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Hooray, Hooray, for New Years Day!

Hooray, hooray, it's New Year's Day
wish we could go out and play
but every place we want to go,
is packed with cars, it's such a blow!
100 thousand more each year
makes it very, very hard to steer
and all those bikes an extra trouble
I'd rather live inside a bubble.

Police patrolled the city centre
In case of evil wishing to enter
The crowds were there to see the sight
Of fireworks both big and bright
Their lives are mostly dull and drab
They'll drink too much then catch a cab
They hope that at the stroke of twelve
Their lives will change and their very selves.

The New's Year's "magic" in the sky,
Might weave a spell and bye and bye
A change will come to lives hum drum,
A freedom that will not come undone,
So dreams from childhood will recur,
And cause a thrilling, hopeful stir,
That motivates and brings a change
To not submit, but to re- arrange

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