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Car tunnels and air quality

Get ready to wind up your windows, hold your breath and pay your $4 toll, you're about to head into the Clem Jones Gas Chamber.

Greens State Policy

What policies should the Queensland Greens take to the state election?


Reduce speeds in the the Brisbane CBD

Reducing speed limits on our roads is a cost effective way to save lives, improve business and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

Should the US bail out General Motors?

Should the US government bail out a company that has resisted government and community calls for stricter environmental and safety standards?

Dodgy connections in BrisConnections

Trevor Rowe is chairperson of the Queensland Investment Corporation, a state-owned corporation that invests the super of Queensland public servants. He is now also the chair of BrisConnections, a private consortium that has been given the contract to build the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council's Airport Link car tunnel. So were is the superannuation of State government employees going, and what will be the most important urban transport investments in a future market that will be forced to acknowledge resource scarcity and the need for energy efficient transport?

Ideas for affordable housing

The free-market housing solution of simply opening up cheap land on the fringes for housing will not provide the affordable housing we need. As well as addressing population issues we also need to re-think our overall approach to housing developments to reduce upfront and ongoing costs to the occupant. Sharing is one of the key answers to afffordability.

End Hale Street Bridge congestion nightmare

Send a message to the Queensland Premier to stop the destructive Hale Street Bridge and to build better public and active transport for Brisbane.

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See also:, Managing car use in cities, Courier Mail story $55 million overpass to link with Riverside Expressway of 15 July 2008 together with readers' comments (132 in all).

Hale Street Bridge Congestion Nightmare

Send a message to the Queensland Premier to stop the destructive Hale Street Bridge and to build better public and active transport for Brisbane

Managing car use in cities

This is an old article from the Times, written in 2003 when London Mayor Ken Livingston introduced a congestion charge for drivers entering the London Central Business District. The scheme is still running and the charges have been increased, particularly for large 4WD vehicles. Some of the people and groups opposed to this charge are neo-liberal, yet are unwilling to walk the talk of "user pays". It seems people are very reluctant to pay the true cost of driving.

Residents must unite against the Northern Link car tunnel in Brisbane

Residents of Toowong and other inner-western suburbs in Brisbane who will be adversely affected by the proposed Northern Link tunnel should work together and put forward a united front against this absurd proposal.

Originally published on on 5 Jun 08.

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