes a huge difference having a presence at polling places on Election Day handing out flyers and how-to-vote cards.

Donations are also needed to fund Nathan and Nicholas’ campaigns. Contributors must be enrolled on federal, state or local electoral rolls. When making a donation please don’t forget to use your surname as a reference and email your details to '' for a tax-deductible receipt.

*Forbes Shire Council Election information.

Contact Nathan on the following lines of communication.


Mobile: 0414-297008

*Leichhardt Municipal Council Election information.


"Primary Policies

Only a nationalist movement with a protectionist philosophy can fight for the future survival of the Australian People. The Australian Protectionist Party stands for the protection of the Australian nation in all its aspects. So that we can protect the Australian nation, we believe that we must:

1. Protect our environment

Save Australia from the ravages of over-population, which is causing environmental ruin, and instead create a sustainable future for our land. Introduce measures to develop ecological sustainability. Immigration must be reduced until the completion of scientific research that will determine the “environmental footprint” of our population.

2. Protect our families

Establish pro-family measures to protect the traditional family unit, which is the foundation stone of our national culture and way of life. Institute financial relief for families, enabled by schemes such as taxation “income splitting” for couples with children.

3. Protect our freedoms

Defend our democracy by removing laws that inhibit freedom of speech on social and political issues, and create further measures to protect our civil liberties, such as strengthening the right to trial by jury and the protection of property rights as upheld by the Australian constitution. Ensure more democracy in public affairs by establishing Citizens’ Initiated Referenda, whereby ordinary citizens can initiate a referendum on policies, thus giving government back to the people.

4. Protect our jobs and industries

Institute tariff barriers against cheap foreign imports to encourage the survival, rebuilding, and emergence of local manufacturing industries. Institute a national “buy back Australia” policy for companies, public assets, and resources. Forge a national apprenticeship programme with incentives for certain industries and country centres. No use of contracted foreign labour.

5. Protect our people

Implement a zero-net immigration policy, on a “one in, one out” basis. To have sensible immigration programmes that will be geared towards accepting into our country only those people who will readily fit into our society, primarily from traditional sources such as Europe and Britain. To seek a homogeneous society where we can all live in harmony, free from the ethnic and racial strife caused by social-engineering experiments. End Third World immigration and Muslim immigration, and offer economic assistance to those who wish to be reunited with their people’s homeland.

6. Protect our rural communities

Increase rural sustainability. Harness technological resources to enable a higher rate of decentralisation of government departments to regional centres. Implement sensible trade structures that will stop cheap foreign imports from destroying the viability of Australian farms.

7. Protect our way of life

End the destructiveness of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. Teach our students about the achievements and values of Australian society and of Western Civilisation. Immerse our youth in the traditions of the Australian national identity and culture. Enable criticism and challenging of ideas in the classroom, but without having a “black armband” view of history deliberately being pushed by teachers as a form of political activism. End government funding for the political ideology of Multiculturalism.

We promote a Protectionist philosophy, dedicated to protecting our people, our jobs, and our way of life.

We believe that our nation must always operate as part of the world, with continuing interaction between peoples, economies, and cultures, but that this must be carried out in a sensible and rational way.

We believe that the our people have a right to survive, and that is why we oppose massive Third World immigration which is taking us down the road to a situation where the Australian People will end up as a miniscule minority in their own country.

We believe that Multiculturalism and Political Correctness are undermining our nation’s way of life and are destroying our national identity, and this is why we advocate the promotion and strengthening of the Australian national culture and identity.

We believe that open-slather global trade with cheap labour sources in Third World countries is destroying our nation’s industries and decimating our job opportunities, and that is why we believe in implementing a sensible system of tariff barriers to protect our local manufacturing jobs and industries.

If Protectionist policies are not carried out, then Australia will become a Third World country with a Third World economy, the Aussie way of life will be destroyed, and the Australian People and the Aboriginal People will disappear from the face of the earth forever (due to immigration-driven genocide).

The Australian Protectionist Party is an integral part of the growing resistance amongst Australians to the anti-national policies being pushed by the Australia-haters in their ivory towers and positions of power. We provide an alternative to the Establishment’s internationalist policies, and aim to protect Australia’s national interests.

Australia calls out for a national movement of men and women who are willing to fight for the independence, freedom, and preservation of their people and nation.

Are you going to stand up for the future of your people?

Join us. Become a Protectionist!"

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The policy of zero immigration of matching emigration with immigration and "accepting into our country only those people who will readily fit into our society, primarily from traditional sources such as Europe and Britain" is a common sense one.

This may seem "racist" but instead of the high ideals of multiculturalism where we all enjoy each other's contribution to society with differences and diversity, it is being used to support high immigration. Some diversity is stimulating and broadening. However, instead of mixing, we end up with monocultures all mainly staying together in family-community clans. The cohesion of society based on diversity is an oxymoron.

" To seek a homogeneous society where we can all live in harmony, free from the ethnic and racial strife caused by social-engineering experiments. End Third World immigration and Muslim immigration, and offer economic assistance to those who wish to be reunited with their people's homeland".

Police have expressed concern over new figures that show Somali and Sudanese-born Victorians are five times more likely to commit crime than the wider community. They're particularly concerned about the violence on occasions and also the age of the individuals involved. The vast majority are under 21 years of age.

It's assumed that simply relocating people from war-torn zones and from cultures/backgrounds that are completely alien will be no hindrance to happy existence in Australia. Of the 25 countries with the highest number of refugees within their borders, 15 are some of the least developed countries in the world.

City of Greater Dandenong Councilor, Peter Brown speaking about the Muslim African refugee crime wave in Dandenong."Australia should not be the repository for global social and ethnic problems in the misguided belief that we can solve them, because as the world population increases beyond the already unsustainable levels more pressure will be placed on Australia to be a universal agent of global multicultural support. We will be doomed to failure... " (from comment on GetUp Campaign update: Pacific Solution Mark II? at

Thousands of people left multicultural Dandenong last year despite the national population boom, says a new report. Dandenong, where two-thirds of people have migrant backgrounds, had a net loss of 2000 in 2010-11. Such is the success of the great ideal of multiculturalism! (from Thousands leave Dandenong despite population boom, an Australian Bureau of Statistics report on migration shows in Herald Sun of 16 August behind paywall)

It costs $80,000 per refugee to bring in each refugee and the budget has blown out to $4.5 billion. Our cities are already in population overload, with traffic at a standstill, homelessness increasing and jobs being slashed due to high competition with cheaper overseas production. It's imagined that Australia is the ideal refuge and we can magically keep accommodating the world's displaced safely, economically and peacefully. It a mis-guided cornucopia ideal.

Trans-locating native animals is fraught with stresses and threats. It's often seen as a "soft cull" as the animals often die after the process. However, it's assumed homo sapiens can simply be trans-located across the planet and thus be expected to smoothly become integrated into a foreign "multicultural" society with diametrically opposed ideals, political system, food, climates, social behaviours and expections, ideals and values.