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VicForests sued for illegal logging

VicForests sued for illegal logging Tuesday 25th August 2009

Today, Environment East Gippsland commenced proceedings against VicForests in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

A writ was filed with the court this morning and has just been served on VicForests.

“We ask the Court for a permanent injunction to stop VicForests from logging Brown Mountain” said Jill Redwood, Coordinator of EEG. “We also ask the Court to declare that the logging of Brown Mountain is unlawful”.

Brown Mountain is known habitat for at least five species of wildlife listed as vulnerable or threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

The Court has not yet set a date for the hearing of the case.

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Minister of Environment, Victoria, recently announced that an "additional 400 hectares of Brown Mountain (is) to be protected". However, he is misleading the public as this area was already protected and he actually gave approval for the logging of Brown Mountain old growth forest to proceed.

It has been confirmed that there are numerous trees over 600 years old that sprouted at the birth of the Renaissance. Short-sighted greed and vandalism will eradicate these sentinels of Time, these ancient relics of Australia's pristine past.

There is no commitment to threatened or vulnerable native species - they are clearly just "collateral damage" in the quest for commercial profits. According to DSE's discretion, they "may" protect endangered species, unless there are profits to be made by VicForests!

Victoria's natural heritage, a birthright and a buffer against climate change, is to be chopped up and sold for a few transient jobs and a miserable few dollars worth of woodchips per tonne.