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Rally to stop forced water fluoridation

Where : George St, beside Parliament and QUT
When : Tuesday 12 February (first 2008 Parliament sitting day)
Time : 9am – Leave plenty of time for traffic and parking

Speakers : Hear from Health Professionals & people who have been harmed by fluoride

We must send a clear message to Premier Anna Bligh that we do not approve of her plan to put fluoride chemicals in our water & forcibly mass medicate 4 million Queenslanders. The proposed chemicals used will be raw industrial waste.

The Qld Government claims water fluoridation has proven safety, yet Professor Sheldon, Chaiman of the British York review into Water Fluoridation in the UK said in 2004 that the " review did not find water fluoridation to be safe" In the largest study ever done on water fluoridation (38,000 children between ages 1 and 15 years) researchers
Brunelle and Carlos found no difference in tooth decay when looking at areas with fluoridated and non fluoridated water. The American National Research Council report in 2006 linked it to many adverse health effects, yet no major health and safety studies have ever been undertaken in Australia.

  • Petitions will be distributed
  • Bring a hat and water and also a fold up chair for elderly persons
  • Bring a banner or poster - and posters will be supplied
  • Please pass this message on to friends, family and work colleaugues
  • Contact info |AT| qawf org or phone 0408 006 544 or 07 3254 4596 or
    0418 777 112

Please visit see contact details (Excel Spreadsheet) for all Qld MPs, email, phone, write or visit your MP.