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Queensland Population Growth Management Summit - Australia tied up in plastic and turning out all wrong

Article by Amanda Burchell

Aesthetics of a prosthetic and over-regulated world

One of the suggested topics for this discussion was: The aesthetics of a prosthetic and over-regulated world.

Though I had a problem in tweaking the word aesthetics to suit my purposes in relation to prosthetic, I learnt to use the latter word in a metaphorical sense and the rest found poetic license in its final expression by me.

And did I want to challenge the meaning of the word aesthetics in order to suggest precision, restraint, a certain punctilious and concrete approach?

Yes, I thought that I did.

So the translation for The Aesthetics of a prosthetic and over-regulated world would be:

The precise and concrete arrangement, to which a world propped up on plastic, is delivered in a rigid and untenable manner, devoid of joy and equity.

Welcome to Australia, folks!

Welcome to Australia, folks ~ this is the world we appear to be striving for.

… ‘A mundane metal cupboard in the bowels of the Australian Museum is a last resting place for lost mammals.’
… ‘In the past 200 years Australia has driven 27 of its mammal species to extinction.’

You may not give a damn that a Quoll or a Caladenia brachyscapa (Short Spider-orchid –Tasmania) – is rare or extinct but you might, however, spare a thought for your own survival, if it comes to that.

What's next? You perhaps?

Having ruined the habitat for other mammals and flora to boot, you might think – what’s next?

You, perhaps? Since it is always all about you, you may well consider that, if Australia keeps importing extra people – and you keep producing children yourself, you may just run out of room.

Perhaps each person who steps onto Australian soil, as well as the current residents, should be buying multiple blocks of land.
A man marries a woman and has two children: multiply that out by three generations - a house for the original couple, two more for each of their children and their families, and so forth.

Well, unless everyone stops procreating for a while, we are going to have serious problems in supplying sufficient housing, food, jobs and water, for everyone.


Water… do you remember that, during Jeff Kennett’s regime, he made it illegal to buy and install water tanks?

That’s because during his time, water was privatized, and he, the politician – elected by the people - had a mandate to support the private enterprise that he and his government had further encouraged in the purchase of our public utility.

By the way if you’re wondering who would like to see Australia’s population expand infinitely, I would suggest that developers and real estate agents have a vested interest in population growth, wouldn’t you?

Immigration means more listings and sales – but, if you take a good look at where they’re building these house and land packages, they’re getting further away from real infrastructure and the CBD than ever before.

Now demographers are discussing self contained satellite cities where people are contained within, never needing to leave, really.

Is that what you want? Because that’s what they are talking about as a means to grow Australia, in a 'sustainable and manageable way'.

'They' includes those politicians I mentioned before; politicians like Jeff Kennett’s who just know what’s good for us and for Australia.

Well, I’d like the voting public to think about how tough things are at the moment – and how much tougher they are likely to get with a bigger squeeze on strained resources.

The Builders and Developers are Wrong

The builders and developers are wrong. More people does not equate to a cheaper, better standard of living.

I heard the case for increasing Australia’s population back in the 1980’s and I cannot see any proof to date, that an increase’ has served the interests of that population, in general terms.

And forgive me, my youngest son; I am not a racist pig, as you once accused me of being – I just want a country that will give you a job and home – and enough water to drink.

I want a sustainable population with equity for all – for a long, long, time to come.

Amanda Burchell

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The new tourism slogan for Australia: "There's nothing like Australia".

Australia's defining modern culture, limited by a short Colonial history, is being purged. We have so many cultures already represented in Australian cities, and the masses keep coming, despite the fact that with advanced communications today we can't justify continued Multiculturalism.

Some "diversity" is vibrant and stimulating, but now some original Aussies are being overwhelmed by immigrants! Australia Day address by Governor General of Australia, Quintin Bryce, was at her old primary school in Parramatta. There was not one "original" Australian child there (maybe Indigenous?)!

Patriotism has to be replaced by career-driven ADF personnel rather than patriotism for our country - just who or what do we represent?

We are losing vast quantities of native vegetation and wildlife are under threat. We are world-class eliminators of wildlife species, we have the record for mammal extinctions, and have the highest population growth rate in the developed world.

Australia is becoming a bland, anonymous, plastic, generic place to live, an economy, rather than a unique nation and culture. A vast majority of our goods are imported from overseas, as is our population.

