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Victoria: Urban Growth Boundary extension into Green Wedges

Protectors of Public Lands. When governments fail democracy, you need organisations like this one. Please consider joining to save your state from developers, more debt and worse.

Victoria's urban growth boundary extension and demise of green wedges.

Julianne Bell, of Protectors of Public Lands writes:

Here is some information which you might have already seen on the Urban Growth Boundary Extension.

This will involve requisitioning 50,000 hectares for residential development and new roads with extraordinary implications for environmental damage and destruction of wildlife, loss of western grasslands, increase greenhouse gas emissions, loss of arable farm land, destruction of green wedges, compulsory acquisition of land, increased tax burdens and the go-for-growth-at any-costs philosophy. Also the erosion of our democracy when the elected State Government bypasses Parliament and local councils over planning and environment issues.

Why you should make yet another submission

We urge you to make a submission to the Growth Areas Authority. We should not have to do this but sometimes it is worthwhile.e.g. the Eddington Review on the East West Link through inner Melbourne and prime parkland. There were over 2,300 submissions mostly opposing the road tunnels/freeways and advocating public transport funding. (The Government was stunned at the response) Note that the EW Link was dropped from Victorian Transport Plan.

The "public information sessions" are drop in times to get information. I rang 1800 090 789 for information and hope to be sent a DVD with the information. Google Department of Planning and Community Development, Growth Areas Authority or Urban Growth Boundary.

The Government is seeking public feedback on the following proposals:

* Melbourne's revised Urban Growth Boundary and land designated for development.
* An alignment for the Regional Rail Link (west of Werribee to Deer Park).
* An alignment for the Outer Metropolitan Ring / E6 Transport Corridor.
* The boundaries and management of proposed grassland reserves in Melbourne's west.

Public feedback is also sought on the findings set out in the Strategic Impact Assessment Report for Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

According to instructions there are three ways you can provide your submission:

* Make your submission online (; or
* Send your submission by post to the Growth Areas Authority, at PO BOX 1166, Carlton, Victoria 3053
* Hand deliver your submission to the Growth Areas Authority at Level 6, 35 Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Submissions close at 5:00 pm on Friday, 17 July 2009.

All submissions will be considered by the Victorian Government before it makes any decisions. (!)

Candobetter Editor: Protectors of Public Lands needs more active hands on deck. Please consider joining, because only through organisations like this, can Victorians organise to combat the evil Victorian Government's abject railroading of our taxes to supplement the style of living to which the Growth Lobby developers have become accustomed, at the expense of nature itself.


Take the following instance of a local resident protest in the Ku-ring-gai shire in Sydney's still leafy north shore which is dominated by national park:

Katrina Adamski of The North Shore Times on 28 May 09 reported "Angry crowd jeers as Planning Panel adopts town centre plans"

'HUNDREDS of angry residents packed a Lindfield hall to protest against the "sham plans’’ adopted by the Ku-ring-gai Planning Panel last night.
Up to 600 people packed into the Greenhalgh Auditorium at UTS Lindfield, many holding placards and banners. More than 100 people registered to speak but in the time allowed only 60 had a chance to air their views.

As the night wore on, residents grew angrier at the "flawed process’’ with most holding the opinion that their words would not make a difference to the outcome. After listening to people speak for three and a half hours, (chair) Ms Crouch said the panel members would adjourn for a few minutes before voting on the motion to adopt the plans. This was met with boos and jeers as residents cried out that they had wasted their night and started to leave the auditorium. Before the meeting started, Ms Crouch said the panel had held a series of community consultation sessions as well as reviewing more than 1800 submissions and meeting with resident groups.

During the following hours, residents spoke about ad hoc zoning, of impacts on their family homes, about the height, bulk and scale of development destroying the amenity of the area, and how Ku-ring-gai could be reduced to a slum.

When Ms Crouch said that no more speakers could be heard, one resident threatened to report her to the Planning Minister Kristina Keneally. But Ms Crouch said a large number of issues had been raised and proceeded to adjourn for a few minutes to "consider these issues’’. When they returned she thanked people for their "stringent opinions, ideas and suggestions’’. Ms Crouch then put the motion to adopt the plans and send them to the Planning Minister for gazettal and this was unanimously adopted.'

[Extract from The North Shore Times]

For Victorians who have not seen this in the Age, after 6 years of a highly-publicised non stop campaign by residents and council to hold back Victrack and Victracks' developer wrecking heritage Camberwell and its station, VCAT in one sentence dismissed residents and heritage as not counting against State Policy, or at least that part of State Policy that talks about development - ignoring the part that talks about protecting neightbouhood character.

If you could see what they are going to build you would be as sick and angry as me. It is an insult. And believe me it will be expensive. I have the feeling we are on a runaway train, with lunatics in the driving seat.

Industrial areas of Melbourne that used to produce goods for domestic consumption and for the overseas markets for footware, fabrics, electronics etc are now being transformed into warehouses for people! The new "industry" is importing and accommodating people, not producers but consumers! People are economic units for a new style of economy, one that relies on stacking people into numerous identical apartments. In the 1960s and 70s, people were brought here to stimulate the economy as we had full employment and few Aussies wanted to work in factories. Now people are brought here to consume more and more imports rather than Australian made products. Building housing is our major industry now, and this implies supplying people to occupy them.
Are the powers of globalisation forcing us to treat people as commodities in an effort to secure the best of human resources before ecological and economic collapse?