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Canada's National Poem---Our Multicultural Experience

Canada needs a new anthem, suitable to contemporary trends. I offer this as our national poem, and I would suggest that our national symbol, the beaver, should be changed to something more appropriate---the bulldozer

See also "The Sounds of Media Silence----With Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel" of 28 Feb 10.

The Sounds of Media Silence----With Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel

If only Simon and Garfunkel were Malthusians. Maybe then the lyrics of some of their memorable songs could be brought to bear in our current struggle to force action to limit population growth.


Verbal Emetics For Neo-Malthusians

It sometimes becomes medically necessary to expel toxic growthist propaganda before it is fully absorbed in the bloodstream leading to a brain seizure. Exposure to growthist buzzwords can induce the nausea required to induce vomiting. Here is a tentative list that can serve as a quick reference when immediate relief is called for.


There is really only one kind of sustainability

(Ed. The subject of this article may seem hackneyed, but it is well worth reading.) The word "sustainable" or "sustainability" has been rendered meaningless and oxymoronic by its attachment to the most invasive development proposals and economic activity. But authentic sustainability does not lend itself to semantic pluralism. It can only mean the viablility of the whole, not its constituent parts. There is really only one kind of sustainability.

Who's Shilling for Whom?

This not, repeat, NOT, an argument for or against AGW theory. It is about green hypocrisy and double-standards. If we are to follow the corporate money trail, we must follow it wherever it leads, even if it leads to the door of a CBC-annointed demi-god so beloved internationally by those who know him even less than Canadians do.

It is socially responsible to be socially irresponsible

The question is, do you want to prolong the system or bring it to a quick end? Do want to make growth work or make it impossible?

The Green Badge of Courage

It doesn't take much guts to be a soft-green environmentalist. Trying taking on hard taboo targets.

Growth Begins at Home

There is no need to send out a search party for the Growth Lobby. It lives in your neighbourhood and in your home town.

See also by Tim Murray: "What is a racist?" of 3 Jan 10, "The Green Badge of Courage" of 3 Jan 10 and "It is socially responsible to be socially irresponsible" of 4 Jan 10.

What is a racist?

The accusation of "racism" can more properly be hurled back at the accusers.


Rabbi's fecundity held accountable for coming Holocaust

Judeo-Christian injunctions to be fruitful, go forth and multiply are in blatant contradiction to the demand that we be good stewards of planet earth. More than that though, those religious leaders who assume the mantle of morality while promoting large traditional families violate a fundamental moral maxim.


Alliance for death (aka “Life”)

The growth lobby appears in new guises every day, constantly trying to make itself out to be the good guy. Now a new alliance of religious groups pretends we can go on growing indefinitely, the same way that the Citizens Electoral Lobby, the Australian Property Council, and the Prime Minister of Australia do. But Tim Murray asks, "If each one of God’s 214,000 miracles born each day is precious, what of the tens or hundreds of thousands of non human life forms that are murdered that day by our expansion? Yes, 100 species are lost each day. But many more life forms are killed than that each day. How many? Who knows? Each and every day we are breeding our life support system into the ground."

What is a racist?

"Agent Provocateur" asks, "What is the definition of a racist?" I will give him a North American definition.

The "Free Surface Effect" of Mass Immigration

It is a common assertion, even among those who oppose global overpopulation, that immigration, or the migration of people between regions and nations, is irrelevant to the issue. As one blogger here put it, it is really just a question of "shuffling people around." This is dead wrong. Not only does emigration stimulate fertility and typically multiply ecological footprints, it is enormously destabilizing in its impact. In effect, migration lowers our global carrying capacity.


Question for Climate Change Minister Penny Wong

Penny Wong has started a trend in dieting in Canada, of all places. They call it, "Smart Gluttony". Using Penny Wong's approach to growing population and production whilst simultaneously reducing carbon gas emissions, Tim Murray expects to lose weight by eating more ice-cream, even though his doctor has predicted that his weight will increase by 65% just if he continues with his current one tub a day.

Questions for the Self-Righteous

A cluster of mainly grey-haired, predominately female members of the local chapter of the Sierra Club gathered in front of one of the two local stores in my small island community to form a vigil to plead for action on global warming to synchronize with the summit in Copenhagen. While I do not contest the hypothesis that man-made climate change poses a serious threat, I do question their priorities and their focus. That alone makes me a hated heretic.

Who Is Coercing Whom?

The author responds to news of some so-called 'Green groups' preventing discussion of population numbers as a factor in carbon emissions. "Women should have the right not to have children. But they have no right, in the context of overshoot, to have as many children as they or their husbands want. The “right to choose” cannot be the right to abuse. Even the most jealously guarded right must be measured against equally fundamental rights, most especially the right of our species, and others, to live."

Vancouver's growth model drove me out of town

This comment, by Canadian Tim Murray, was originally posted to the ABC Background Briefing program, 'Housing for Millions'. In response to statements by a planner which implied that the doubling of Vancouver's population in 15 years had been accomplished without pain, he writes, "Vancouver is a success story only if compared to other major urban failures."

