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Tasmania - Serial Native Wildlife Killing State

Just when you thought ACT had no competition for its wildlife extermination program, Tasmania decided to do another 'cull' of native macropods (Bennetts wallabies, Forrester Kangaroos and pademelons) on Maria Island. Just 2 years ago they virtually wiped out whatever was there and now they are back to kill another 600!!! The island is barred from visitation so who knows what happens to the bodies, how they are killed and how many?

Greens Party - Protecting Native Fauna?

The latest Greens Policy booklet says 'The Greens will .... support green business initiatives that use native species'. Does this sound like it means only flora to you? Or could it include native fauna? Will the Greens, at some point in the future, openly support the Kangaroo and Possum killing industries in spite of the fact that their policy is that 'native fauna and their habitat must be protected'?
It's time for some serious soul searching within the Greens.

One more Kangaroo 'Cull' in Canberra - this time in Nature Parks!

The one place where you'd think our native animals, our national icon would be safe - a nature park. Yet the ACT government has ordered yet another cull in no less than seven nature parks in Canberra. This time for 1,890 kangaroos (joeys uncounted as usual). The grounds for such a cull? Oh yes, to protect endangered species like the perunga grasshopper, legless striped lizard, the Golden Sun Moth and grasses. Since when does a native species degrade the environment? Only ferals do that - like homo sapiens!

The Real Reason why Gulf Oil spill continues?

So many questions! Why is BP using toxic dispersants when there are non-toxic solutions that have been proven to work effectively in other oil spills? Why has Obama been so casual in intervening in this disaster? Why have the Feds not allowed the states to take control of their cleanup? Why did Goldman Sachs buy Nalco? The answer? Follow the money!

Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak - Potential to Devastate our Oceans?

In 2003 I had a nightmare in which I saw an evil entity killing everything in the ocean. His intent was to destroy all life there. I awoke and sat bolt upright, covered in sweat, palpitating, shaking. Seven years later this premonition is coming true. The Gulf oil spill could be the most serious threat to our planet's survival right now! If our oceans die we are finished....

Extraordinary wildlife rescues

Heart-warming stories from two very dedicated wildlife carers located in Qld and NSW. What these selfless people do may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things but to those individual animal lives it means everything. Animals do understand more than what we give them credit for.

How a Kangaroo Joey With Serious Injuries was Saved

This joey would have died if not from the timely intervention and help from Professor Steve and Dr Rosemary Garlick at their property in N.S.W. What a pity more vets and wildlife carers don't follow this protocol and instead, opt to euthanise?
An engaging and uplifting short story.

How to drive threatened Grey-Headed Flying Foxes Extinct 101

If you ever wondered how the Australian government has the worst reputation in the world for driving species extinct, this will help you understand why. According to Bathurst NPWS they had no choice but to issue permits because if they didn't the orchardists would shoot them anyway, so this way it's out in the open and no need to arrest anyone!

Miracle Rescue of Orphaned Wallaby Joey

Amazing account of how a tiny wallaby joey was rescued within minutes of death by a motorist on the way to see his wife in hospital. A heart-warming short story of the good in people responding to helpless orphaned wildlife and the lengths they will go to to save them.

Tweed Shire Councillors Gang up Against Green Councillor

Tweed Shire Council is fast approaching the most complained about council in NSW. The only green councillor trying to implement sustainability into council policies is treated like an idiot when the councillors should be following her!

Banana Farmer/GP turns into Radical Protester

The recent Repco Rally was so bad it turned Tweed Valley banana farmer/GP into a No Rally Group member. Here is her submission for the Review of the Motor Sports (WRC) Bill 2009. Anyone who accuses protestors of being 'green, hippie tree-huggers' should read this highly intelligent and shocking account of what happened on her street during the rally. Many anti-rally protesters are professionals just like her (teachers, writers, business people, film makers, artists, farmers, politicians) and their voices need to be heard.

News from Wildlife Sanctuary: Recovery is slow but sure after Victorian Bushfires last year

In the aftermath of the Black Saturday Victorian bushfires of 2008, Stella and Alan Reid picked themselves up from the ashes of everything they had lost - especially the native animals they had rehabilitated and released on their property. Almost a year has passed and they are beginning to heal and rebuild their lives and starting over with a new better Wildhaven. The photos clearly show that the animals who somehow survived are deeply grateful for their second chance....

Stop developer Bob Ells from taking major koala habitat (NSW)

Tweed Valley Community levied for unwanted and disastrous development in region's main koala habitat.
Koalas are in danger of extinction within two years in Queensland and NSW cannot be far behind. No state is keeping proper wildlife statistics and development is ruining their habitat and ours. See where to send objections inside article.

