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G8 biofuelling biofeudalism

The increased interest over the last few years in the production of biofuels has run into intense criticism recently for causing a rapid rise in food prices. So is that the end of the 'biofuel boom'? What happens if we engage in a little creative reading between the lines of the leaders' statements from the recent G8 summit in Hokkaido?

We really can do better than this! The Karen People and Cyclone Nargis

We've all heard of the obstructionism of the Myanmar government towards humanitarian aid that should have been going to the victims of the Nargis cyclone, but what's the background to this that the mainstream press isn't reporting…

Using the Internet to get yourself up to speed on the half-truths of the GM crop and food lobby

The Internet enables consumers and farmers to sort through the claims and counter-claims about Genetically Modified (GM) foods in order to understand the threat they pose to our health and our control of our food supply.

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