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The fight against the rally goes on - New You Tube video

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A new video has been uploaded to You Tube as part of our continuing campaign against Repco Rally Australia.

The video shows footage from the Byrrill Creek Special (RACING) Stage of the rally.

Help fight this eco-vandalism.

Sign our online petition at and check our website at for the latest info.

We don't want it!!! We don't need it!!!

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Have you considered asking for financial support from some of Repco's competitors (as long as they are not going to push the race)? What about Ansell?

All of these packaging and plastics companies are in trouble, due to resource and fuel inflation, especially if they are into cars and plastics.
Some make medical and health products. Being identified with democracy and environmental sanity and honour might assist their profile in Australia, especially if they have well established operations here. (Think of how popular the Australian film The Castle was).

Show Repco's environmental thuggery up by showing up another company's exemplary behaviour.

If all else fails, put up ads for the Repco rivals in the windows of your houses, on fences and in your cars.

Sheila Newman

this is a joke how can any one prefer watching foxy woxy in some feild over watching the worlds greatest drivers the best cars and you are extremely lucky to have one of the best motor sport events in the world on your door step just realise that the voice of petrol heads around the world will drown out the environmentalists and the anal people

A few things in response to 'joke'.
Foxes are an introduced species here, which predate on the indigenous species.
We are not talking about 'just some field'. We are talking about an area where there are 7 national parks. Not the European variety of national Parks, but volcanic wildernesses filled with rainforest and alive with thousands of species that exist nowhere else in the world, some of which are extraordinarily beautiful.

Your remark shows that you know very little about Australia or the area in question, also that you have no interest in wildlife.

It is clear that racing cars seems to you a very exciting thing.

Consider, however, that people have opportunities to see cars absolutely all over the place, day and night. They are not exactly rare phenomena. But very few and increasingly few have the opportunity to enjoy the enormous variety and beauty of wild places in situations where the animals not only have not been killed or chased out, but where they are not afraid.

You might as well advocate racing a car through the Garden of Eden.

Finally, if there are a few people out there who really want to see cars race, why not use the roads somewhere else? We are not exactly short of roads and tarmac. This country is ringbarked by roads, criss crossing everything lovely. They are everywhere, like new suburbs. Why not just race through some of those horrible new suburbs that have replaced beautiful wild places. Why not race along a straight desert road or up down and around some big open-cut mine?

Why race through high biodiversity rainforest, against the will of the people who live in the area and of most Australians, when you don't even like rainforest?

What is the point? You don't like it and the residents don't like your sport.
Go somewhere where you are welcome.

I know that once I had very little feeling either way about REPCO. Perhaps the tires on my car are made by REPCO. But you know, after this, I know a lot about REPCO and I don't like any of it. You can be sure that the next time I buy car tyres or anything for my car and there is a choice between something made by REPCO and something not made by REPCO, I will not choose the REPCO item.

REPCO is behaving badly and ignorantly. It has paid for democracy to be perverted in an Australian state to force its motor race. I cannot see why it would continue to advertise this race which it seems to me is a monument to poor business, bad environmentalism and stands for cruelty to animals and for treating people like serfs with no rights to self-government.

Will Brown - there are some selfish and ego-centred people in this world who think that the planet and the millions of species that we "share" it with (mostly struggle to exist is more accurate) are a resource for humans, and exists purely for their own benefit and enjoyment! Car racing is totally contrary to, and incompatible with, national parks. They protect native plants and animals, offer recreational opportunities and preserve sites of cultural significance. However, "recreational opportunities" means respectfully and silently observing, walking and listening to the natural surroundings and breathing in fresh air! It means leaving no impact on the flora and fauna.
The "petrol heads" have no place and no right to impose and threaten the environment and native animals with the idiocy of speed, noise, and pollution of this hoonish "sport". This should be done in a race track.
We must make sure that this sacrilege it never is repeated.

If the Telstra Rally in Dwellingup south of Perth was so good, why did WA's Tourism Minister Mr Mark McGowan in 2005 express "concerns over the economic viability of the event" and then get rid of it? According to Mr McGowan, "In 2003 and 2004 Rally Australia cost taxpayers $5.9 million. It was the biggest event on the EventsCorp calendar in terms of cost, and that cost was predicted to grow because insurance costs were increasing and some competitors were dropping out."

In addition, the rally sponsors, Telstra, pulled out because of rising costs, declining crowd attendances and international television coverage was poor.

Repco looks like being a similar extravagant white elephant that Telstra and WA abandoned. Yet Repco seems set to bugger the Tweed Kyogle shires in its selfish PR quest.

Repco products should be the ire of Tweed and Kyogle car owners. An anti-Repco campaign should be in the offing. Perhaps Repco's competitors should differentiate themselves from this rally sending a message that they are responsible corporate citizens - Autobarn, Ozeparts, Supercheap Auto, AutoSpares Australia for instance.

Meanwhile, what's stopping the rally event being staged at the existing Willow Bank Raceway, just 55 minutes drive from Brisbane CBD? Brisbane is probably the main spectator catchment to justify why this event would be so close to the Queensland border anyway.

Check out:

Yes you're right, it is a complete joke to have a premier duped by a spare parts company to hold a car race rally in national parks and sensitive wildlife areas and in pristine valleys.

Not only does Rees capitulate to Repco, he finishes the Labor Party's long reign in NSW by completely denying due process and rights to his constituents and rate paying residents!

