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What is a racist?

What is a “racist”?

In my view, a racist is somebody who, in his promotion of mass immigration, legal or illegal, supports the job displacement of African-Americans or the denial of employment opportunities to aboriginal Canadians in favour of cheaper foreign-born labour.

A racist is often someone who lives in the safety of a white suburb outside the city core then mounts the charger of anti-racism while sending his children to white schools. His interaction with ethnic minorities consists of friendly encounters with waiters in ethnic restaurants or the guy pushing a mop in the local hospital whom he greets with a congenial banality as he quickly brushes by. People with whom he would never share a neighbourhood.

A racist is a tenured professor of Women’s Studies who makes $60,000 a year denouncing sexism and racism in her classroom while paying a Filipino nanny the minimum wage to mind her kids at home.

A racist is someone who left the ethnic gang warfare and murders of the city behind in his classic white-flight to a placid and lilly-white rural locality, and once there, became a strident advocate of multiculturalism and a passionate participant in the annual “International Walk Against Racism”. Of course he claims to have left the city only to avoid pollution and gridlock. The usual cover story.

A racist is someone who in his selective nationalism, mourns the loss of Tibetan culture to a Chinese invasion, but repudiates the right of the French, the British, the Swedes, the Australians, Euro-Canadians or Euro-Americans to defend their culture from a foreign invasion. A racist believes that those of European ancestry have no rights to cultural self-preservation or sovereignty.

A racist not only believes that all races are created equal, but that all cultures are created equal. Except of course, the culture native to hias country, which is not even acknowledged to be a legitimate culture. In which case then, it is a culture that desperately needs to be “enriched” by imported cultures which come to envelope and dislodge it.

A racist is someone who can quickly be recognized when he starts calling you a “racist” for winning the argument. A guy who once was outraged at the treatment of the “Hollywood Ten”, or the conduct of Senator McCarthy, but now thinks nothing of persecuting and smearing those who argue for immigration reform and restriction.

A racist is someone who is not interested in the merits of an argument but in the imputed motives of the person making it and the people he associates with. His accusation of ‘racism’ is a weapon of fear and intimidation which he brandishes to stifle his opposition.

In short, a racist is typically a self-loathing white, politically-correct hypocrite, a xenophile whose perverse love of the stranger is killing the culture and the land which nurtured him. In the judgment of 1st Timothy 5:8, he is no better than a heathen, for he places more concern for those outside of his family than those in it.

“The real issue here is not whether those opposing current mass immigration are guilty of “racism.” It is whether those supporting it, and the consequent destruction of America as it now exists, are guilty of treason.” Peter Brimelow at

Tim Murray