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A Remembrance Day Thought: What if the Environmentalists and Greens had been Government in 1939?


“The Sierra Club of Canada renounces war as a solution to human conflict.”
Seconded by the Green Party

THE SIERRA CLUB OF CANADA 1939 and the Green Party in their earlier guise

“Sorry, Mr. Hitler, you can’t invade us because, you see, we don’t believe in war or violence.”

THE SIERRA CLUB OF CANADA 2040 Seconded by the Green Party

To the flotillas of 30 million environmental refugees off our coasts
“Please go away, pretty please, because thanks to our successful peace campaign Canada doesn’t have a navy to stop you…no wait, come on in and help yourself, we’ll just reduce our consumption even more…”

Is this the future 100,000 young Canadians died for? So that these counterfeit green Neville Chamberlains could leave us defenceless in the face of marauding millions and armed resource pirates? That our army be reduced to a token force of social workers?

From Brookwood Cemetry in Greater London the voice of my 24 year old uncle cries out along with a thousand other dead Canadian pilots that we continue his work and protect our country from invasion, in whatever form. Since he sank U-Boats and shot down Focke Wulfs, the very least I can do is fight the quisling open borders Greens and Sierrans who try to surrender what he gave his life to defend. 30 SS Divisions could not do the damage that another 30 million consumers could to our biodiversity.

To save the environment, one must first destroy the environmental leadership..


I think this is a vexed question in many ways, Tim, and we need to approach it very carefully.

Climate change refugees

I think the solution to this problem, if one is to be found, must lie somewhere between the extremes of complete acceptance of all climate change refugees on the one hand and total refusal to accept any on the other.

I believe that we should be focusing now on the prevention of economic migration and natural population growth both here and in the Third World so that when we have to confront the climate change refugee question, we may just have a little more space in which to place any climate change refugees should we then decide to do so.

If this awful day comes, then I believe that we should then ask ourselves the hard question as to whether we possibly can take any refugees without completely destroying our own environment. We can't know one way or the other what the answer to this question will be in advance and should not definitively pre-empt one way or the other what our decision as a society should be at that point.


Defence is also problematic. The Canadian Armed Forces does have a right to defend its own borders from both invaders and illegal immigrants. However it also engaged in an illegitimate war in Afghanistan, which is based on the fraudulent pretext that the principle perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist atrocity came from within the Afghanistan. Whilst until recently I accepted this lie and, hence, the legitimacy of the current Afghan War, I have since become familiar with the case of the 9/11 Truth Movement and no longer do.

Thus the Afghan war is only yet another of many unjust wars conducted since at least the end of the Second World War and the Canadian Armed forces, and, for that matter, the Australian Defence Forces, should be playing no further part in it.