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Stop Thief! Rally on 15 August to stop theft of Queensland's public assets

Community Rally Against Privatisation

Premier Anna Bligh is trying to
privatise our publically owned
rail (non-passenger), ports, forests and motorways.

Bligh's plan will cost jobs, &
mean higher prices for worse services.
Bligh's plan is totally undemocratic, ignoring the 90%
of Queenslanders who oppose the sell-off.

If the sell off goes ahead - what
public asset will be next?

Don't let Bligh get away with the theft of our public assets!

Tell Anna Bligh to get her hands off OUR public assets!

* Mick Carr (South Qld Sec, Maritime Union of Australia)
* Scott Wilson, Jason Young (Electrical Trades Union organisers)
* Libby Connors (The Greens)
* Ray Ferguson (Pensioners League)

Organised by Save Our Public Assets (SOPA)
Ph Paul: 0410 629 088; Gary 0438 176 890


Embezzlement of public property punishable by law! And I think that this is a very great crime!