Josie, the Possum - Wildlife Carer's Worst Nightmare

An old age pensioner tells his heartbreaking story of Josie, the little possum joey who he and his wife lovingly raised but was unable to release due to human imprinting. After 6 years of being part of Raoul Harvey's family, suddenly the RSPCA tried to confiscate her and another possum they were rehabbing. That's when all hell broke loose! It's time some new laws were made in the best interests of the animal, not the law. Read what this courageous man did to outwit the system.

The futility of writing letters to government departments

Is it any wonder people who care about the world feel disempowered and ineffective when they wait months for a reply from a politician and, if they get one at all, find it is a form letter that fails to address the concerns they raised?

How can you and I make a difference when our leaders aren't listening to us? Do we become apathetic and give up or do we try new tactics?

This is an ongoing blog that I invite you to contribute to by way of reply. Perhaps together we can find what does work, if anything. It's our future - if we let the corporations and leaders who are corrupted by them call the shots, we won't have one.

WRC 2009 Northern Rivers - A Protester's Experience at the Rally

Anyone who has been in awe at the beauty of nature, its perfection of form and the delights it brings to the heart, the soothing of 21st century stress and upliftment of the soul would most likely have had the same response that I had while observing outrageously loud and wrecklessly fast racing cars shatter the silence as they ripped through the most pristine rainforests of Australia ....

See also: "After six days of anti-Rally protestor vilification, rock throwing allegations admitted to be false" of 11 Sep 09

Repco Rally route - the calm before the storm

I took a leisurely long drive along most of the rally route and was amazed at how many native animals appeared either on the road or beside the road. It was very hard to imagine that in just one week, these animals would be either struck by insanely fast airborne cars, flying sideways around corners, or terrorised and die of stress myopathy. If only people had the foresight to realise the disaster that is about to be visited upon us....

See also: URGENT! Contact Peter Garrett re Injunction to stop Repco Rally of 26 Aug 09.

URGENT! Contact Peter Garrett re Injunction to stop Repco Rally

Urgent action is required! International pressure valued. Please take 5 minutes to email or phone Peter Garrett's office letting him know that you want this rally stopped. It's insane to have any rally in such an extremely biodiverse area as Tweed/Kyogle Shire, NSW, going through national parks, koala colonies, endangered species habitat and World Heritage areas with nationally listed threatened species let alone in breeding season, let alone for the next 10-20 years, let alone four of them at once (Speed on Tweed, Repco Rally International, Classic Outback Trial Rally and Australian Tarmac Challenge) converging on Father's Day! SIGN INTERNATIONAL PETITION TO SAVE AUSTRALIA'S ENVIRONMENT AGAINST RALLY NOW

Please attend protest rallies on Sat 29 August, Fri 4, Sat 5 and Sun 5 September.

See also: Repco Rally route - the calm before the storm of 26 Aug 09, REPCO Rally injunction raced through court up blind alley of 31 Aug 09.

Do Kangaroos Benefit the Ecosystem - or are they Pests to be Exterminated?

Kangaroos are nationally denigrated as 'pests' and in plague proportions. But are they? This article finally reveals the critical ecological significance of kangaroos and compares them to feral livestock, who are conveniently ignored in the discussion of pests and plagues of pests.

Tweed Shire Koala population decline being addressed by council?

At the last meeting of Tweed Shire council on 21 July, a raft of motions by Cr Katie Milne were unanimously approved by council. However, the question is will it be enough to save Tweed koalas when just over the border in SE Qld koalas are in fact critically endangered according to the Australian Koala Foundation? If Events NSW has their way this September Repco Rally will organise 100 competing cars tearing at top speed through koala colonies and rural habitat in breeding season destroying any chance of a meaningful Koala Recovery Plan being implemented in the future.

Polluted Language, Polluted Planet - A Reason to Stop Using the 'F' Word?

Does anyone else think that the 'F' word is actually a destructive word that has the power to increase negativity on the planet by affecting our consciousness? This article expresses why I think that mindfully choosing the words we use can help change human consciousness away from disrespect and violence towards patience, kindness and love, in spite of the chaos around us in a world that is going mad....

Living with Wild Animals

Humans have moved into native animals' backyards yet many of us get upset when there is a possum in our roof and go to all ends to remove it by having it relocated. Some farmers even shoot these hapless animals that are only looking for somewhere to sleep during the day and something to eat. We have a responsibility to them because we caused this situation and it's possible to not only share our space but give back some habitat to them. Here's what happened to a friend of mine recently when a possum moved into his house..... See the sequel to this story.