Canada, UK and the USA are the main countries addicted to immigration, while the 10 most wealthy countries, except USA, all have populations lower than Australia. Continued immigration is based on questionable economics, not the love of multculturalism! What is Australia's culture as it really hasn't been allowed to develop?

The drive for developments and population growth is driving us to a "nothingness", a generic nation, making us instead of "nothing like Australia" into a bland civilisation just like many others!

The repeated policy waves of immigration to Australia from transportation to free settlement to gold fever to industrial boom to soldier settlement to 'populate or perish' to refugees to multiculturalism, have delivered us a melting pot of cultures, like a mini-Europe.

I still receive my old school magazine annually. It's now 'spot the Anglo'. Never did we have an Aboriginal attend and as far as I know none since. Never was a scholarship offered by the school to an Aboriginal student. Never was there an attempt to teach all us Anglo students back in the 1970s about Australia's traditional cultures. Now they're reducing the time allocated to teaching Australian history at secondary schools. So much time is spent on teaching foreign languages instead.


Battle looms over cuts to history curriculum

'Making history in the classroom'

Education now favours business. Social policy now favours the immigrant. Both still disenfranchise the Aboriginal peoples. The Anglo mob supposedly can look after themselves - or so the economic policy assumes. What the policy doesn't measure is society. It doesn't want to expose the human cost on local culture - unemployment, families forced to move away from traditional roots because of unaffordable housing. It doesn't measure local displacement, depression, substance abuse, marginalisation, imprisonment or suicide.

As the numbers keep coming, the demographics change, housing demand rises, the voting patterns change, the politicans change.

Globalisation, free trade, mass immigration is diluting Australia's culture. Who are we now, us Australians, but a mixed immigrant mob? We are told we are international citizens.

While Australia's Aboriginal people and sixth generation immigrants are buried under each successive layer of each new layer of immigrant crying special treatment and funding.

This is not a comment on race or a person's origin. It is a comment on the rights of a people to their birthplace. Such a right should not be lost and sacrificed for any perceived benefit some newcomer may promise.

This is a call for heritage and birth rights to stand up against PM Rudd's newcomer takeover policy and his warped Hong Kong vision for a 'Big' congested foreign Australia!

No Australian aspires to live a congested shoebox life of Hong Kong.

Rudd with his aristocratic pension and privileged superannuation beckoning must be convinced he is above shoe box living - 'let them eat cake...' ...?

What the Eora Aboriginal People saw coming from the shores in 1788 can perhaps be slightly more appreciated by those colonial descendents now seeing their own homes and way of life have disappeared around them. I can imaging their sense of terror seeing the sailing ships invading.

Rudd's 'Big Australia' policy is socially degrading for Australia.

Both LibLab dominant political parties remain 20th Century baby boomer blinkered to the short term economic data to drive their policies. They seem to know no better. They represent Neanderthal thinking in our 21st Century world which demands humane and triple bottom line ecologically sustainable imperatives to survive.


Hello John - & James

Yes, it does seem that the - (quote attributed to Marie Antoinette) Let them eat cake attitude of Rudd and other politicians who live in 'Rarified Air' - above the rest of us - are making sweeping decisions, which make them appear Grand in the eyes of their peers in office in other countries.

People reduced to living ...Shoe box lives - as they do in other over-populated nations such as Hong Kong... because of decisions made for us - not by us, the tax paying, voting population, who are forced to support the decision with our money - but not equity - in the process.

As Vivienne says: "Some "diversity" is vibrant and stimulating..."


"Australia is becoming a bland, anonymous, plastic, generic place to live, an economy, rather than a unique nation and culture.


A vast majority of our goods are imported from overseas, as is our population. "

Finally ...

"Continued immigration is based on questionable economics, not the love of multculturalism!"

Vivienne's voice is certainly not a voice in the wilderness; many people are coming to the realisation that they are being squeezed: financially, in their value systems and in regard to their civil rights.

What Equity do Australians Have in their Own Nation - the Country of Australia?

Thankyou, Sheila Newman, for the setting out and graphics for my article here!

I can see that this topic is very much on everyone's mind - let's hope that people will finally see the light and stick together over the issue of stabilising Australia's population - through Immigration control and more appropriate planning and infrastructure - especially in regard to water !

