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Event: Rolling 'Freedom Forums' - local environment & population speakers - Nov 1 -23 (varies with state)

Event includes population speakers. "Australia should be one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, but driven by primal greed, the country is being bled dry by rampant out-of-control ‘corporatocracy’. The Australian version of ‘democracy’ requires public apathy … but is everyone really going to sit back whilst the socio-psychopathic global corporatists rip out the heart and destroy the soul of the nation?" (Forum spokesperson, Simone.) The "Freedom Summit" gives a forum for a range of speakers on the issue of "We all know something is wrong, but what is it?" The forum will be running in several cities in Australia, starting with Perth on the 1st November, followed up by events in Sydney (8/9 November) Melbourne (15/16 November) and then closing in Brisbane (22/23 November). "All proceeds from the Freedom Summits go towards supporting Free to Shine in their mission of equipping young Cambodian girls with education to prevent sex trafficking." (Source:

"The Full Circle Project includes a series of workshops, lectures and initiatives that can be impletmented locally in order to empower individual communities at a grassroots level and help provide a template that can then be expanded out to include all who come into contact with it. The intention is to introduce these templates into every country on this Earth that we are able to reach.

The Full Circle Project intends to focus on local cultures, art and traditions and seeks to present keynote speakers, workshops, reforestation programs and local agricultural co-opperatives with a view to reigning in the ship of state while informing our governments (public Trustees) of the new direction mankind now intends to take the world, while also offering them the opportunity to come with us under our own terms." (From 'The Full Circle project by Max Igan'

Is Apathy Killing You?

The big question is: ‘Are enough people ready to reach beyond their material attachments, to resist the subjugation and to participate in bringing about the changes we all know we need to see?’

If you answer yes to this question, then join us at Freedom Summits round 2. Keynote speaker and international activist Ian R Crane will present his no holds barred talk which will leave you shocked, disgruntled, inspired and motivated….all at once.

Freedom Summits were developed by a group of likeminded people dedicated to bringing together the most influential speakers on the topics that usually escape mainstream narrative. After a successful and life changing four state tour earlier this year, Freedom Summits are back by popular demand. Kicking off in Perth on the 1st November, followed up by events in Sydney (8/9 November) Melbourne (15/16 November) and then closing in Brisbane (22/23 November).

We are bringing you a diverse and exciting range of speakers and performers from here and abroad, including Ian R Crane, Samantha Bachman, Roman Spur and Paul Seils, along with a hand picked selection of some of the countries most informed and interesting speakers on sustainability and population, including Sheila Newman and Jill Quirk, in Melbourne, Chris Spike in Sydney, Peter Strachan in Perth, and Jane O'Sullivan in Brisbane. In a coup for Freedom Summits Round 2, internationally acclaimed comedian, Steven Hughes who will bring his own brand of social commentary to the Freedom Summits stage.

These summits are an investment in your future, you can’t afford not to come. The time is now to make changes to our own lives, to the planet we call home, and to connect with like minded people to build a sense of community. You will also receive accesible solution based information around writing off debts, minimizing tax i.e. n-g-o foundations, fine and infringement solutions, freedom.

So if you are looking for proactive solutions to bring around positive change in your world today….create links, build a sense of community, take self responsibility and empower yourself...Freedom Summits are for you.
For further Information and speaker interviews contact : Simone – / 0418 699 028

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