Overpopulation, immigration, multiculturalism and the White Australia policy

On December 4, 2003, Australia’s population was estimated at 20 million and projected to reach about 30 million by 2050. Slightly less than 50 per cent of this growth rate resulted from net overseas immigration. By 5 November 2007, Australia’s population had ballooned by more than one twentieth of itself (or 5.66 per cent) to 21,131,216 and was projected to reach 34 million by 2050. In fact, with that growth rate of 1.5 per cent per annum, it is on course to double within less than 50 years. Annual immigration has been responsible for more than half this growth, even though the birth-rate had increased in a context of misleading pronatalist propaganda.

Canadian Socialist and Green Icons contest multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is Canada's Ingsoc, a state ideology so powerfully pervasive that few in the media, in the educational institutions or the political parties would dare challenge it.

Argument with a socialist zealot

Arguing with socialists about population growth or immigration is as futile as debating these issues with the Vatican. Fundamentally, they have no understanding of limits. They would have us believe that growth can go on forever, that we need only manage it and share its fruits equitably, and if driven by the right technology, that we can open our borders to the world without ecological consequences.

Is it reactionary to oppose Immigration?

Andy Kerr, former president of Alternatives to Growth Oregon, posed these questions, "To those who support generous immigration, I ask you this: ... How can you support a policy that helps ensure that our existing poor will never be adequately valued for their labor."

This article has also been published on Web Diary

Victorian Environment Minister fails the Environment

Channel deepening approval by Victorian Environment Minister Gavin Jennings is scandalous. The paltry $100 million bond equals the value of only one day of exports through the Port. Is that how little our Bay is worth? (Read full media release at www.bluewedges.org or read copy here.)

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Industrial civilization Pandora's box

Greek mythology has given us Pandora's box. Economics has released more tangible evils from the ecological box. That is the modern day reality equivalent of the ancient, but perceptive, myth.

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Unsustainability of civilization

Global society is entranced with its achievements whilst being blind to the true cost, the decimation of its life support system, the environment. This essay drives home the point that this misdirection of civilization is not sustainable. It raises the question of 'what now?'

Premier Calvert's Big Lie

Premier Lorne Calvert of Saskatchewan was just one of a long line of politicians who sold us economic growth under a green cloak. They beguile us with trendy oxymorons while the planet just gets hotter and hotter. Economic and population growth cannot continue. Or a lot of us are going to die. To say otherwise is the Big Lie.

Peter Garrett in the hot-seat over Channel Deepening

The first round in the legal battle to save Port Phillip Bay has Peter Garrett - one time charismatic enviromental hope now Environment Minister and strangely silent - in court to represent the Federal Government's position on the undemocratic, uneconomical and environmentally shocking project to continuously dredge Melbourne's Port Phillip bay.

Newcastle group to act against coal exports

The Newcastle group Rising Tide, who took practical action to stop global warming by blocking a coal train in Novermber is planning a community walk-in this coming Saturday 8 December to protest against plans to build a new coal terminal.

Blue Wedges take Port of Melbourne deepening to Federal Court

Blue Wedges Coalition is fighting in court tomorrow (Wednesday 5th December) to keep the Boskalis dredge ship, Queen of the Netherlands from beginning work on the channel deepening project early next year. Will the judiciary remember what they are there for and represent the people of Melbourne's rights?

Domino effect and interdependencies

How the interdependence of banking, power generation and telecommunications combined with a sudden surge in the price of petroleum could lead to a global economic collapse. This article was originally published in www.powerswitch.org.uk on 17 February 2005. Read original article or read copy on this site.

How the media control elections

The alternative media is coming up with documentary films of enormous importance. This article points to one about how the US media ruined the chances of a candidate for election in the 1992 US elections.

Economic Growth Fails to Eliminate Child Poverty - Are you surprised?

CANADA: Population growth and economic growth are booming in Canada, but so is poverty and homelessness.
Hmm. Sounds like what is happening in Australia.
Yet, in Quebec, which has low economic growth, child poverty and family poverty are also low. What gives? This article says the secret of reducing poverty lies in state intervention. The trickle-down economy only makes the rich richer and more callous.

Save the Gold Coast's seagrasses!

The health of the Gold Coast's seagrass, vital for dugongs and turtles, is under constant threat from both natural and human impacts

South East Asian wetlands threatened by overdevelopment

Wetlands are threatened by 'development' all over Asia, and in Laos the results could be catastrophic. Read original article in On Line Opinion or read copy here.

