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GetUp Campaign for Direct Democracy needs your support now!

(Belated) update (30/4/2016). Not long after this article was published, the GetUp site administrator suddenly and without warning deleted this proposal together with the many other posts, all of which enthusiastically supported my proposal, as I recall. Had we been warned at least we could have retrieved copies of the posts that were of interest, before they were deleted. Given this outrageous treatment of a proposal which is clearly consistent with GetUp's purported goal "to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into our democracy", GetUp cannot be what it claims to be.

To vote on this campaign go to . Yesterday, I made a proposal on GetUp that GetUp launch a campaign to have the Australian constitution changed to include provisions for Direct Democracy similar to what is practised in Switzerland. Whilst the response has not yet been overwhelming, I see no reason why a campaign for Direct Democracy now in Australia should not be able to gain sufficient support to force the Government make it law. But to succeed the campaign needs your support. To find out what you can do, please read this article and the previous article, particularly, that article's What You Can Do Section.

You can help bring Direct Democracy to Australia

You can help bring Direct Democracy to Australia. To vote on this campaign go to

John Marlowe first wrote an article about Direct Democracy late last year on 17 November 2010, the same day as an excellent episode of Rear Vision about Direct Democracy was first broadcast. Today, I made a suggestion to GetUp that they conduct a campaign for the Australian constitution to be changed to include Direct Democracy as it is currently practised in Switzerland. It is easy for anyone who agrees with the aims of GetUp to join in order to vote for my proposal. What you can do.

How copyright laws obstruct the preservation of historically important documents

When I recently re-read my article
Murdoch media contradicts itself on immigration
of 18 Feb 09, I found that the articles in the Murdoch Press I had cited and linked to from that article were no longer available on-line. If publishers are not prepared to preserve copies of documents published on the Internet, then why should others be prevented from doing so by the copyright laws?

Why does Australian Peak Oil authority object to discussion of the justification for Iraq and Afghan wars?

On 18 May 2009 a site visitor objected to the controversy surrounding 9/11 being raised on this web-site.

As that site visitor is considered an authority on the question of petroleum and other fossil fuels and is moderator of the Australian Yahoo Group Running on Empty, Oz (roeoz) concerned with Peak Oil, I would have thought he would have been interested to know that many authoritative people don't accept the version of events used to justify the wars that have ravaged much of the oil-rich regions of the world.

Pages of Interest

Population Growth over Human History at

It shows, amongst other concerning information that for nearly all of human history, the global human population has been well under 500 million.

How economists misuse per capita GDP to depict income decline as income growth

Our supposedly steadily increasing per-capita Gross Domestic Product GDP figures are the basis of politicians' claims that their policies, including "free market" "reforms" and population growth, have increased our prosperity. An example is a graph by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which purportedly shows that average income has increased $10,000 in real terms in the ten years to 2008. In fact, the use of the GDP in this way is contrary to the intentions of its originator Simon Kuznets (pictured). Many Australians must wonder why, if their prosperity has increased so much in only 10 years, at least two incomes, instead of only one income, are necessary for most families.

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity of 6 Sep 07 and comments, What is Australia's population "carrying capacity"? of 31 Dec 10.

Why won't the "left" thank JFK for preventing nuclear war?

The world owes President John F Kennedy, who was slain by the US military-industrial complex on 22 November 1963, an unrepayable debt of gratitude for stopping not once, but three times, the unthinkable horror of global nuclear war. He also prevented an invasion of Cuba, and did what he could to prevent the Vietnam War. Those unfamilar with JFK's achievements and plans, which were thwarted by his murder, must see Oliver Stone's JFK.

How 'free market' education 'reforms' have undermined Australian democracy

Activism at Universities has declined as a direct result of 'reforms' to Australia's tertiary sector since the ousting of the Whitlam Government in 1975. Ordinary Australians have suffered considerably as Governments have been able to far more easily impose unpopular policies, harmful to their interests. (Adapted from article originally posted on 21 December.)

Could Australian universities possibly be that much better than foreign universities?

On this year's ABC Radio National Boyer Lectures, the main barrow that featured speaker Professor Glynn Davis pushed is that Australian Universities should be greatly expanded to take in a vastly increased number of overseas students prepared to pay money for their education. He claimed that this is necessary, because Australians are unwilling to pay the taxes necessary to fully fund their Universities. This presumes that allowing hundreds of thousands of overseas students to buy education, and through that, Australian citizenship, comes at no cost to ordinary Australians. In fact, there is a cost which is far greater.

Miscellaneous comments from 15 November 2010

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Miscellaneous comments from 7 November 2010

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Can only the corrupt rise to the top in politics?

In spite of much having been done by Prime Minister Julia Gillard that we should be rightly critical of, I still hold hope that there may be an outside chance that a person who has risen to the political top in her country, may have greatness and a streak of decency in her. Knowledge of past history, particularly that of the United States shows that a corrupt elite don't, on every occasion, succeed in corrupting those who rise to the top of their country's political system.

