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Watching QANDA is like watching Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burns

One said congestion in cities requires more trains. That's as close as we got to talking about the root cause of congestion. Most talked of renewable energy as the biggest issue facing Australia.

On Lateline the waffle tonight covered which tax should be raised to address the Federal Budget problem.

"Rates of income tax and corporate tax are very high and uncompetitive with the rest of the world yet our GST is at the low end of the range. The OECD average consumption tax is 19%, which is more than double Australia's rate. Where do you think it should be?"

Why isn't the ABC questioning why Australia's rate of population growth over the last decade or more has been 4 times the OECD country average?

If GST being half the OECD average is a basis for arguing to raise this tax, why isn't 4 times the population growth a basis for the ABC to question moderating population growth?

GDP per capita is rising at less than 1% per capita per year. Federal Budget is rising at roughly 8% per capita per year. This simply challenges the logic of extreme population growth. But the ABC refuses to discuss it.