In the article, Amanda wrote:

Now demographers are discussing self contained satellite cities where people are contained within, never needing to leave, really.

For years, the growth pedlars have been perfectly happy to impose growth without bothering in any way to plan our cities to cope with that growth.

If they had to have growth, they could have at least adopted the sattelite city approach well before now, to avert the congestion that has been caused by too many people having to commute for outerlying suburbs to where the jobs were, but they did not.

In the 1960's Brisbane's trams were torn up as was the Brisbane to Gold Coast Railway line. The destruction of many rural railway services continued under the Queensland State Labor Government of Wayne Goss in the 1980's as recommended by his advisor Kevin Rudd.

From 1998, when the Beattie Labor Government won office, they continued to push population growth all along totally neglecting to upgrade Queensland's infrastructure, particularly its water and transport infrastructure.

Now that we are reaping the terrible combined consequences of population growth and no planning, everyone has suddenly become a convert to planning. See, for example, Queensland Deputy Premier Lucas's seemingly frank and forthright 'admission' of past mistakes by Queensland Governments and councils in the transcript of the SBS Insight program of 2 March 2010 "Housing 36 Million":

... The only way that we will actually do better in the future is making better use of public transport networks. In this country, we didn't build public transport, in fact, we ripped it up in the 1960’s, and we are now paying the price for that with most governments having to roll out extensive networks of public transport to actually make the place liveable.

Of course Lucas, is silent about his own Government's role perpetuating that problem by continuing to back road construction through most of the last decade to the detriment of public transport as described by the damning Auditor General's report of last year.

It's a safe bet that these bouts of supposed forthrightness and the newfound discoveries of the necessity for planning are no more than ploys to divert public's attention away from the more fundamental problem of population growth.

For the last three decades at least, failure to plan was practically mandated by the othodoxy of free market fundamentalism.

We can be confident that whetever planning occurs form now on will be the bare minimum necessary to grease the flow of profits from our pockets into the pockets of developers and to provide a facade calculated to fool sufficient numbers of the public that real planning is actually occurring.

What is wrong with Australians and the Western world..Why do they continue to breed like flies.Are they not intelligent people?..Can they not see the damage that is being done to the environment and our wildlife...Why is it that countless boatloads of Asylum seekers are now landing on the shores of Australia without a whisper from the Australian population that oh so value the "Aussie way of life",but there is uproar about the plagues of kangaroos that are rampaging around the country and destroying the miserable farmers liveliehoods,and how much of a pest these lovely animals are..Then theres all the compalints from the white man about how useless the original people of Australia are...What is it with the white man..The destroyers and parasites of mother earth..I think the white man of Australia should have alot more to worry about than destroying the last of the wildlife in Australia......Your world is being wiped out from under your feet without you even knowing it......Alcholol,television........Government...

The reason is that Australians have been heavily propagandized on the issue of immigration and population growth. See "Background on the Australian Multicultural Foundation" of 3 Apr 10 at .

There are big business commitments to population growth. They have the backing of successive governments and the mainstream media. Millions of dollars are thrown at unknown academics to run surveys on our attitudes and try to massage them.

Once more this seems to be yet another ridiculous summit where the Government has no intention of listening to views other than their own.

This is an attempt to justify their holy grail of endless growth which must have been permanently ingrained in the same manner as early childhood brainwashing with religion.

"Ever increasing population is good," is the mantra, despite masses of evidence that it is bad .

The bipartisan political refusal to face up to the country's carrying capacity is unreasonable. It is imperative that our leaders realize that Liebig's Law does indeed apply, in that the scarcity of only ONE essential resource is fatal for survival, whereas we have many resources such as water, oil, and food which are finite and in danger.

As well as early childhood brainwashing we must not discount the massive influence of commercial sponsorship of both sides of parliament and the heavy dependence on this funding.

Anger at this corrupt practice urged me to write :-

Our land has lived through thousands of years
an ancient place with washed out soils
We needed no succour from other sources
our numbers were few and people were happy
WE were happy but our leaders were NOT

whatever they did was directed by sponsors
who wanted more people to give them more money
so leaders told people they needed many more
but people were weak and said "That's OK
we'll drink less water and share our deserts
while the sponsors get richer
we'll make do with less."