Apologies for candobetter being off-line

Dear site visitor,

Candobetter was off-line since some time before 7.00PM until roughly 10:00PM on Sunday 24 October. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you, I hope this unfortunate experience doesn't slow down too much the greater interest that candobetter has enjoyed in recent weeks.

Please keep up your visits and feel most welcome to contribute your ideas to our discussions.

Miscellaneous comments from 14 October 2010

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Can Australia any more afford an ecological deficit than it can afford a financial deficit?

Reporting of Federal Parliament this morning was dominated with claims by Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey that the Budget is about to return to deficit and counter-claims by the Government that it is not. The far more serious deficit, which got no mention, is the deficit to humanity's natural capital, caused by the consumption of non-renewable natural resources and the destruction of our natural environment, without which the global "economic recovery", in particular China's, would not be possible.

Bendigo Advertiser calls for destruction of bat colony

The Bendigo Advertiser has embarked on a campaign the object of which is to destroy a colony of bats in the city. Please make your objections know to the further destruction of Australian wildlife known by e-mailing the editor of the Bendigo Advertiser at. cos[AT]  For a positive film about bats see Gracie the Flying Fox and her Friend Julia Buch on you tube.


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Miscellaneous comments from 28 August 2010

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Previous Miscellaneous Comments page of 4 May 2010 at 1.

Don't give Abbott mandate to inflict misery

Upon the election of an Abbott Liberal Government it is almost guaranteed that Tony Abbott will 'discover' the national finances to be in a far worse state than he now claims he believes them to be.

Consider the precedent where, because of the so-called "Beazley Black hole" Howard assumed, in 1996, a right to massively cut social spending, never knowingly given to him by Australian electors.

Update on Frankston Victoria, Demonstration to defend Nature Friday, July 30th, 2010

Update and mainstream press online comment opportunityLeader Newspaper 2 August coverage of Protest March to Alistair Harkness's office, Frankston Demonstrators walked from Shannon Mall to ALP member, Alistair Harkness's office. The reason for demonstrating was to highlight the failure to defend nature by our Victorian Government, which Alistair Harkness represents in Frankston. This demonstration was related to the violent destruction of Westerfield Bushlands and of democracy in this connection. (See this article.)

If the unions get off their knees, privatisation can be stopped

In spite of the fact that 79% of the Queensland public oppose privatisation, 66% would support industrial action to stop the Bligh Government's $15 billion fire sale and many union members have expressed a willingness to strike, the Queensland unions have failed to take the only action that could possibly cause the Queensland Government to change its mind.

ETU raises white flag in fight against Queensland fire sale - Why?

On Saturday 10 April, at a Brisbane anti-privatisation forum held by Search Foundation, the Secretary of the Queensland branch of the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), an avowedly hard-line anti-privatisation union, revealed his view that the fight against the Bligh Government's fire sale was lost.

What you can do: If you are a member of a union affected by privatisation, particularly a member of the ETU, contact your union and demand that meetings be called so that this question be decided democratically by the membership. See also: "If the unions get off their knees, privatisation can be stopped!" of 4 May 10, Queensland Not For Sale - the Qld Council of Union's anti-privatisation web site, "Time for the B team" of 11 Apr 10 on and "Explaining Bligh’s privatisation push: Search Foundation forum" also of 11 Apr 10 on


Updates, 2 May 10: Branch secretary claims ETU misrepresented by article and my response and a further response by Tony Reeves; Motion carried unanimously by meeting of AMWU members in Redbank Railway workshops in June 2009 calling for industrial action to defeat privatisation.

Congressman Ron Paul opposes Iran sanctions as act of war

US Republican Congressman and past Presidential contender, Ron Paul opposes a bill to impose sanctions against Iran. In his speech he describes how exactly the same bogus justifications were used for the imposition of sanctions against Iraq. Rather than satisfying the demands of the warmongers wielding power in the US at the time, they only paved the way for the subsequent illegal invasion.

Article includes editorial comments "And what if, contrary all to the known evidence, Iran was found to be pursuing a nuclear weapons program?" and "Wouldn't a US invasion bring democracy to Iran?" and contains embedded YouTube broadcast "Beneath the hype: Is Iran close to nukes?" featuring retired CIA analyst, Ray McGovern. This was first published on Information Clearing House on 23 Apr 10. Please donate to ICH to help them continue their vital work.

Residents stand up to dictatorial imposition of high rise monstrosity on Milton

In response to the overwhelming rejection by residents of plans to erect a massive 31 story residential and commercial tower atop the Milton Railway Station, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Stirling Hinchliffe has declared the project to be of state interest and "called-in" the development approval proces so that the normal legal avenues can be bypassed. However, Concerned Residents Against Milton's Excessive Development are determined to stand up to Hinchliffe and have called a public meeting to protest his decision.

What you can do: Please show your support for the embattled residents of Milton by attending the meeting at 6.30PM, next Thursday at the Milton State School, Vote against the use of call-in powers on Westside News's online poll. More information: Ph 0404 833057, 0408 101117, enquiries[AT],

See also: Mitchelton residents resist imposition of congestion nightmare of 16 Apr 10, Have your say: Tussle over Milton tower project in the Westside News of 14 Apr 10, ...

