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So you want to fight global warming? Wear a condom.

"... You can't grow your population by 18% over 17 years and expect as Canada does to cut GHG emissions by 6% over that same period. Tony Blair failed to meet his GHG target for much the same reason. When Australia increased its population by 30% since 1990, its GHG emissions increased by 31%. ..."

There is No Sanctuary from Economic Growth

For those who recall the scene when Neville Chamberlain stepped down on the tarmac of London's Heston aerodrome on September 30th of 1938 waving his piece of paper, the announcement by the government of the Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.) on October 16, 2007 must have seemed like déjà vu. On both occasions, an announcement promising 'peace in our time' (for people or wildlife) was met with jubilant relief from people who wanted to believe that the insatiable appetite of a monster can be appeased with an hors d'oeuvre.

Closing our borders can't mean turning our backs

Whilst measures to stop the current unprecedented global levels of immigration are a necessary precondition to save the world's environment, they can only ever work as stop-gap measures. Unless accompanied by a concerted international effort to redress the inequities, established by colonialism and, in recent decades, exacerbated by the waves of neo-liberal inspired globalising 'reforms', closure of borders of industrialised nations to immigration from Third World nations cannot succeed in the longer term and cannot hope to prevent world-wide environmental calamity.

Illegal aliens burn precious forest while Sierra Club is mum

Funny, I never read about THIS in any Sierra Club publication or newsletter. I wonder why? Environmentalists have had much to say about the damage a Mexican border fence would do to wildlife movement. But precious forests being torched and they say nothing?

Bush's legacy

Here are some startling immigration numbers from the US since George Bush took office, according to Edwin S. Rubenstein of

Growth is OK if it is shared?

Premier Lorne Calvert, New Democratic Party (NDP) Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, in calling an election for November 7, declared that growth was a good thing, so long as it was "shared".

New technology won't save us from the population bomb

Researcher Brishen Hoff of Massey, Ontario made some interesting calculations. He found that the benefits of much touted 900 acre solar panel "farm" planned near Sarnia, Ontario would be wiped out by the normal flow of immigrants admitted to Canada in just 22 days.

Population growth:where is the environmentalist community?

When SPA National President Dr. John Coulter responded to ABS figures showing record population growth by denouncing political leaders for continuing to promote such a suicidal policy, he could have used the same speech, with minor editing, to attack Canada's parliamentary leaders. Delete references to water shortages, but add some other insuperable challenges.

Why conservation efforts will not survive mass immigration

On Friday September 7, 2007, the venerable Canadian environmental author Farley Mowat made a boldly generous but stunningly futile gesture. He donated 200 acres of his Cape Breton land to "Nova Scotia Nature Trust".

No population explosion in a classless society?

History records that Karl Marx had a fierce disregard for Thomas Malthus and his theory. Blaming the poor for their poverty was just not on for the socialist revolutionary from Trier, Germany. The system---capitalism---was to blame for everything. Dump capitalism, institute socialism, and people will presumably stop bonking. For Frederick Engels, socialism was like salt peter, it alone "makes possible that moral restraint of the propagative instinct which Malthus himself presents as the most effective and easiest remedy for over-population."

Racist-baiting of immigration reformers is left-wing McCarthyism

Everyone gets in a lather when we propose an immigration moratorium for Canada. We are racist xenophobes with a fortress mentality who think that a national "gated" community will seal off CO2 emissions from China and India. Instead we should drop our fence, welcome newcomers, and thereby send out a message of friendship so as to gain global cooperation in our plan to fight global warming, and yes, over-population, which after all are global problems that Canada can't solve alone.

Fault with the Russian Revolution did not originate with Stalin

I think that your faith in the Russian Revolution is misplaced. Like many critics of Stalin, you don't see that the fault does not originate with Uncle Joe but with Lenin's concept of democratic centralism, a concept that made Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Ho Chi Minh inevitable. Trotsky was a Stalinist who lost a power struggle. His firm resolution and ruthless determination to win was demonstrated by how he put down the workers at the
Kronstadt "revolt" ...



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