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A Hamster takes growth economics apart

Click image for the same hamster film that is in the teaser for this article.
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You can download a file about how long we have to go before, according to the New Economics group, climate change build up reaches tipping point.


Not all politicians and economists believe that the economy can grow forever and ever and ever.

I know at least one of each who don't believe this.

Pity about the others.

Ask them to write for please

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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"The word "economics" is based on Greek roots, but that is a bit of a humbug, since the Greeks didn't have a field of study anything like economics.

The two Greek roots of the word "economics" are oikos -- meaning more or less the household or family estate -- and nomos, which can mean rules, natural laws or laws made by the government, but which in this case primarily means "wise saws" or "rules of thumb."

Thus the book Oikonomia, by the Greek author Xenophon, is probably best translated as "rules of thumb for estate management."

So economics means guessing property values - up there with real estate agents - with vested interests in profiting.


Dr. Albert Bartlett: Arithmetic, Population and Energy