Was Martin Bryant the Port Arthur killer?

How could Martin Bryant, whose IQ of 66 placed him amongst the bottom 1 or 2% of the Australian population, have performed the deadly feats of marksmanship at Port Arthur on 28 April 1996 that few fully trained soldiers are capable of? (Includes embedded YouTube videos "Aussie 9/11 'Port Arthur massacre'", "Port Arthur massacre - Martin Bryant set up, part 1 of 2", "Port Arthur massacre - Martin Bryant set up, part 2 of 2".) See also: "The Port Arther Massacre - Was Martin Bryant Framed? parts 1, 2 & 3 (pdf 100K, 111K & 126K) by Carl Wernerhoff in Nexus1 magazine of Jun-Jul 06, "Schapelle Corby is innocent, and the Australian Government knows she is" of 6 Sep 09.

Update, 29 July 2013 : Please download and freely distribute Mass Murder - Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (pdf - 13Mb) by Keith Noble completed on 27 July 2017. Keith was inspired by this article and embedded video broadcasts to write this book. On 9 May 2013, the Hobart Mercury, owned by Rupert Murdoch, in the article Port Arthur conspiracy anger by Zara Dawtrey, again labeled Martin Bryant a "mass murderer" in the face of conclusive evidence to the contrary. - Ed, 19 May and 29 July, 2013.

Milton residents fight high-rise menace

Developers have in their sights, a tract of open space in the Brisbane suburb of Milton, formerly occupied by the Milton Tenis courts on which they plan to erect high rise appartments that will house at least an additional 2,000 extra people. The total combined number or residents and workers that would be jammed into the suburb of Milton, from this and an existing proposal for residential and commercial development above Milton Station, could be 12,000, that is as many as live in the rural town of Warwick.

What you can do: (1) Attend meeting of CRAMED to oppose these developments at the Milton State School at 6.30PM on Monday 29 March. (2) Attend the protest to save the Koala and to stop overdevelopment at the Queensland Government Growth Summit 11.00AM Tuesday 30 March at the main entrance of Queensland State Library, Southbank.

What is the Rudd Government's real brief?

In 1996, the incoming Howard Government, 'discovered' a massive budgetary black hole left by the outgoing Keating Government. They claimed to have no choice but to impose slash-and-burn budgets and asset fire sales. The excuse of the cupboard left bare or crippling debt, supposedly taking all choice out of the hands of incoming Governments, forms part of a tired and recurring pattern in Australian history. Recently, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has seized upon the debt created by the Rudd Government's incompetently managed 'stimulus program' as an excuse to resurrect his dream of privatising Medibank Private and wielding the budgetary axe. Is history about to repeat itself, yet again? (Note: This article encompasses and replaces a brief article by Sheila Newman of 7 May 09 in which about Cyrius01's video "Krazy Kevin Rudd Responds to the Global Financial Crisis" was embedded.)

How South East Queensland Regional Plan gives developers power to trample upon residents' rights

In a Parliamentary speech, Glen Elmes1 warned how the vast discretionary powers, given to the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Stirling Hinchliffe (pictured), with his past history as a property development industry insider, would add to the consequences of SEQ's already shambolic urban planning and environmental management and runaway population growth.

Speech from Queensland State Parliamentary Hansard of Hansard of 12 Feb 10, linked to from Hansard page, See also: "SEQ Regional Plan a travesty against the people of South East Queensland" of 9 May 09 by Dr Jane O'Sullivan, "The downward spiral of hasty population growth" of 8 Mar 10 on Online Opinion by Dr Jane O'Sullivan.

Please attend public forums against population growth, featuring Kelvin Thomson, Mark O'Connor and others. Brisbane: 8:30AM - 12:30PM, Saturday 13 March, Sunshine Coast: 2:00PM-4:30PM, Sunday 14 March.(See article "Sunshine Coast environmentalists condemn sham population debate" for more details.)

Cyber-bullying, censorship, 9/11 Truth and Larvatus Prodeo

In the last three months of 2009 a discussion on Larvatus Prodeo, about the controversy surrounding 9/11, turned into the online equivalent of a lynching. On 28 December at the point at which the intended victim (myself) was able to turn the tables on his tormentors, the moderators abruptly closed the disccussion. I have been barred from contributing to that site ever since, as if I had been blamed for the abuses of others.

Originally published on 29 Dec 09. Updated 2 Mar 10 to include as appendices, excerpts from the forum discusion and correspondence between myself and the LP moderators. Original forum here (html file, 5.6Mb).
Update (3 Mar): Larvatus Prodeo moderator tells me she is "comfortable with how [she's] represented," but I am still waiting to be advised if I have been intentionally banned and why. See Appendix 3.

Update, 18 April 2010: A comment of mine has finally appeared again on Larvatus Prodeo. See inside, at the start of article, for further information.


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