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United States, get your thieving bloody hands off Venezuela!

John Bolton wants US oil
corporations, instead of
PDVSA, which is owned
by the Venezuelan people,
to be able to extract,
export & sell Venezuela's
natural wealth (see
embedded video).

The most recent of many attempts by the United States to overthrow the government of Venezuela has also failed, but not without a terrrible cost. According to a 27 page report by economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs (pdf here) the sanctions imposed on Venezuela since 2017 and theft of billions of dollars of Venezuela's gold and bank deposits have cost the lives of 40,000 Venezuelans, yet, in spite of all these hardships, ordinary Venezuelans, including members of the armed forces, rallied to defeat the attempted coup of 30 April.

The United States government leaders have made little effort to conceal their motives for having caused this much death and suffering. Watch below, National Security adviser John Bolton (pictured above), explain to Fox News on 29 January 2019 how United States' oil corporations will soon be able to able to take over the extraction and export of Venezuelan petroleum once their actions against Venezuela achieves their goal of having their appointed 'President' Juan Guaido take over from from the elected President Nicolas Maduro.

US coup in Venezuela motivated by oil and corporate interests - Neocon John Bolton spills the beans

"We're looking at the oil assets. That's the single most important income stream to the government of Venezuela. We're looking at what to do to that. We're in conversation with major American companies now. I think we're trying to get to the same end result here."

"It'll make a big difference to the United States, economically, if we could have American oil companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela. It'd be good for the people of Venezuela. It'd be good for the people of the United States. We both have a lot at stake here making this come out the right way."

The above confirms the worst fears of the motives of the neo-con swamp that still controls the White House's foreign policy: All their platitudes about 'freedom' and 'democracy' for Venezuela are nothing more than a cynical smokescreen to cover their plans to take from Venezuela its natural wealth and hand it across to their corporate mates.

Until these thieving, lying criminals are thrown out of office and, together with their military industrial complex mates, are made to face justice, there cannot be peace.

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