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Towing the line at Spiked starring Brendan O'Neill and Helene Guldberg

spiked online like nothing more than reporting on popular uprisings such as those seen recently in several northern African countries. Their revolutionist zeal however is repeatedly juxtaposed by mind-boggling support of multinational corporations and advocacy of unlimited population growth. No venom is spared when attacking what they describe as the “conservative” movement of environmentalism and the growing menace of neo-malthusianism. Animal rights activists are routinely dismissed as misanthropic and filed away with others who dare to challenge anything that stifles human advancement. More often than not, spiked aim to attack opponents such as the “green elite” before they tackle the issue being debated.

Lester Brown's Box

The food race is a race that humanity cannot afford to win. We must restore the balance between birth and death by shifting our efforts from preventing death toward preventing births. To reach that conclusion, we must think outside the box.

Progress ideology, colonial racism, right to life and family planning

20th century birth control movements have been associated with eugenics and racism. Does this mean that they really were, still are, or that their pioneers were unusual in holding their beliefs? Margaret Sanger, a politically active nurse, was radicalised by the response of the authorities to her attempts to empower women of any origin. She would talk to any politically active group. Margaret Sanger's account of her talk to the Ku Klux Klan. Discussion of the politics of racism and overpopulation.

Wayburn contra Hanson

Peak Oil, Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff

No one has done more or better work than Jay Hanson to acquaint interested
persons with Hubbert's concept of Peak Oil. On his website, {1}, Jay has described Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff well enough for all of us. This work does not need to be repeated. However, there is another side to Jay:

No population explosion in a classless society?

History records that Karl Marx had a fierce disregard for Thomas Malthus and his theory. Blaming the poor for their poverty was just not on for the socialist revolutionary from Trier, Germany. The system---capitalism---was to blame for everything. Dump capitalism, institute socialism, and people will presumably stop bonking. For Frederick Engels, socialism was like salt peter, it alone "makes possible that moral restraint of the propagative instinct which Malthus himself presents as the most effective and easiest remedy for over-population."

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