Joe Hockey's "Work Choices" back flip: too little, too late

November 2005, WorkChoices legislation was rammed through Parliament. Barely a week in the House; just three weeks for Senate review.

Now, suddenly, former Work Place Relations Minister Hockey proclaims
that WorkChoices "went too deep; it was a mistake," even though it was introduced with "the best intentions."

Federal elections and Queensland local government amalgamations

Australians, finally able to rejoice at the demise of the hated Howard government, can count themselves lucky that the Queensland Labor Government's undemocratic local government amalgamations program enacted at the behest of the Property Council of Australia did not fatally undermine Federal Labor's election campaign.

How the bean-counters took over the campaign

The fiscal management for which Treasurer Costello has been lauded is not the same as economic management. As economic managers, Howard and Costello would not even earn a grade of 'pass'. (Read original article on Online Opinion or read copy on this site.)

Greens welcome Rudd family calls to stop Traveston Dam

Today’s reports of Kevin Rudd’s own family decrying his silence on the proposed Mary River dam are sentiments shared by many Queenslanders, who deserve to know what Labor’s position on the dam is before voting on Saturday, said the Greens today.

Staff cuts blamed on sale of Telstra

According to Independent candidate for Calare Gavin Priestley the recent announcement of technical staff redundancies in Telstra highlights a lack of service control created by the Coalition Government’s sale of Telstra. Original article is from the Nyngan Observer.

Review of Naomi Klein’s "The Shock Doctrine"

I hate to resort to clichés, but this is a ‘must read’ book – the kind that only gets published once in a hundred years.

The theory Klein develops is that the main reason for the rise of democracy and social-welfare with its old age pensions, public hospitals, public housing, and universal education after the Great Depression of the 1930s was that the beneficiaries of the robber-baron culture which had dominated until then were aware that if people were kept sufficiently miserable, they would turn to communism and socialism.

Reading of the desecration and live dismemberment of Iraq and seeing the name KPMG, I could not help but think of how our recent Premier, Steven Bracks, who was so fond of public-private partnerships, and whose government gave away 20 ha of public land in Royal Park to private 52% owned Singapore developer, Australand. In a move which even the departing Queensland Premier criticised, Bracks recently began to work for KPMG Peat Marwick, which, incidentally, is involved in reconstruction efforts in East Timor.

Also published on Web Diary. See also: "Shock Doctrine's Shocking Short Shrift" of 8 Nov 07 by Carolyn Baker.

The myth of the Howard Government's defence competence

In the last days of the 2007 election campaign, John Howard continues to peddle the Big Lie that his Government is safeguarding Australia's defence needs. In fact, his Government has undermined the "self containtment" policy established painstakingly by Australian governments prior to the Second World War in favour of always buying overpriced and often inferior American equipment.

Also published on Opinion on 21 November 2007 and on Margo Kingston's webdiary.

Greens shred WorkChoices on building site

Greens lead Senate candidate Larissa Waters joined building workers on a Brisbane building site this morning and pledged to abolish all of the government's WorkChoices laws and the controversial Australian Building and Construction Commission.

Newcastle group blocks coal train to stop climate change

Two days after the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the effects of climate change will be even worse than previously anticipated the group Rising Tide in Newcastle Australia has taken direct action against the threat, setting an example for the rest of us to follow.

Boswell’s Senate record reveals why he’s scared of the Greens

Nationals Senator Ron Boswell’s record of Senate inactivity could be the reason for his stated concern about losing his seat to Greens lead Senate candidate Larissa Waters.

Greens condemn Flannery's support for Environment Minister Turnbull

Greens leader Bob Brown has attacked environmental scientist Dr Tim Flannery's for endorsement of Malcolm Turnbull.

Poor Howard government advertising standards exposed.

The poor standards of the Coalition on Government advertising, exposed again in the annual report of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for the year ending June 30 2007 according to Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Murray.

No new ideas in Coalition's punitive dead end drugs policy

Plans by Prime Minister John Howard to quarrantine welfare payments of convicted drug users will only compound the difficulty of their rehabilition and increase the likelihood of property crime according to Brian McConnell, President of Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform.

Howard's Economic Hallucinations

John Howard's promise that no-one will "be in any way adversely affected by" changes Industrial Relations legislation if he is re-elected, already made once before and broken once before, is scrutinised.


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