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Portrait of a beautiful young female kangaroo

Sad Update: "I am so sorry but I have some terrible news. I have just found Potsei dead at 6.30 am, she has been hit by a car. Potsei had a very immature dead joey in her pouch." Two days ago the news was that Potsei, in the photo, "now has many boyfriends who love to keep watch over her. She is such a beauty."

Kangaroo Tears - A wildlife carer's vocation and history

Life as a Wildlife carer has given me a rare insight into the world of the beautiful Kangaroo. I have witnessed first hand the threats they continually face and will continue to face in a world so entrenched with a greed mentality. As urban sprawl spreads like an out of control Cancer, the demise of the Kangaroo, I believe, is imminent. They won’t make a noise, they won’t fight back, the Kangaroo will just disappear. History will, unfortunately, repeat itself, Australia is an expert at achieving Wildlife extinctions.

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