Not even considering any part of the environment.

The difference is we do have wildlife on our doorstep - Koalas and platypus to name a few.

Why not instead rip up some tar in the city (since roads are always being improved there in Sydney),and have the cars scream around there.

In a city where there are no wildlife, not even foxes just the anal smell of pollution and car fumes.

The fragrance of petrol heads.

One of Australia's greatest drivers Peter Brock tried rally racing and ended his life.
That is the great legacy that rally racing leaves.

Skill or madness, Repco couldn't care less what happened to Brock, or any drivers who meet the same fate,It is a joke to them, somewhere below residents and wildlife rights and their desire to have a peaceful long life!

Repco and their foxy woxy Rees only see TV and advertising $$$$!

Not the natural undisturbed rare species and beauty of Northern NSW!

Agreed Rees is Repco's pimp - he has to go!!!!!!!

How can we stop hoon and irresponsible behaviour while the NSW government allows a racing car rally in a national park? How can they stop burn-outs in wildlife areas or in populated suburbs if racing is allowed where wildlife could easily be killed or injured? There is nothing to justifiy the rally in a national park. The aim of these parks is to provide a sanctuary for flora and fauna, and a quiet place to appreciate Nature with a minimal footprint. Money and power speak louder than plain old courtesy and common sense. Let's hope Rees has learnt that race tracks are for racing cars, not national parks.

Exactly my thoughts given that most of the attendees at the rally appear to be families with small children it was less than impressive to see the type of hoon behavior which resulted in fences cut, rocks thrown and dead animals collected of the road and kept in freezers in order to be thrown back on the road by moronic ghouls. These hoons need to be locked up, but not in a prison but a secure mental health facility. In the meanwhile I have to admit that the predictions of doom and gloom have neither materialized or been based in any facts, well done rally organizers competitors and volunteers who have been able to demonstrate that of all the forms of Motorsport that rallying has the nicest people. Now if the protesters can regain some sort of control over the hoons we can all get on a enjoy ourselves.

I expect few readers will have failed to understand the intended twist in John Ernst's comment. The 'hoons' are not the World Rally organisation and the spectators who have invaded a tranquil and beautiful area in order to inflict upon its human wildlife residents the horrifically dangerous and destructive sport of motor racing.

Rather the 'hoons' are the local residents who have tried every peaceful means to have their sound objections to this event listened to. Every democratic avenue to have their will prevail in their own region, for the benefit of endangered wildlfe, as well as themselves, have been blocked off by despotic unconscionable actions of the local councils together with the widely despised New South Wales Labor Government.

None of this is acknowledged by John Ernst or the media.

Nor is the risk to the lives of people as well as wildlife in the area.

As well as the risk of being struck by cars, may elderly residents with medical conditions face increased risks because they and visitors will not be able to move freely to and from their homes during the rally.

Instead of these dangers to wildlfe and residents and repeated breaking of road laws by rally spectators, not to mention rally competitors, the media have chosen predictably to focus attention on accusations against some anti-rally protestors.

I think we can best judge who are the hoons from the mouths of rally supporters themselves.

On 2 September, one rally supporter going by the name IhateGREENIES posted the following comment:

Lol, are you kidding me! the world rally championship is awesome, f#*# the wildlife, i say go faster round those corners and keep it here in oz. haha greeny wankers

I judged it better to leave the comment there in order to show the mindset of at least some of the rally spectators, but another site contributor found this comment offensive and understandably deleted it.

In view of such hypocritical attempts by some rally supporters to claim the high moral ground, including the above, I feel it is necessary to publish it again.

The comment below has now been published and replied to in this article: "Undemocratic removal of environmental laws opened Repco Rally to violence in NSW Australia"

"You greenies who are responsible for putting boulders on the road and throwing rocks might get charged with attempted manslaughter or murder if you are not careful. It is not a joke to do these things, one could expect it in a third world country but one would have hoped that in a so called educated society things like this would not happen. If you want to protest then do it in a more effective way than risking the life of another human being!

And do not bother denying it had anything to do with your movement, you ARE tarred with the brush in the same way that you like to tar motorsport with the "hooning" brush.

I watched the you tube video and I have never seen so much rubbish in all my life,

Mostly it looks like farming country, overgrown with weeds, so much for the environment.

Farming does far more harm to the environment than Rally could ever do!

After having experienced Rally Australia in Western Australia for 18 years I can assure you that there will not be hundreds of wild animals killed, in any way!

If the people who live and run businesses in the towns involved have any clues they will see the prospects for adding value to what they do or in fact even starting up new ventures all because of the Rally.

The Rally will bring economic benefit to the area and to the state in general, you lot rave on about eco tourism, I can assure you that if the area does indeed have something to offer then the Rally will bring thousands of international tourists.

There is a huge contingent of International Rally people who follow the WRC around the world, just like the people who follow Tennis or Cricket or Footy, yep just the same, and they will be coming to your part of the world, generally speaking they have a few bucks in their back pocket and have great fun unloading the stuff, so do not think there is no money to be made.

If you think however that you should just need to stand in line with your hand out to get your share then you have your head in the sand (or somewhere else!)

An event like this will always have those who are against having it, well we live in a democracy, so if it is taking place then there must be a higher number of people who want it than don't, bad luck!

I suggest that you greenies would be better off spending your time and money trying to fix up a couple of the countries biggest environmental disasters which are on your back doorstep, like the Murray Darling disaster for one!"