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Anna Bligh's Growth Summit - a citizen's submission

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Subject: Re Anna Blighs 'Foreword'

Queensland is unique and does have a diverse landscape; however, it doesn’t have a strong economy (otherwise income producing assets wouldn’t be for sale) as a failure to balance the budget indicates; our community identity is fragmented, given the influx of 2,100 people every week.

If, over the next 20 years, Queensland’s population does rise to 5 - 7 million people, then we are in for a harried life style similar to that of Sydney / NSW. The 'growth from record levels of overseas migration and to a lesser extent higher fertility rates' is something the State government does have some say over; an infrastructure fee should be levied on all new arrivals to lessen the environmental, financial and social impact of those incoming people.

Our population growth provides great financial benefits for corporations that fund the major political parties; short-sighted property sellers fail to realize that more land and nature surrounding their property will attract a premium in the not too distant future; however, continued growth will further over-burden our already stretched resources and infrastructures. Public works may create jobs in the short term, but in the long term, they just pose more financial burdens - as liabilities - on the populace.

The first challenge may be perceived providing places for people to live, work and play, but in reality, the Qld Labor Party - with unchecked growth - will see the eventual demise of the koala in Queensland as humans squeeze flora and fauna out. Building an additional one million dwellings will sorely test the forests and other resources and increase greenhouse gas emissions that the Labor government crows so much about introducing policies to decrease.

Population growth and preserving our environment, a classic oxymoron.

Queenslanders are among the highest consumers of energy and producers of waste in the world and our per capita consumption and waste is increasing each year and this is because despite claiming to have sustainable housing criteria, our houses consume more energy in construction and on-going running costs than homes in far colder / hotter climates; in other words, our houses are energy inefficient and that starts with a lack-lustre builder education process by organizations such as TAFE who employ staff with no real idea of what makes a house energy efficient; its far more than a batt of insulation and a mercury injected CFL light.

The 'global financial crisis' will continue regardless, mainly because governments spend more than they ‘earn’ to present a façade of successful management meanwhile spending our children’s future now.

The only option of the Bligh government is to stay within its earnings budget; however, past performance proves beyond all reasonable doubt that it neither has the ability or knowledge to manage in good times or the current situation, let alone plan for growth.

Every decision that involves spending more than one has will compromise everything we once loved about Queensland. Rather than a strong foundation, the Bligh / Labor government undermines our very future. The ‘grand plan’ - allegedly supported by 10 other regional plans across the state and covering about 90% of our population - was drawn up by what I call 'corporate government', corporations that direct the State government; and is not supported by thinking born and bred Queenslanders.

Bligh is right about one thing, it isn’t a one-way street, as our population increases our unique environment diminishes irreversibly. There is no such thing as sustainable growth because growth doesn’t understand the concept of balance.

The Queensland Government’s Growth Management Summit is a farce and the spin words ‘stronger, greener, smarter, healthier and fairer’ are the opposite of what will happen. Queenslanders wince noticeably when Laborites use the terminology 'smart state'.

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Should she walk the Plank ?

On reading a little of Anna Bligh, it came as no surprise that she was unaware that her lineage is that of Captain Bligh of Mutiny on The Bounty (he apparently tried to sell parts of the ships running gear to meet budget shortcomings brought about by frivolous purchases and gifts to ‘dignitaries’ of the various islands visited).

Ms Bligh (although married to a senior bureaucratic) maintains her maiden name; apparently she and her husband come from larger families; however, for whatever reasons, they only had two sons. Why only two children one might ask; and the answer could be complex, but financial considerations then, the size of the home and career choices must have had sway.

As anybody with children knows, kids cost money and take considerable time and participation; but on the logistical considerations, if you have a larger family, you need more rooms, more toilets, more food, more educations costs and so on; one might call it a ‘carrying capacity’ . Now we know that apart from the Peter Costello ‘have three kids, one for Mum, one for Dad and one for Australia’ plus cash incentives for having kids, the last two years baby boom is an aberration; people carefully considered when they would have kids and how many.

The reasoning is simple, one must budget before making such decisions; more kids equals more costs and as I said before, more rooms, toilets, showers, medical, school, sports, etc etc. the big problem is that we have a couple – Ms Bligh and her husband – who made a decision to restrict the number of kids based on many of the things I alluded to, yet now make decisions of unbridled growth in an environment that doesn’t have the carrying capacity.

Earning a combined household in excess of $300,000 per annum plus ‘benefits’, these two people are unable to comprehend the budgetary caps of resources of their home (they could adopt some kids I guess); they have their eye fixed on the acquisition of assets and believe that these enhance the quality of life; they chose to encroach on people’s quality of life (the Mary River) to appease a greater ‘voting block’.

I saw an ad for one of the travel shows spruiking ‘the last natural place on earth’ and its not in Australia. Australia was a beacon of natural wonder, but the reason tourism is down in number is not because of the quality of the accommodation, we have lost the wonder and natural beauty, its all been massaged by dozer and developer, with the assistance of a politician looking us square in the eye and uttering the mantra ‘ jobs, jobs, jobs’; but those jobs are gone.

Anna Bligh was on the news making a big deal about selling off more of our future children’s resources to have the money now to keep the façade going. It doesn’t matter what your political persuasion, the party you chose should not and does not have the right to sell off ‘the farm’, Queensland belongs to Queenslander born and bred, not the Johnny come lately’s with glib promises of beads and blankets and rip up our landscape, pollute our air and waterways and leave desolation behind.

Yes to the plank …

Re: Anna Bligh - Parasites in Paradise: Managing Malignant Growth

**Population growth and preserving our environment, a classic oxymoron.**

... When's Queensland's next Election?

I like this too...

"The 'global financial crisis' will continue regardless, mainly because governments spend more than they ‘earn’ to present a façade of successful management meanwhile spending our children’s future now.