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Bernard Salt and Murdoch press cook up recipe for invasion

by Mark Simpson

Surrender Democracy now

Surrender Australia to overpopulation now, argues "demographer" and investment spotter Bernard Salt, rather than have China lean on us later to take in its millions! (Australian, April 30th, "No room to be smug as population peaks").

What a wonderful combination of long-term cowardice and short-term business convenience!
What a failure of democracy to have a business-man given the spurious authority of the press to manufacture such appalling opinion, which will be read all around the world.

Mr Salt and Mr Murdoch might just as well send personal invitations to the Chinese, telling them to come here. Of course the Chinese would not last very long, and neither would we. We are already running out of water and soil, as Bernard Salt well knows.

The hell with Anzac, eh?

No wonder young Australians flock to the War Memorial on Anzac day, to commemorate their WWII grandparents who thought Australia was worth defending against the Japanese superpower, even when the odds seemed overwhelming.

And Salt's argument is demographic nonsense. Pushing Australia's population to 34 million, as he advocates, would take us way beyond the 23 million that the Australian Academy of Science told the Keating government should be our limit. The extra 11 million people, even if every one was a Chinese immigrant, would make negligible difference to China's vast population and is unlikely ever to be a major policy objective of the China's government.

Article written by Mark Simpson

See also: "Bernard Salt, Murdoch media insult the memory of Second World War Australians" of 2 Apr 10, "Invasion victory ensured by complacency" in The Australian of 1 Apr 10, "No room to be smug as population peaks" in The Australian of 30 Apr 09, "Working man's vegetable plot under threat again" of 22 Apr 08.

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Bernard Salt's duplicity is breathtaking.

For years we have endured this man's facile pretence of disinterestedly inviting us to join with him in welcoming and celebrating the phenomenum of population growth in Australia. He did so as if there were complete unanimity in our society that populatin growth was beneficial rather than being fiercely controvesial.

Now, he would apparently have us beleive he has suddenly realised that population growth is not an inherently good thing after all, rather a necessity to avoid an invasion that he inists would be invitable should the Australian nation ever again assert its own right to determine its own population levels.

His recipe to avoid invasion, in effect, amounts to effectively turning Australia into a Chinese colony, given the already large Chinese government investments in this country including in an Alminium refinery to be built to the north of Bowen in Queensland to be cntrolled by them and its current bids to buy out mining companies.

To imply that this is equivalent to Australia's relationship with the US during the Second World War is a lie.

Before the Second World War, unlike today, Australia had self-reliance with a large manufacturing sector capable of being quickly converted to serve the needs of a war economy as indeed happened after war broke out in 1939.

And during the war, contrary to a view propagated by most commentators, Australia's relationship with the US was one of partnership and not of subservience.

This has been well documented in Andrew Ross's monumental "Armed and Ready - the Industrial Development and defence of Australia" referred to in "The myth of the Howard Government's defence competence " of 21 Nov 07 (also published on Online Opinion).

If Australia's ruling elites of 2009 are so willing to prostrate our country in this way in 2009, should it be any wonder to us that so many of Europe's elites proved themselves so willing to do business with the German occupiers in the Second World War?