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Vocal Animal interviews Michael Bayliss on Australia's overpopulation problem

Michael Bayliss, spokesperson for Sustainable Population Australia, speaks up for wildlife and for a sustainable population policy in Australia on Vocal Animal. Note that Michael also advocates a vegan diet for humans, but we do not, even though we publish pro-vegan articles from time to time. A major reason we do not advocate such a diet is that it does not satisfy requirements for animal-sourced vitamins, and can be fatal and disabling. See Incurable Alzheimers or curable B12 deficiency? An epidemic of wilful medical ignorance. (Sorry, Michael, but thanks for a really great interview on population, sticking up for animals. Also, feel free to comment and argue this point.)

Michael Bayliss – Sustainable Population Australia Victorian / Tasmanian branch President

Population Matters. So let’s talk about it.

Australia’s population increases by one person every 1 minute and 22 seconds, needing the equivalent of a new city the size of Canberra each year.

Michael discusses why there is a shift in people’s willingness to discuss population, the drivers of Australia’s population growth and outlines SPA’s population policy.

Something to look forward to ….. Sustainable Population Australia is currently producing a web series called ‘Tough Crowd’ hosted by comedian Rod Quantock interviewing comedians about their thoughts on population. Fully-funded but you can find out more here

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