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Lies and nothing but lies from the MSM on Syria and Gouta

The writer of this article has returned home to Syria, after emigrating to a western country years ago. He reports on his arrival in Damascus, the capital of Syria, which is where much of the population has taken shelter from the activities of western backed 'rebels'. He last visited Aleppo in Syria between 2015-2016, for 9 months, shortly before the Syrian Arab Army, with the help of the Russians, managed to drive out ISIS. Photo was taken by the author on his current visit. (We split it up into smaller images due to size of initial image.)

I’m in Damascus right now. I arrived yesterday to the capital with one of my uncles.

The msm propaganda is a nasty one.

As in the city, I’m feeling very safe, although it’s so crowded and with a lot of traffic jams. Flying jets’ sounds in the sky from time to time.

As for the daily random shells from the terrorists in East Ghouta upon the heads of civilians in Damascus city, and mostly on Old Damascus, where the ancient churches and mosques are located, almost no corporate msm is covering it or really cares about the lives of those civilians. This is the same double standard that had been used in East Alepppo in Dec 2016.

As for the people in E. Ghouta, the same scenario of East Aleppo had been followed by the terrorists, which is to prevent the people from leaving Ghouta to the government-held areas through the humanitarian corridors, and to take them as human-shields, and whoever tries to flee Ghouta is shot by snipers from the terrorists. The msm reporters are claiming that people don’t want to leave! Lies and nothing but lies!

Check out this report for good information:

On yesterday’s local news, thousands of kidnapped civilians left to government-held areas, in a deal with the terrorists, or after the liberation of one chunk of the Ghouta. I didn’t read the full news but just a brief ones about what happened yesterday. The people gave different witness from the ones on the msm. They were relieved and happy to flee that war zone.

People of Damascus want that daily nightmare to end for good. The only way is by the surrendering of those terrorists and to leave Ghouta and go to Idlib, as they did everywhere before, and to help people go back to their homes and to have all necessary services for life (food, water, etc) which the terrorists are preventing the people of Ghouta from having.

Another play and fabricated clips are going on by the White Helmets (in both Ghouta and Idleb) to show a chemical attack and blame it on the government, to give an excuse for the US and it’s allies to strike Syrian forces. Russia gave a warning of such a scenario and that they will fight back if the west continued that silly play and provocation.

I’m staying for 3 days or so in Damascus to see some friends in a hotel, although we have a house, but it’s occupied by a far relatives to our relatives who are from East Ghouta but had left it few years ago to stay in the government-held areas and in our house - another evidence that people are against those terrorists who occupied their territories. The last time I visited Damascus was 12 years ago (Summer 2006, at the time of July War).

It’s the (copy-paste) scenario of East Aleppo all over again. Same lies, same propaganda, same UN hysteria , and it will hopefully end the same way by victory to the people and government against the terrorists.