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Reality Denial

If we want to strike a sensible balance between individual freedom, self-realisation, social cohesion, democracy and good community relations, we should be aware these noble aims can only coexist and thrive in optimal socio-environmental conditions that have stood the test of time. For too long we have worshipped the abstract world of economics rather than the concrete world of ecology that ultimately determines our real quality of life.

How mass migration has devastated the social fabric of Britain

The denial by socialist groups of the material limits of the environment is barely more rational than religious beliefs in life after death. This belief, and the support for high immigration which it entails, has helped the rulers of the UK, for their own selfish short-term ends, to turn their island into a crowded slum on the verge of a catastrophic social and ecological breakdown.

See also: Devastating demolition of the case for mass immigration by Sir Andrew Green in the Daily Mail of 31 Mar 08, The Collusion of the Left in the Neo-Liberal Agenda of Sep 06, Open Britain by 'open border' extremist Phillipe Legrain and introduction and comments on his own web site. A local copy of a posted comment is to be found here.

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