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The nature of greed

For all of the high consumption of non-renewable natural resources by today's middle class Canadians, and the consequent ecological damage, how does their quality of life compare to those of Canadians of the 1950's with their much lower ecological footprint?

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity of 6 Sep 2007 on Online Opinion and discussion.

Last gasp for single desk marketing of Australian wheat

Over 500 farmers have turned out in force to protest at Parliament in Canberra in a last ditch attempt to persuade the Government not to ditch the single desk marketing of Australian wheat.

How growth has degraded the quality of life in Canada

Whilst economists misuse indicators such as the GDP to ”prove“ that an increase in real in come has coincided with massive population growth in Canada in recent decades, the reality is, as intuition and common sense should have warned, that Canadians on average are worse off as Brishen Hoff, President of Biodiversity First shows.

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity 6 Sep 08 concerning the quality of life in Australia

Cause for alarm - Australia's population growth and the irresponsibility of those who drive it

If Australians starve and more become homeless due to their population having overshot petroleum, water and food production resources, how will the politicians, media and lobbyists who actively drove this situation be held responsible? Critique of Tim Colebatch article, "Population grows at record rate" (Age, 6/6/2008)

Oil Peak Europe: France "We need a Marshall Plan."

Nicolas Hulot: “France needs a Marshall Plan, at the level of France and Europe, to orientate massively our investments in our economies for this transition, and for mutual cooperation."

Is the human race running a fever?

Governments have stolen the word 'sustainability' and made it mean 'economic business as usual'. More objective definition of sustainable, however, suggests that our vast populations and range of economic activities cannot last for long. And the economic signs aren't good either.

John Locke in Ellen Meiksins Wood's The Origin of Capitalism

It is amazing that so many of us accept that it is our lot to work for others and to pay rent. Was it always so or did this come about through sophistry?

George Soros on world recession, housing prices, oil prices - May lecture

George Soros: There is a "need to improve the quality of regulation. It is not enough to regulate the money supply; you also have to regulate credit."

Debate on funding retirement in France

Raising the retirement age in France is impractical when people are being forcibly retired younger and younger.

We need a population policy

Article in the the Newcastle Herald suggests we need a sustainable economy and smaller population in Australia if we are to have a worthwhile future.

Courier-Mail beats up on public for complaining about cost of 'progress'

Murdoch's Queensland Courier Mail has long been in the business of marketing unacceptable development, but the April 9 2008 editorial read more like a medieval sermon on the benefits of floggings. What must Queenslanders have done to the Gods to provoke such punishment as

“freeways, chemical plants and new powerstations at their back door; transport corridors and dams which endanger the environment and destroy local communities”

... which the editorialist identifies as our inescapable and deserved fate?

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Australian ecological history - and future

The conventional way of looking at how Australia has developed entails examining social, economic and political aspects, without much consideration of what this has done to its life support system. This conventional examination does not take into account the fact that this development has been at the expense of irreversibly drawing down on the available natural capital. Australia is now running out of this capital. So what of the future? Read on!

Immigration myths demolished by economics journalist

The main justification given for Australia's current record high levels of immigration, that is that solves the skills shortage has been disputed in a recent article "An inconvenient truth about rising immigration" of 2 March 2008.

The end of economic growth is a message of hope

In this lecture Josh Farley tells us that we can't sell the Steady State economic model if we preach gloom and sacrifice. "Martin Luther King would have gotten no where if he had given a "I have a Nightmare" speech. Farley demonstrates that it is we who have the positive message and that it will be the ideologues of classical economics who will have to purvey gloom and doom once it is apparent to all that there are no more cookies in the cookie jar.

Economic Growth Fails to Eliminate Child Poverty - Are you surprised?

CANADA: Population growth and economic growth are booming in Canada, but so is poverty and homelessness.
Hmm. Sounds like what is happening in Australia.
Yet, in Quebec, which has low economic growth, child poverty and family poverty are also low. What gives? This article says the secret of reducing poverty lies in state intervention. The trickle-down economy only makes the rich richer and more callous.

How the bean-counters took over the campaign

The fiscal management for which Treasurer Costello has been lauded is not the same as economic management. As economic managers, Howard and Costello would not even earn a grade of 'pass'. (Read original article on Online Opinion or read copy on this site.)

Myths of the economic competency of the Howard Government

Five myths of superior economic competence, which has been flogged by the conservative Australian Coalition from the time it first assumed office are demolished by John Hermann of Economic Reform Australia.


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