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My close encounter with the most majestic of raptors

It seems that even the almighty profit motive will bow to the spiritual, if it is pursued on a community scale by people rooted in that community.

Can Canada's health care system survive mass immigration?

If the Canada of 1965 could have been preserved in aspic its medicare system might have been viable. But how is it now to contend with the massive numbers who make major claims on hospital services? Tim Murray, Director of Immigration Watch Canada describes the strains that runaway immigration levels have placed on Canada's health system.


There is a new state ideology in the tradition of the totalitarian religions of times past. It is an amalgam of Growthism and Multiculturalism The two work hand in hand to promote complimentary ends. Both must be confronted for their hidden agendas.

THE CULTURE OF XENOPHILIA AND ITS ORIGINS How Love of the Stranger is Killing Us

It is a perverse love that would place the needs of the stranger above the needs of one's own family. But that is the kind of love which seems to be afflicting us in some quarters, notably the human rights industry which apparently cares nothing for the needs of its own citizenry or particularly for the carrying capacity of the national environment. The origins of this attitude are deep rooted: Judeo-Christianity and Marxism. Nevertheless within both traditions are found proponents of balance.

THE UBIQUITOUS RATIONALE OF GROWTHISM Vancouver and Melbourne victimized by the same sophistry

The language of growthism is universal, as are its arguments. A comparison of the sophistry of Vancouver developers and planners with that employed by Premier Brumby of Victoria makes one realize that we are dealing with a ubiquitous rationale. Growth is inevitable, Growth is good, Move over and make room for more and more growth and screw sustainablility because our kids need affordable housing.

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How do you know if you are a soft Green?

There is a noxios political fungus that tends to infect university graduates. Soft-greenism. You may have it. If you do, it is intellectually and morally fatal, and population myopia is the first symptom. Here is the diagnosis.


Immigration as the quick fix

Canada can be likened to a sugar addict at one moment low on energy (labour shortage), who then reaches for a candy bar (immigration) and wolfs it down to achieve short term hyperactivity (economic growth). Then the insulin kicks in and there is a crash. So the addiction looks for another immigration rush to keep the high going, until the next crash into lethargy. It is a vicious cycle that won't be broken until the patient thinks in terms of long-term stability and losing demographic weight.

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An immigration policy bought and paid for?

Tim Murray, director of Immigration Watch Canada, follows the money trail in the US Presidential primaries.

Also published in Canada Free Press on 11 Mar 08.


There is no another gaping hole in Canada's immigration wall. A Canadian Muslim can now apparently marry someone on the other side of the world by a long-distance telephone conversation, and viola!, an instant Canadian is created overseas that he has never seen.


Growthists can be identified by their failure to answer questions, questions like the ones Ontario writer Brishen Hoff puts to them. Recommendation: Put growthists on the defensive, throw the ball into THEIR court. Make them tell us how many immigrants and how much development they ultimately want to ram down our throats. Do they have a final number in mind, or is the sky the limit?

Australia and Canada: two demographic bulimics?

Australian poet and writer Mark O’Connor reveals astounding similarities between the dire ecological problems faced by both Canada and Australia.

Which is the most idiotic Green Party in the world?

The current state of a competition to establish which amongst the world's Green parties is to be ranked as the most most anti-environmental. A few contenders (but not including the Australian Greens), having sane pro-environmental policies, are disqualified.

Why George Monbiot is wrong to downplay population question

Keith Hobson, a Canadian biologist disputes reputed environmentalist George Monbiot's bombshell claim that overpopulation is "not the most urgent" threat.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation airs prejudices against white Canadians

People with dark skin or from Asia are not the only people who suffer racial vilification these days.
In arguing for more immigration a Maltese immigrant complained on the "Sounds Like Canada" program of Friday, January 25/08 that one or two maritime provinces were mostly white and that others were "even worse".

The end of economic growth is a message of hope

In this lecture Josh Farley tells us that we can't sell the Steady State economic model if we preach gloom and sacrifice. "Martin Luther King would have gotten no where if he had given a "I have a Nightmare" speech. Farley demonstrates that it is we who have the positive message and that it will be the ideologues of classical economics who will have to purvey gloom and doom once it is apparent to all that there are no more cookies in the cookie jar.

Triad of ecological ruin - The Royal Bank of Canada, Nature Conservancy and the Multicultural Industry

To read the Royal Bank's website, one might confuse this commercial goliath with the Sierra Club or Friends of the Earth. A bank that in 2006 had a net income of $4,6 billion presents itself as the Jolly Green Giant of corporate Canada.

Canadian Socialist and Green Icons contest multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is Canada's Ingsoc, a state ideology so powerfully pervasive that few in the media, in the educational institutions or the political parties would dare challenge it.

Argument with a socialist zealot

Arguing with socialists about population growth or immigration is as futile as debating these issues with the Vatican. Fundamentally, they have no understanding of limits. They would have us believe that growth can go on forever, that we need only manage it and share its fruits equitably, and if driven by the right technology, that we can open our borders to the world without ecological consequences.

Is it reactionary to oppose Immigration?

Andy Kerr, former president of Alternatives to Growth Oregon, posed these questions, "To those who support generous immigration, I ask you this: ... How can you support a policy that helps ensure that our existing poor will never be adequately valued for their labor."

This article has also been published on Web Diary


Nations are like elevators. They have a limited carrying capacity. There are more people in the lobby than there are spaces to accommodate them. If the elevator has taken on its safe limit of people, the fact that there are deserving people left outside is irrelevant. It is not how many refugees a human rights activist thinks we have a moral obligation to accept, but how many our environment can sustain. Our moral obligations are to obey the biophysical limits of our nation, just as it is the moral obligation of elevator passengers to ensure the safety of existing passengers by obeying the laws of physics.



It was once said that the Church of England was just the Tory party in prayer. It seems that the Sierra Club, the flagship organization of Canada's mainstream environmental movement, is really just the New Democratic Party in hiking boots. The stress is entirely on reducing consumption, all the while turning a blind eye to rampant population growth, driven largely by immigration, which is wiping out all gains made in reducing GHG emissions.

The ball is in your court: Hard questions for Soft Greens

Soft Greens are in denial. They refuse to accept the role that population growth plays in environmental degradation, for to do so, in the Anglophone world, would be to acknowledge the role that immigration plays in population growth. Hence their maniacal focus on reducing consumption. But population and consumption are interchangeable qualia. Ignore one, you have ignored both.

Premier Calvert's Big Lie

Premier Lorne Calvert of Saskatchewan was just one of a long line of politicians who sold us economic growth under a green cloak. They beguile us with trendy oxymorons while the planet just gets hotter and hotter. Economic and population growth cannot continue. Or a lot of us are going to die. To say otherwise is the Big Lie.

Economic Growth Fails to Eliminate Child Poverty - Are you surprised?

CANADA: Population growth and economic growth are booming in Canada, but so is poverty and homelessness.
Hmm. Sounds like what is happening in Australia.
Yet, in Quebec, which has low economic growth, child poverty and family poverty are also low. What gives? This article says the secret of reducing poverty lies in state intervention. The trickle-down economy only makes the rich richer and more callous.

Voting Systems

The advantages of preferential voting and direct elections and why proportional representation is not a solution.


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