Bogeyman of racism a useful decoy for the Growth Lobby

Our primary concern should not be about how people in our lifeboat treat each other, where they are from or how they look, but how many damn passengers the boat can carry sustainably past the tumultuous storms of peak oil, peak water and peak everything that loom over the horizon.

Sustainable tourism: an oxymoronic delusion?

To argue that we can flood an ecologically sensitive area with tourists, and protect it, is delusional and contradictory.

Also published on Online Opinion on 11 May 2009, Sinking Lifeboat on 25 Feb 09.

Martin Luther King "Family Planning — A Special and Urgent Concern"

January 19 is Martin Luther King day. It has been my tradition to trot out one of his most unknown speeches. Circulate it widely, please. I was a teenager when he appeared on so many talk shows. Apart from his captivating and stirring speeches, his calm reason and supreme intelligence---on so many issues---still impresses me. He was a giant. And he was more literate than Obama on the ecological facts of life, obviously. But then, so many more were in the late sixties too. See also this article about the 1999 civil trial which found that the US Government conspired in King's assassination.

Is the home-building industry the prime mover of our ecological ruin?

The former Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr, once offered Australia a choice. It could sustain jobs and economic security by using its brains, by being a smart economy, by adding value to the products it produces and by transforming manufacturing. Or it could continue to be a “lazy Australia” that depends on job growth simply by driving up population numbers and depending on the growth you get by building homes and shopping malls. ... That the home building industry is the prime mover and catalyst of our ecological ruin was never more clearly illustrated than by statements recently made by University of West Florida economist Rick Harper, director of the UWF’s Haas Centre for Business Research.

How Green Is This "Green" Party?

Canada's Green Party is the quintessential Green Party. Still my nominee for the world's most idiotic of parties. So what ever you do, don't accuse me of being ethnocentric. New Zealand Green Party, would you please send missionaries to the frozen north and teach our Greens some holistic thinking please? A simple incantation of IPAT, IPAT, IPAT might do the trick to deprogramme our Greenies from their Monbiotist trance.

Dr. David Suzuki Is NOT Sustainable

Dr. David Suzuki consistently fails to identify stopping population growth in Canada as a necessary part of achieving sustainability. His emphasis on green living habits and renewable technology alternatives are the classic politically correct dodge. In this devastating critique of the man, his organization, and his lifestyle, Brishen Hoff demonstrates that Suzuki does not deserve our adulation or our money. Somebody kick him off that pedestal please.


A Remembrance Day Thought: What if the Environmentalists and Greens had been Government in 1939?

Perish the thought. Green peacniks running government in the face of an imminent threat of invasion. If the invasion materialised overnight, the people would rebel and take matters into their own hands with fish boats and hand made weapons. But the invasion is incremental and the pace is less dramatic but relentless.

Tale Me Off Your List! PC Canadian demands total immunity from incoming intellectual challenges

Soft-green and centre-left organizations inundate Canadians with unsolicitated emails and dinner time phone calls that can't be terminated by repeated pleadings. Yet when the individuals who belong to these organizations are in turn subject to our emails, demanding answers or presenting counter-arguments to theirs, they scream that their privacy rights have been abused. Such was the case on November 9/08 when Brishen Hoff of Biodiversity First sent our material to a CBC mailing list of soft green supporters.

Our Society Is Not Sustainable by Brishen Hoff

Brishen Hoff, President of Biodiversity First, makes a simple point. Per capita GNP is fast becoming inversely correlated with a growing GDP, which in Anglophone countries is being fed by immigration. Stop immigration, reduce births, shrink population, and individual shares of wealth increase. Common sense. Sorry. If it was common every one would have it.

The Inconvenient Truths of Chris Clugston: Selected Quotations from "Quantifying Overextension-America's Predicament"

While Ecological Footprint Analysis was a groundbreaking attempt to assess the impact of the combination of human populations with given consumption levels, intuitively I thought something was amiss. The Global Footprint Network assessment of Canada's carrying capacity seemed wildly overstated and not consistent with the observations of Canadians on the frontline of ecological damage. Well it appears our misgivings are right. There is a new kid on the block. "Societal Overextension Analysis" offers a more comprehensive picture of overshoot than EFA.


Is it game over for immigration reformers in America?

Does the election of a pro-immigration candidate to President of the United States mean that North America is doomed to have its current record rate of population growth continue indefinitely until its ecology is destroyed?

See also: "An immigration policy bought and paid for?" of 24 Feb 08.

General MacArthur and His Island-Hopping Strategy: The EROEI for Internet duels with Growthist Fools is Negative

With limited time and energy at one's disposal, it is wise to deploy it to its best effect. And that certainly is not by wasting hours on Internet forums debating with PC cornucopians with exclusively anthropentric human rights agendas and limited numbers of neural pathways that are set in concrete. Better to target those with flexible minds who have yet to consider our message and intuitively know that something is amiss with unending growth.

Keep the right-handed out of Canada! A Politically Correct proposal to reduce immigration and its negative environmental impact

If necessary we must find any arbitrary criteria we can to get those immigration numbers down. They are killing biodiversity, food self-sufficiency and accelerating climate change.


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