Saving our Earth or Defending our Right to Eat Animal Products?

We live in pivotal times and it is getting harder to deny that this planet is in dire crisis. The UN produced a report titled 'Livestock's Long Shadow' about the devastating impact of the livestock industry on the environment. Why is the information contained in this report being tiptoed around for fear of upsetting people? Sir Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono are calling for 'Meat-Free Monday'. The first town in the world has gone meat-free one day a week. Yet an environmental activist is heavily censored for trying to get the word out on World Environment day....

Tweed Shire Mayor ignores anti-Rally correspondence

Tweed Shire Mayor has been emailed information about three councils in Sydney who have rejected a similar rally to the Repco rally in the Sydney Olympic Park. A lengthy report from 20 years of analysing the so called 'economic benefits' of mega sport events was also sent. She has been apprised of efforts in W.A. to protect endangered species, much needed here with 2/3rds of our species at risk. Yet not a word of reply and three weeks has passed .... is biodiversity not an issue for her in spite of her support of eco tourism? What kind of tourist would want to do an eco tour of an area where all the species were extinct?

Lecture to Tweed Shire Council on Biodiversity

Our planet is on a precipice...humans are not living according to basic ecological principles (finite resources, biodiversity is ecological strength and interdependence of species). The root cause is our lack of ethical relationship to non-human animals. The challenge is to become BIOCENTRIC, not anthropocentric: otherwise, we too will perish in the 6th Mass Extinction. The Tweed Shire has the most biodiversity in Australia yet the Council is pro-development and barely addresses fauna protection in the biodiversity section of their management plan. Here is one local resident's speech to Tweed Shire Council at community access yesterday ....

Questions to Michael Linke, RSPCA re the Majura Massacre of Kangaroos

It's time for some answers from the RSPCA regarding the 4,000 kangaroos that were killed by Defence at Majura Firing Range in the last few weeks. How humane was the 'cull' and were they really 'starving'? Too many questions are left answered - did Defence have an accurate count of the total number of kangaroos living at Majura to begin with? More red flags were raised when ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope tried to reverse the Injunction that forced them to stop killing - it's beginning to look suspiciously like another Belconnen cover-up .....

Nightmare 'Nightcap' development approved in Tweed Shire

Tweed Shire residents packed the council chambers on May 5th, 2009 to hear the verdict on the Development Application for Nightcap Village (south of Uki, NSW) which has been strongly contested for the last 5 years. The results were nothing short of shocking for us all…one more bullet in the coffin of democracy.

See also: "Raceway through the Rainforest. Paradise lost!" of 19 Apr 09, "Kyogle residents fight World Rally motor race" of 7 Mar 09 and other articles about fight by Tweed and Kyogle residents against World Car Rally.

Majura kangaroo killings: Another Belconnen Cover-Up?

Defence Dept Secretary, Mike Kelly insists there are too many kangaroos at Majura Training Area in Canberra. He wants to kill up to 6,000. He says they are starving and degrading rare grasslands. But there is no proof of either claim and the stats are unreliable. This looks like the same ugly pattern as we saw in Belconnen May 2008...see also ABC video footage (5th one down) of protests today 15 April against Majura killing proposals and attend protest Thursday 16th April in front of Canberra Centre shopping complex at 12 noon.

See also: "Majura demonstration in Canberra" on, "Another Slaughter of kangaroos planned" of 14 Apr 09 on Quaker Concern for Animals web site.

FATE program, NSW - major counting flaws

How can the FATE program, ironically acronymed as Future of Australia's Threatened Ecosystems (which is just a fancy way of getting shooters onto farmers' property to commercially shoot kangaroos because they are running out of kangaroos in other areas), have such sloppy population counting methods and expect it to be 'sustainable'?
An FOI report reveals how junk science is driving our national icon to the brink....

World Rally Australia due to come screaming through Australia's hottest biodiversity spot

A lot of people have concerns about the General Manager of Tweed Shire Council, Mike Rayner, and his Director's role with the controversial World Rally Australia Pty Ltd, due to come screaming through Australia's hottest biodiversity spot, the Green Caldera, where 2/3rds of our species are endangered. Isn't it a conflict of interest to be serving local residents in his capacity at council and also serving a Pty Ltd business and accommodating them in a council building?

See also: "NSW spin doctors find another frog to save" by Alex Mitchell in Crikey of 11 Mar 09, "Kyogle residents fight World Rally motor race" of 7  Mar 09.


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