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Public event: Policy basis for Kangaroo treatment in the ACT - Animal Justice Party

Recent mainstream media articles raise serious questions as to the policy base behind the ACT government policy to kill Kangaroos. Join us and hear about the research base purportedly in support of killing Kangaroos in the ACT. 6.00-7.30pm, Tuesday April 5th 2016, Urambi Village Community Hall, Gateway B, Crozier Circuit Kambah. Speakers: Sheila Newman, Marcus Fillinger, Frankie Seymour.

Keynote speakers:

Sheila Newman –Independent researcher, evolutionary Sociologist and policy advisor for the Australian Wildlife Protection Council. Sheila will speak about kangaroo population numbers, including reference to the ACT Chief Ecologist, Dr Don Fletcher's PhD study of kangaroo populations at densities of 5 or 6 per hectare and their effect on ground cover. She will talk about what is lacking in the way kangaroo populations are described in the ACT and how agendas for the expansion of human population and development in the ACT affect the way the government presents kangaroos and their numbers to the public

Mr Marcus Fillinger - Director of Alphadog AnimalArmy, Marcus will speak about his research looking at multiphase kangaroo fertility control and which is undertaken in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney and will engage experts in remote delivery, ballistics, neuroscience, zoology, pharmacology, veterinary science, ecology, and reconnaissance drone engineers.

Frankie Seymour – activist, writer and researcher. Frankie brings a powerful background to the debate around Kangaroo Management. From 1996-2013, she served on the ACT government’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC), collectively developing over about 20 codes of practice.

Light refreshments provided
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The culture or vilification of kangaroos, as "pests" and their killing has become engrained into our history as a macabre type of environmental "management". It's rationalized as a human responsibility to control their numbers, as we have changed the environment so much, due to infrastructure and agriculture, to such as way as to encourage their overpopulation and breeding! They thus over-produce and cause mayhem, including environmental damage and threats to other species. The great Canberra "cull" of kangaroos is being considered again, in our so-called "Bush Capital". It's an oxymoron, and it's using kangaroos as a scapegoat for mismanagement and human-caused environmental destruction.

One of Australia's leading koala experts has labelled this week's unveiling of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games mascot an embarrassment. The sad irony is that koala numbers have plummeted by more than two thirds in less than 20 years in south-east Queensland. They like the symbolism of our native animals, but not the actual animals! Tweed Heads ecologist Steve Phillips said the use of a koala as the Gold Coast's mascot was frustrating. "What we've seen is that progressive development, and the end result is that decline [of koalas] is proceeding at pace," he said. High human population growth on the Coast has seen koala numbers plummet, due to urban sprawl. Some critics hit out at what they believed was state government hypocrisy in using a “vulnerable” species as the Games’ emblem but conservationists said it could actually work in favour of helping the threatened animals.