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Imaginary hospitals targeted in Syria?

ALEPPO, SYRIA: Since the Russians began helping the Syrian Arab Army to drive ISIS out, a jealous United States, furious that its goal of destroying Syria might yet fail, has spitefully disseminated unconfirmed stories aimed at discrediting Russia's motives and performance. The latest by British Airforce doctor, David Nott, who has also been associated with the charity Syria Relief, alleges that Russia has been purposefully destroying hospitals in Syria.[1] This is ironic when the US itself was so recently caught out bombing a Doctors without Borders manned-hospital in Afghanistan in what almost no-one denies was a blatant war crime.[2] In Syria, the roads supplying food and fuel to Aleppo have only just been reconnected since being cut off by ISIS a few days ago, in attacks that appear to have been facilitated by the US. But ISIS continues to be refueled with fighters who come in via Australia's ally, Turkey, where Muslim Brotherhood supporter, President Erdogan, is seeking to change the laws to make himself a full dictator. Our correspondent in Aleppo, Syria, vents his disgust at these beat-ups.

Russians targeting opposition hospitals? Look Who's Talking!

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, or to be more accurate, let's say, since the rise of organized armed gangs like the Free Syrian Army (FSA), An-Nusra Front, and Da'esh, there has been a competition among enemies of Syria to see who can demolish the most hospitals and schools.

Literally hundreds of hospitals had been destroyed in Syria by suicide bombers, driving huge vans full of explosives into them. These murderers proudly recorded their 'achievements' in videos published on YouTube and Aljazeera-like channels.

But no-one in the west complains about the doctors, nurses, and patients who were buried alive under the wreckage of 'rebel'-attacked hospitals. Maybe once or twice, Ban Ki Mon has expressed concern or condemned such acts, but that was the limit of criticism: nothing more than few words in the UN that everyone had forgotten by the next day. Then everyone returned to their repetitious accusations that the [legally elected Assad]'regime' is killing its own people'.
The terrorists' excuses for bombing these hospitals are usually silly. They might say that this hospital was full with 'shabbeeha' (armed groups that are pro-Syrian government and army). Or that hospital was full of 'Alawites'. Or that another hospital was 'full of 'Infidels', or 'full of Assad's men' ... Therefore, according to the terrorists, it was okay to bomb them and purify the land of their filth!

The mainstream media peddle more sophisticated lies and excuses for the 'rebel' brutality. They say things like the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was using these schools and hospitals as shields to fight and snipe from, so that western backed terrorists had no other choice but to destroy it to protect Syria's pregnant women and innocent children!
I don't actually know if Russians did target any terrorist field hospital or not. I do know that, in many terrorist-held areas, the only civilians who choose to remain there do so because they share the faith and mentality of the terrorists. Sometimes civilians are trapped or forced to stay against their will. However most people in Syria have fled the rebel-terrorist-occupied areas to the safety of the government-controlled ones or elsewhere.

One terrorist from Aleppo, Khalid Heyyani, who was a fish (and cigarette) seller before the crisis, became a leader of an armed gang in an Aleppo city area. He became experienced in all the gang specialties of murdering, kidnapping, raping, and shelling civilians. The guy was finally killed by the SAA in one complex operation last Ramadan (June - July 2015).
Recently, we realised that a new leader had taken Heyyani's place and was leading the shelling and bombing in the same area. Guess who? His wife (or widow, to be more accurate)! She's taking revenge, they say!

So I ask the mainstream media, if the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) manages to kill her soon, please don't misreport the matter as 'the Assad armed gangs are killing an innocent woman, after killing her humbled husband several months ago without mercy!' Or add that 'she was pregnant'!

What kind of people join the 'rebels' in Syria?

Most of the Syrians who joined the opposition armed gangs were the 'trash' people of Syrian society. They were nobodies before the crisis, but afterwards they became leaders of armed militias, with millions of dollars in cash, limitless sex slaves, and celebrity and fame on aljazeera-like channels and social media (FaceBook and Twitter). I keep hearing and reading about where these 'leaders' were situated socially in the recent past. I hear that ' this fellow was a smuggler' and 'that guy was a janitor or sold cigarettes. They saw a chance to become 'someone' now with the instability in Syria. This is what has happened in every state in the world that suffers from instability. The people backing the instability armed the losers and failures in the societies they sought to destroy, and gave them the freedom to carry out any atrocities. Why not, as long as these 'rebels' feature in the western media as heroes and freedom fighters?

As for David Nott's stupid propaganda [2] and like stories in the western media, I have a simple question: Who is shelling civilians each night and day in Aleppo city with mortars and cooking-gas rockets? Who is attacking and destroying residential buildings with their water-heater missiles? Not the Syrian Arab Army or Russia. (I'm attaching a picture of such bathroom water heater.) The terrorists are converting them into rockets and filling them with explosives. There are YouTube videos about it).

Last week, one of these random rockets hit the column on the ground floor of a residential building, causing damage on every floor, killing and injuring dozens of innocent people who were sleeping in their bedrooms. Yet the west dares to turn a blind eye on such crimes, while criticizing so-called 'barrel bombs' shamelessly on MSM.

Why is it okay in the eyes of the western media for 'rebels' to target civilians, hospitals, and schools in Syrian government-held areas, boasting of killing and destruction, joking about murdering Syrian soldiers, and praising eachother with 'Bravo' on MSM, but not okay for the Syrian Arab Army with or without Russian help, to target these mercenaries (the moderate ones, of course!) and their field hospitals, if they ever were really hospitals?

Is there no limit to the lies that the western media will promote?


Five of 6 Syrian Hospitals Allegedly Hit by Russian Airstrikes Don’t Exist
[and the 6th is still intact] (see also RT link below)

(2 Nov 2015)

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied an existence of five out of six Syrian hospitals allegedly hit by Russian airstrikes, said that the
claims of Western media unfounded.

Russia’s Defense Ministry denied the existence of five out of six Syrian hospitals allegedly hit by Russian airstrikes.

“I would like to remind you that a week ago several leading Western media outlets citing the US-based Syrian American Medical Society accused
us of allegedly bombing hospitals in al-Ees, al-Hader, Khan Tuman, Sarmin, Latamna and al-Zirba,” ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov told reporters.

The spokesman added, that “all these reports were made without any proof.”

“We investigated this information. It turned out, in fact, that there is a hospital only in the settlement of Sarmin. There are no hospitals
in al-Ees, al-Hader, Khan Tuman, Latamna and al-Zirba, and, consequently, there are no healthcare workers,” he added.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Monday provided aerial photos of the hospital in Sarmin, which was allegedly destroyed by the Russian airstrikes,
as some Western media claims. But the aerial photo shows, that the building is not destroyed.

Russia has been conducting precision airstrikes against ISIL positions in Syria at the request of President Bashar Assad since September

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